Weekend Love Forecast – Diving For Pearls

one pearl earringFriday night, the Libra Moon squares Pluto then heads into Scorpio and a trine to Saturn. Saturday morning, the Scorpio Moon conjoins Venus and opposes retro Jupiter. The Friday night mood goes from air to water, cardinal to fixed, and abrasive to lubricated. Take care of what you need up front, at least get it started. Afterward there will be time to rebound and cruise.

Both Friday and Saturday, Venus in Scorpio is enhanced by an opposition to retrograde Jupiter in Taurus. If you’re going to shoot for the Moon, make sure of your target. Narrow down your options to the most important one and hit it THERE. Trying to please more people may leave you pleasing no one, least of all yourself.

This peaks Saturday night as the Moon cruises through the mid-degrees of Scorpio. The mood is influenced by the recent direct motion of Neptune, and we get a chance to catch up collectively in the outward expression of our inner need to connect soul to soul. It’s subtle and delicious and exudes the essence of loyalty and kindness.

Venus spends the weekend in catch up to a sextile with decelerating Mercury in Capricorn, so our senses and mind make the most of the myriad pithy inklings coming our way. If you don’t know what’s best, give yourself a moment to go within and come back up with the answer. Give it time, give it patience and depth. These gems are worth it. Choosing wisely delights all.

If there’s something you need to say, take time to craft your approach. It pays off.

On Sunday, the Scorpio Moon opposes retro Uranus and heads into trine with Neptune. It goes on to sextile Scorpio-ruler Pluto in the night. Depth is the deal; but if we’re plunged into the depths, we must remember to keep our cool. That’s where the answers may be found.

All weekend, Mars in Sagittarius trines retro Chiron in Aries. We truly learn from our mistakes when we put that learning into action. Anything else is theoretical. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Do you have any weekend plans?

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