Using Astrology To Gain Insight Into Your Child

fate magazineMothers who are into astrology often scare themselves with their children’s charts. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen a mother look at her baby’s chart and say, “You know? This is a fantastic chart…” It’s just too terrifying.

Generally their fears are unfounded. Your child, like you, is going to be complicated. They’re going to grow up and have a variety of experiences. They’ll make choices, some better than others; their story will unfold.

I want to share this interpretation of an aspect of my chart, involving my 8th house:

“Elsa will have a long life due to her regenerative capacity. She will experience many intense situations and deep changes. She will be interested in the different processes of human existence, especially life and death, and will dedicate many hours to the study of these subjects. Her interest in these things goes  beyond mere curiosity; it is a very deep psychological impulse which will take her deep into the mysteries of life. Elsa could excel in research, medicine, or the natural sciences. Her inquiring mind will lead her to search the spiritual field for answers and she will explore all the religions, looking for the most coherent one…”

That’s not so bad, is it? It’s certainly true.

There was a “sick call” crucifix on the wall in my childhood home.  Catholics have these; they are used when someone in the home is very sick or dying.  A priest is called to administer a sacrament.  The items he needs (Holy Water, candles, etc.) are stored inside the cross.

I was obsessed with this whole idea. I was curious! My parents told me to stay away from the crucifix. I was not to touch it. I was to leave it alone and under no circumstances should I ever look inside it.

Needless to say, I dragged a chair over to the wall, climbed onto it, took the crucifix off the wall and looked inside it about 100 times. I inspected the inside of it every chance I got. I looked inside that crucifix, morning, noon and night, just to make sure that I saw what I saw, three hours before…and that it was still there a day later, and a week after that…

I was also obsessed with Fate magazine when I was a kid. I was voraciously interested in astrology and with anything taboo or forbidden that I could find…including my father’s Psychology Today magazines.

I’m sure I sound like a scary whack-job kid to some of you. But can you see I was just being myself?

Each individual has a path. Familiarizing yourself with your child’s chart is a good idea.  The insight exists. But it should support you rather than create problems.

I like this report for adults as well. I liked reading about my kid self up there. I can look back over my life, able to see how I’ve aligned with my own destiny.

If you feel you’ve “lost yourself”, this report can help you realign with your true individuality. My Child Report is super affordable.  Here’s what’s included:

*** Chapter 1 ***
General description of the child: essential nature and personality. Physical body and childhood.
*** Chapter 2 ***
Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love and share.
*** Chapter 3 ***
Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.
*** Chapter 4 ***
Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for communication.
*** Chapter 5 ***
Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and social recognition.
*** Chapter 6 ***
Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for diet and nutrition.
*** Chapter 7 ***
Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to your child’s age group.

Check it out – Child Natal Report.  You’ll be glad you did!

Do you feel you have aligned with your  destiny? How are your kids faring?

21 thoughts on “Using Astrology To Gain Insight Into Your Child”

  1. That’s an awesome description of you, and really true, knowing you as we do from your blog!

    I charted my granddaughter’s. It’s super helpful. She has Mercury retro in Gemini. My first thought was, oh dear, retrograde. But you know what? Lots of people have this, and she’s proving herself to be so curious about sounds, stories, songs, people….not worried.

    I will have to get a child natal for myself, too!

  2. I got this report for both my kids because I’m a worrier (lol) and I love them. I’m going to have to get it for myself. 🙂

  3. Hi Mara, please make sure you send a cease and desist letter to any of these distant relatives who have meddled in a cruel and inappropriate way in your life should they attempt to contact you again. I had to do that to a couple of times in my own life. Nobody should ever hold such evil power of influence over another like that. With a cease and desist, they legally must honor your request or they can be further investigated by law for refusing to comply.

    You must learn to trust your own instincts and to be your own confidant. Unfortunately we live in a world surrounded by cruel and evil personalities who live to make others suffer. Moon conjunct Pluto in Scorpio is in my mind a mother who will protect their child at all costs. I have Moon opposed Pluto which is the overbearing mother aspect so I understand your concern.

  4. What about a Mother-inlaw chart observation ? I have an elderly mother -inlaw whom now lives permanently with my husband and I. I can not for the life of me understand her non progressive ways. Is there a way to cross compare o u r charts to find some middle ground of understanding ? I feel this relationship is stereotype taboo.

    1. Honestly, this sounds like something that would be found in *your* chart. You are the one failing to understand another person’s views.

      I don’t mean this to be insulting. I mean to help.

  5. I have Type 1 diabetes which is genetic. My dad gave it to me. When I am on diabetic forums and things like that, I frequently hear that diabetics are choosing not to have children for fear of passing on Type 1 diabetes to them.

    This is ridiculous.

    Your child is going to have issues. Everyone has issues. Everyone has hard times in life. If you want someone to not have hard times then they need not exist.

    If you choose to adopt, that’s great, but don’t do it out of fear or something. The adopted child also has a genetic history (and psychological history, unfortunately), and — guess what — they have problems, too! Every child will grow into an adult and will have problems.

    I, for one, am lucky that my problem (type 1 diabetes) is the same as my dad’s problem, and he can help guide me through it.

