Your Lizard Brain: What Can You Not Help But Respond To?

This is an old post from 2009, but it’s just so deeply true. Pulling it up to go way beneath the superficial…

I was driving across Nebraska to see my husband, thinking about that gal, Kate, looking for the beta male. I always travel in a a skirt because it’s how I’m most comfortable. I wear what I call a “travelin’ dress”. I won’t buy clothes that won’t travel but I realized I had another motive on the road.

If I were to break down all I would have to do is get out of the car in a skirt and some guy would stop to help me. He would be compelled and not because of my look but because of my skirt.

I just think there are men out there who HAVE to help a woman. It may be because they are attracted but it could just as easy be a younger man who thinks, “That could be my mother out there,” and that’s it. They HAVE to stop.

I think women like me and men like that are out in the world and they looking for each other. Chivalrous men and the women who love them that is and although I have come to terms and adapted to the new way where people open doors for people as opposed to men opening doors for women, I still expect a man who is escorting me to get the door and I think this this is no different than pot smokers finding each other.

So I break down, step out of the car in my skirt and some guy hits his brakes 5 minutes later courtesy his lizard brain. How is that for grand design?

My Venus in Leo that goes for the chivalry while Mars in Libra looks “pretty” to score. I respond to the man who takes this bait and am completely disinterested in the man who does not.

What does your lizard brain respond to?

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  1. Venus in Gemini and Mars in 9

    Philosophical men who are intellectually bold and unorthodox drive me crazy… even if they’re not really “my” type physically, I can still be very much aroused by them.

    Also it doesn’t matter if most people think a guy is a lunatic… as long as what he’s saying makes logical sense to me I don’t really care (and sometimes even if it doesn’t make sense to me I’m still attracted).

    For example, David Icke with all his talk about the reptilians… I honestly don’t know what to think about that stuff but I find his intensity and fearlessness unbelievably attractive.

    1. @Prana , I totally agree.
      My Venus is in Gemini,and Mars and Mercury 9 th house.
      Chivalry@Elsa is important to me always. A man who treats a lady like a lady gets me.
      I love humor in a guy,and also like it if he takes trouble getting dressed.
      Though I love rugged guys too.
      Jeans and a shirt.
      Humor and intelligence minus ego or awareness,is a big win

  2. A big personality – funny, filling the room, everybody’s favorite person. Although sometimes they have problems and them I’m like, “how didn’t I see that?”. Then I realize that I was…distracted 🙂

  3. Aries Venus in 5th conjunct Saturn, Taurus Mars in 6th conjunct DSC opposite Neptune conjunct ASC. I think what attracts me is a mirror reflection of myself: nerdy, intellectual, somewhat repressed with a wild streak.

  4. Lightening quick wit and humor (but it must not be unkind)…..has to be appreciated via Mercury I guess, so Mercury in Capricorn in 7th, sextile Mars in Scorpio in 5th?

  5. It’s changed over time. I once was a sucker for cool, rational, brainy types (Capricorn Saturn in 7th?) and kept finding myself with engineers. I’m over that. Now I get weak-kneed for artistic types, especially musicians (Venus/Mars square Neptune in 5th). Add in a quick wit, and I’m yours. 🙂

  6. Avatar

    smell. I’ll be blunt. I swoon at the smell of certain guys. I don’t mean their aftershave either. I mean their sweat. I have to admit that I feel lost in the US of A because men bathe so much.

    I also respond to intelligence without a huge ego attached. I need a guy with brains, lots of them, a very good command of the english language. A play on words, a double entendre. I’m a gonner. That and if he can debate politics of other countries, talk about the latest scientific development, etc. etc.

    But, honestly, smell. That’s the bottom line.

    1. Avatar
      Deborah L. Strifler

      Same here, venus in virgo. Tons of journals.
      Always attracted to “nice” men. Big mistake. You would think that they would think of others. But, that’s not the way it turned out. Manipulators. I should have always looked for someone that was grounded.

  7. Musical, artistic, deep thinking types with an intensity and passion but also laid back and funny. Mars conjunct Neptune trine a 8th house Venus-Pluto conjunction

  8. mudlikesubstance,

    I think you’re talking about phermones. It’s the natural scent that attracts you to or repells you from certain people. I dated a guy once who was damn near perfect. He was good looking, sweet, affectionate, smart, etc….
    but there was something about his smell I just could NOT take. It wasn’t stinky or anything, I just didn’t like it. Thank God though, I’d still be with him probably, and not my hubby 🙂
    I love my hubby’s phermones.

  9. I respond strongly to people who have stacks and stacks of books in their apartment — shelves and shelves of the things. Also notebooks and papers and all the accoutrement of an intellectual lifestyle. It feels like “home” to me — and I think it’s overwhelmingly attractive. Venus in Virgo, of course 🙂

  10. I’m also very much endeared to people who have a hard time verbally expressing themselves… not sure where that’s shown in my chart (maybe it’s the Moon sextile Mercury…?)

  11. Venus in Sagittarius in the 1st says free wheeling and optimistic while Mars in Scorpio is about physical competence, especially on the ASC. Street smart/common sense is very important too. Intellectual types are OK but can they fix the lawn mower when it breaks down?! 🙂

  12. Piya…
    I have Venus in Virgo also….and I have tons of notebooks! Just random notebooks for every little thing I can think of. Thanks for pointing that out….I just thought it was my sun in Leo organizational skills. lol

  13. uhhh, tall, dark & handsome, a mustache, communicative and a heap of brain cells! If you smell good, so much the betta!!

