Astrology, Men And Women: Does The Chase Thrill You? How About Competing?

Venus, Mars and Cupid. School of Fontainebleau.JPGHere’s another for the current and jarring Venus (Women) in Aries (detriment) in aspect to debilitated Mars (Men) in Cancer. It continues this conversation re: the girl trucker… Venus Tempts Mars

(graphic language below the break – Appropriate for today’s sky as far as I am concerned)

“Yeah, I don’t know why men are so dumb but every single one of them think women are just standing on the corner waiting to give them pussy. Well, I’ve never seen it. No one ever just gives me some pussy. I don’t know. Maybe it’s my green beret training but if someone ever did try to just up and give me pussy, well that would be very suspect. I’d figure something was going on.”

Special Forces often use women to seduce men who are targets – another song as old as time that apparently works time and time again.

“Yeah, not once in my life have I just *got pussy. (Saturn square Mars) I have always had to work for it and work hard for it too.”

“I don’t remember that.”

“Yes you do. I had to work to get you. I had to show off some manners. I had to light your cigarette. I had to be charming and say nice things to you. I had to do whatever I could to try to stand out from all the other GI’s… all of us ugly and horny as hell.”

“You call that work?”

“Yeah, that’s work. It’s hard work.”

“Well do you like the competing at least? Do you like competing with the other men to get the girl?’

“No, I just like the girl.”

Now I agree, I just like the boy but I know this attitude is not universal because so many form triangles in relationship so what about you?

Do you like the thrill of the chase and competing against others for love or do you just want the love?

pictured: Venus, Mars and Cupid. School of Fontainebleau, cica 1550

28 thoughts on “Astrology, Men And Women: Does The Chase Thrill You? How About Competing?”

  1. I just want the LOVE! I don’t like competing in love. I take my time on the hunt, observing, feeling it out. If there is strong resonance, I move in….. and usually scare them away with a drowning flood of intensity… it goes….

  2. i despise competition. if people start triangulating on me i sit down and have a talk with all parties (perhaps one at a time…) or i leave. it’s disrespectful, in my eyes, to want people to fight each other for affection. love deserves more than that.

    i know, i know, i actually _have_ venus in aries. but that libra opposition is good for something 😉

    and, no, i don’t want the chase. i want a challenging relationship (something that provokes me to grow) not a challenge to get in a relationship. too many times the chase is just a waste of time….

  3. I don’t really like competing but I love the chase. I like to have my cake and eat it too so I have a man who likes to see me flirt. 🙂

  4. Aries Venus Saturn conjunction here. One of my friends once estimated than I’m about 75% about the challenge. I also have a nasty history of triangulating men, often inadvertently.

  5. I like both heheheh.

    I enjoy the chase and the being chased, but then I get tired/bored with it and just want the love.

  6. I love the chase because it makes my blood thrill and makes the everyday larger than life. However, I have a nasty habit of turning to the chase when aspects of my life get boring or stale. When I’m chasing, I’m usually running away from my own issues and focusing instead on winning over my prey. Once I win, disillusionment sets in. Or I just chase someone who is emotionally unavailable, which lets me weep and pine for love, but still get my fix of excitement. Plus, I get to be the good guy!

    I don’t really compete with others for love, so much as sweep them entirely out of the picture.
    Venus in Leo/11th, Mars in Taurus/7th

  7. Going through some pretty severe oppositions right now (Uranus opposing the Sun and Pluto, conjunction with Chiron. Saturn conjuncting Venus, Jupiter, and the MC. Squaring Mars, Neptune and my AC).

    I’m not sure that I’m in my right mind anyway. I am dealing with unrelenting tension, jealousy, obsessions. Most men leave me cold. It’s those one or two who come along and totally mess with you on such a primal level that it’s hard to see straight.

  8. The thrill of the chase is loads of fun, but I hate competing…I’d rather just let him goooo…now, if only I COULD get him to go! lol

  9. I like the hunt, but not competition.

    So I don’t go for the guy that every other girl is clamoring to get, but I will almost ALWAYS go for the guy that the other girls seem to miss, who is a bit remote, a bit of a hard nut to crack.

    I REALLY don’t like competition. The moment I see another woman hone in on a guy, I’m outta there.

    I can’t decide if my self-esteem is low, or if I just find other women THAT scary.

