Mercury Retrograde: December 13, 2023 – Maintain Your Orientation

mercury red motorMercury will turn retrograde at 8 degrees Capricorn on December 13th. If at all possible, I’d get my holiday shopping done. This is not because the sky falls if you shop with Mercury retrograde.  You’re just more likely to run into problems.

This will be particularly true as we get closer to Christmas.  At that point, Mercury will retrograde back into Sagittarius, picking up square to Neptune.  It sounds like lost luggage, lost packages and delays while someone tries to figure it out, to me.

The Mercury retrograde square Neptune issue will peak, the last week of December through the first week of January.  We’re talking about shopping and travel, but the effects of this square have already proven to be significant, especially for people who have planets in Mutable signs, engaged. In this episode, we’re talking roughly, 17-28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, being most affected.

If you can get a handle on Saturn in Pisces, it can help you stay grounded in the fog and confusion.  If not, this can be like tumbling around in a dryer – what’s happppennning??

Just think about that. What’s your direction, when you’re flipping around as you move in a circle? The trick here is to see the dryer and stay on the ground.

5 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde: December 13, 2023 – Maintain Your Orientation”

  1. So funny picked up my phone, with the intent of finding the date of a mercury retrograde as I can feel it it’s like that feeling you get before it snows. You can feel it before it gets here. I’ve decided to shop minimal. I have those gift bags for the kids and grandkids I should probably hold 1 or 2 things and it’s done!!
    mercury Retrograde sounds perfect for playing with a tree or house. Just making the lights and the tinsel. Hang in a weird way in a happy way. I hope all are well. I continue to fight the schools which I work with about their sugar giving there’s just no reason to give children sugar in school , it’s just wrong the last thing a child needs a sugary treat if it’s a gift from a parent it’s part of the holiday ?but at school and then to say the kid can’t sit down had a teacher tell me to please belt down a child I find ridiculous I asked him what did the teacher feed you? He said, I feed myself those fruitsy drinks I ran in to see what he was talking about and there were plastic cups aluminum metal covers. It’s a sweet fruity drink, who would even buy that junk would you expect your school to do that? It’s driving me nuts trying to shake it off , I’m going to find some tinsel today

  2. Mercury turning retro on my Neptune, while Neptune squares my 12H Mars in Gemini, HA! I have plans to go visit my brother and bring gifts for his kids. His house is under construction so I booked a few nights at a nearby hotel, and I’ve already been made aware that the elevator doesn’t work… It’s ok I can take the stairs LOL! Speaking of steps, I just realized there will be an in-person MA meeting taking place on the night that I arrive, 2 blocks from the hotel. I’ve only been to online meetings. I think I’ll go!

  3. I am not tumbling…others are. lm doing that clunk clunk before the thing stops. A big travel plan, that l never thought would happen has quietly died. And that is ok.
    l had my Island time in nature with giant stick insects. Butterflies. So many birds. l saw my first fur seal up close. One came up on to the beach right by me. It was unafraid. Playful. Beautiful.
    I put up a Christmas tree. I find a interesting branch or two. I have baubles from my grandmother’s day and others collected over the years. I am not spending much. I will see my niece and nephew and will have Christmas lunch with friends, a short walk away from my house. No neighbours street Christmas party this year– or so it seems. I hope Christmas day wont be hot. l’d love to have snow.

  4. This sounds hectic.
    I am grateful that I completed my Xmas organising by Dec 2nd . I think this was assisted by transit Saturn in my first house.

  5. Avatar
    Hildegard's Noviciate

    finally finished my holiday cards.
    1 present done. 3 to go.
    I’m hoping my son’s present gets here before Christmas.
    I hate ordering by mail. You never know when you’ll get it. Especially with the retrograde now.
    Christmas cheer seems like a bit of an effort this year for everybody with sky high prices, porch theft, homeless people being pushed down the priority list.
    I’m blessed to have a great family all close by including my wonderful son. but it doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the pain out there.
    honestly you’d have to be made of Tungsten steel not to feel for others who aren’t so lucky.
    thanks for the heads up Elsa about the Retrograde. I’ll definitely hustle today.

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