  14. I guess my lizard brain is all about survival mode, no men included. It´s like “don´t stand between me and my food”, kind of. Fortunately, I´ve got other parts of my brain working in different ways, plus I´m trained to put a leash to my hormones. If I respond, I go for the hidden wild side of men, in case there is one.

  15. When I met my hubby he asked for my phone number & then he typed it into his wristwatch (in 1987).

    My 00 Virgo Venus was immediately smitten hahaha.

    Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary.

  16. my lizard brain falls for deep, slightly excentric guys with lots of potential on a subject I like. could be art, music, astrology, or even something else. also they need to have character and be humanistic, have ideals.
    that’s what pleases my venus in cap and mars in aqua.

  17. Oh sheesh… speaking of difficulty expressing one’s self…

    My previous post is backwards… what I meant to say was I’M drawn to people who struggle with words, not them to me (although I suppose that’s also true to an extent)…

    Part of it’s that I can empathize with them… I was born during Mercury retrograde (in TAURUS to boot!) so yeah I definitely have experience with screwing up and being misunderstood :p

  18. Haha gawd it made sense in my head that Taurus Mercury Rx would be especially bad, but now I don’t even know what the hell I was talking about (there’s a shock)…

    Anyway yeah maybe it’s cos Mercury is retrograde right now (and maybe it’s cos I haven’t gotten near enough sleep lately) but my mind is like a void… I’m just going to stop posting before I further embarrass myself :p

  19. muscles (not a meathead, just a working man, seeing I’m a working lady who comes from a long long long line of farm workers). or at least a person who can go for a long bike ride without whining

    smell (“can you believe that guy thought I was into him? He wears *cologne*!”)

    philosophy. because i like a human who thinks.

    sex drive. because i have mars/venus in aries and i like to get laid.

  20. I have a huge crush on Spock, not the actor who plays him, the character in the new movie. I thought it over and realized that the character has a lot of traits that are the same things that attacted me to my husband. I tend to be most attracted to reserved men who are very intelligent.But not just intelligent in a generic way, but more so for men who are good at math and logic.

  21. Piya and Shell….I don’t have venus in virgo, but in Pisces and I have stacks and stacks of books all over my bedroom and in my car…and notebooks, journals, small notebooks, thick ones, old ones, you name it…I have got it…and pens..different colors and types…pastel sticks…wonder what that is?

    I am taken by smell also and intensity….intelligence, but not ego-centered type…wordy. knowledgeable on several subjects..diverse in his interests….enjoys some sports…, kind, sweet..

  22. Piya, I have the Moon in Cancer and you would loooooove me. My room is stacked with books and notebooks I’ve kept from college. You would also love my friend who has a stellium in Capricorn in the 3rd, but he keeps those books because he’s smart and takes books seriously.

    Why if I have Venus in Cancer am I attracted to intellectual (looking) types? Hmm, maybe there are some aspects I don’t know about. I don’t necessarily like them to be wide ranging and philosophical. I tend to think that Sagittarian stuff has produced some dumb shits. I don’t know, then again I don’t know who I’m attracted to because I haven’t met anyone. Boo hoo.

    1. this comment although long ago, still made me think, that it could strongly possibly the house placement, i have venus in 12th and i thought for a long time it was in 1st but then why did i always have bad men and fall for the bad ones that i think need to be redeemed? and who abuse me? thats not a 1st house because thatd be more ego-centric and more selfish. i did attract aries venus men though so i used to think that re-affirmed my thinking of 1st house too. but most likely enjoyed their trine sagittarius in me.

      i think for the topic, i used to be attracted to “potentials” someone i can help/fix/heal, but i noticed before my saturn return it matured to wanting someone who can provide and be financial good in life, (maybe due to the past abuse and giving my entire paychecks to them and never buying any sticth of clothing for myself back then. i always took hand me downs from my mother and sisters. so yeah definitely capricorn. i was never attracted to rich men though. i always found them lacking for the most part and arrogant so if they threw money around i was still grossed out. i’d rather be alone. and ive met several wealthy men who threw their money around. I look to the future, and naw i dont want to be with this person; plus, i didnt feel any love/connection, so dating was out of the question anyway. I like humbleness.its a rare thing but i understand why my capricorn mother in law with capricorn venus and stellium there stayed single for the past 4 decades. Her work/social life was her love. but i do notice she’s more attracted to a male individual who has status in the world and life, and makes good money, who presents himself in the papers …kind of like a professional athlete or popular politician or writer. i dont like those types; never attracted to them. lol and i think it has to be house placements again and what aspecting in the chart. its not so simple with just a placement.

      1. oh as for the rich men who threw money around, and i was grossed out, its not that money isn’t important it is!! it is after all earth/monetary but i know the dark side will come out and the tempation to just want to “use” them. ewww. I’m aware its there, but that side will gross me out because i dont want to use them. It’s disgusting and against my nature. but capricorn’s dark side can be “i use” in the darkest way. So loving and being good and happy will be much more enriching and finding true love. I think my jupiterian nature stands out, because it can be very self righteous and i have to tone that down too.

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