  10. I don’t like competition and will void out of the situation if there is.

    Also, had a dream about you and the soldier this past weekend…don’t remember much except you two were on the same spaceship as me and some others. It looks like the one in the tv series serenity…oh and the soldier was lanky, slim, tan looking skin with short dark hair and no facial hair. Never seen him so don’t know where I got that…..

    I guess I’m dreaming about celebrities. Sometimes I do though not often.


  11. I love the thrill of the chase, I live for that. Aries Moon and ASC, Mars in Libra.
    I don’t like competition per se, but it sure makes everything more exciting! Grawwww 😉

  12. I like the thrill of being chased and chasing but I hate competition. I think competition is a waste of time because I want the love not the game. Right now I’m being courted and I’m finding it very appealing. I’ve found that with most men I still have to maintain some aloofness while still being warm with them or else it’s too easy for them.

  13. Don’t like competing. Mars in Cancer? Or is it my Sun in Leo that just won’t take the chance of losing? Either way, I’m the least competitive person, and I like it that way.
    The chase is fun, as long as I’m the one being chased..hehe.

  14. It’s all about the thrill of the chase. Never been successful with someone I wanted so I don’t know the other side of it.

  15. What about Gemini and the thrill of the chase? I call it the thrill of the first flirting/conversation type phases before you “have” the person. I have Venus inconjunct Uranus, opposition Mars. The aspect of having someone used to bore me. I’m bored not having anyone, though.

  16. I’ve got Aries Venus too. It’s my chart ruler and conjunct south node and chiron.

    I do love that initial chase/hunt period of a relationship. The excitement and fervor and anticipation! But the real deal is that the relationship must renew and change and grow again and again, all the time. Or the fighting begins.

    Competition sneaks in there sometimes in a really day to day kind of way if I am not challenged. Venus is also in my 12th so it took me a while to figure that out. But knowing all this, I try to use my Aries for good.

  17. Maybe it’s my green beret training but if someone ever did try to just up and give me pussy, well that would be very suspect. I’d figure something was going on.

    Everytime someone up and tried to give me pussy, I’ve suspected it. I have seen way too much BS to buy, although the fact of the matter, is that at least a few times, the offer was genuine. Ah, well.

    Do you like the thrill of the chase and competing against others for love or do you just want the love?

    I’ll put it this way; if I like someone and they like someone else, well, good luck to them then, if that’s what they want. That said, I don’t mind chasing, but there’s no thrill to the hunt. I’m not really capable of thinking of love in terms of, well, ‘scoring’. I’m not particularly good at fighting with people I care about either.

    [‘I am really really good at fighting with people I don’t like.’]

  18. I’m with Wyrdling too – it’s not about being challenged before you even get to know them, it’s about being challenged once you are actually involved 🙂 It keeps things interesting

    Competition just makes me think of potential losses, and then I am gone. Venus in Aries opposed Saturn doesn’t like to be rejected, just challenged 😉

  19. The only competition I fall for again again is ME against my EGO. Mars/Venus Conjunct in Aries…if I want my man, I want my man, know what I’m sayin’?

  20. Love is the answer. I am not interested in competition. Still, a little flirtation is good for the soul. I am delighted when others find me interesting or attractive and I actually enjoy it when others find my wife interesting and attractive. As long as no one steps over the line… and I hold myself to the same standards. I am not worried or jealous. For the most part this gives me a feeling of standing on top of the world.

  21. Another Venus in Aries (female) chiming in! (Eek, I don’t even like to admit it, but there you go).

    Venus in Aries first house intercepted opp. Neptune (chart ruler) in Libra/7th.

    In relationships with me, nothing is as it appears anyway…or, if so, only very briefly…moreover, a relationship which is not even ‘real’ by standard definitions can mean more to me than a ‘real’ one many times over, but, a couple of thoughts on Venus in Aries anyway.

    I agree with Ana, Venus in Aries doesn’t like rejection, just to be challenged. (and, to me, that simply means never feeling bored by the partner, [kiss of death, boredom], also emotional smothering, but that might be some different astro-manifestation), so I am very fast to be gone if there is perceived rejection (or boredom or smothering); there is no stalker type personality in this venus in Aries.

    However ..I do seem to need to be the launcher. it seems to always work this way…I like to be the one to go after the flirtation to initiate the infatuation (or whatever). If the thing begins the other way around, as he/she is coming after me, too fast too strong, I might be interested for a little while, but those never last; never, they just never ‘take.’

    Say Lupa, where do you find a man who likes to see you flirt? I have not found one of those, sounds like it would make life a lot simpler.

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