  6. Avatar

    My mother was a Capricorn sun and moon with Scorpio rising. A bully who faked being a benefactress and who was very angry I wasn’t the more driven, ambitious type of child she would have preferred. Realizing only after her death just how manipulative, cruel and horrible she was, I take great pleasure in knowing who I was caused her as much distress as it did. I have moon conjunct Neptune in my chart and Mars in Pisces, Pluto and Uranus conjunct in the 8th house, Saturn in Gemini in the 4th opposing the moon in Scorpio.

  7. Just here to say I bought this report shortly after my Daugher was born. And it’s spot on. I will only name her 2nd house Sun. This child is not even 3-year-old, and can tell where or from whom she got clothes or toys from (“Daddy bought me this”, “Mommy bought me this”, “Granny bought me this”, “Auntie X got me this”), from the time she wasn’t even 2-years-old. And, just to be clear, these things don’t buy her love. She doesn’t have a clear concept of money, either. She just acknowledges things have to be bought, at a store, mostly. This was mentioned in the report.

    Also, certain things that would make parents worry, because your cookbook astrology books show “parenting problems”, were presented in a constructive manner. You know, in a way, “just because your child has this marker, does not mean you have to be a d*ck here.” You can choose not to, and Astrology definitely helps to find ways to avoid these pitfalls.

  8. Avatar

    I look at my kid’s chart but I don’t keep it in mind. I do not want to impart my own interpretations of who he is or should be upon him or weigh him down with my focus.
    Actually, that’s not entirely true! In this instance though we will have pluto, saturn and neptune conjunct personal planets over the next 3 years and all 3 at the same time on the luminaries and that scares me.

    That said, my kid is better than I ever could have hoped. I wonder how he did that, too.

  9. I’m all for getting a child’s chart for me and my son. My older sister got one for my son when he was born, 32 years ago, and it helped me so much in my life with him. For instance saying he would have a hard time in school, but he has to keep at it for his own sake. I then dragged him through grade school making sure he graduated with his class, which he fought with me about practically from day 1. But now in his 30’s he is grateful for me sticking by him and not letting him quit. Being a Leo, it really means a lot to him, his pride and self-worth.
    I was ALSO told he would have a permanent break with his father (who sadly became a drug addict and sometimes beat him). I left his father early on and didn’t know what was going on between them due to my son’s intense loyalty to his dad. I had no idea what that permanent break would be, but then he tragically died from a drug over-dose when my son was 11. Lastly, the chart showed he would learn a lot from his mother and I was meant to be the one raising him. I think it said he was meant to be with me. That relieved all the guilt I had about him not having the male influence in his life that his dad could have provided had we stayed together. Who in their right mind would want a drug addict male role model anyway? But I didn’t know the father would become that at the time. Sheesh – life sure can be interesting! Onward…LoL

  10. Bahaha I was the same type of kid. I inspected every cranny of my parents houses as well. I did find some pretty disturbing things but they did not scare me. I was definitely a typical 8th house kid.

  11. From the time my child was two years old I’ve analysed his chart and I found it hard to pinpoint personality traits based on his horoscope until he hit adolescence. When they start to mature, you can really see the whole of their personality start coming together.

    1. Also, to add:

      My child has Saturn on his Descendant. I did not pick this energy up until he hit adolescence.

      He has a kite with Venus in the 4th trine Moon in the 8th trine Pluto on his Ascendant and Saturn on the DC, making Saturn opposite Pluto and sextile Moon and Venus.

      Saturn would be at the apex of this kite.

      Even though those aspects to Saturn from Moon and Venus are easy. SATURN is not an easy planet. And now that my child is older, I can see exactly it’s effects. Never in the slightest when he was little.

    2. Oh, I just realized this might come across that I don’t think understandingvyour childs chart is beneficial. That’s not what I meant, sorry. I was just sharing my experience.

      I did see things present in is personality based on his astrology, i just meant some of the complex patterns were not easy to see at least until he was about 10 or 11.

  12. I’m 42 and just checked this report out for myself after reading Maria’s interesting and inspiring post (connecting, finding the ‘real me.’)

    So accurate!! Gosh. I can clearly see how this report is very helpful with parenting and helping children blossom in their own directions and ways.

    Wow. Helpful tips for now!! My parents would have found it helpful too!

    (Got a well-aspected Mercury in Aquarius and a Capricorn 3rd house cusp – a scientific mind so I experimented with myself this time.)

  13. I read that with interest. (Sun & a stationary Mercury 14* apart in H8).
    I did many of those things & they still intrigue me today. I love astrology, psychology & do find length of life quite fascinating.
    But H8 is also about other people’s money or your partner’s money; I think I’m living my chart as I started work in a bank then worked in 2 more banks, did accounting studies & now work from home bookkeeping for others.
    Great topic. Thx

  14. Hey I have a question about this report as I’m interested in getting it.
    Usually I will use Placidus (for Transits, Synastry and natal readings) .. however I have heard (and feel it might be true) that equal houses tell us more about our „true selves“, the ones we usually were closer to in childhood (similar to the idea of the Draconic chart, whereas you even have different signs there as it is supposed to be your eternal and underlying soul‘s chart).

    So for choosing the house system I am now undecided on which to use .. I‘m leaning towards the equal houses but it would be a stretch because I otherwise usually always use Placidus

    Thanks for your help!

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