Speaking Of Venus Jerking The Mars Chain

girls-at-bar.jpgGirl’s Guide Flirt with your bartender = Score free drinks

Erica Boniface writes:

“The first night I stepped foot in a bar was also the first time I discovered the infamous “Jager Bomb.” Moreover, it was the first time I blew $100 and didn’t have a freakin’ thing to show for it (besides a massive headache and an intense need for some vitamin “G” in the form of an omelet or plate of French fries from Denver Diner.) The next day I woke up in complete horror with the realization that I could have bought the adorable Steve Madden pumps I’d been eying for weeks. Damn! The harsh reality of drunken splurges dipping into my shopping budget was really annoying.”

She goes on to offer her tips to scoring free drinks and here’s a sample of that:

3. The “Dr. Phil” Trick

The first time I tried this one out, I was blown away with how quickly the bartender responded; it was almost too easy. Simply let the bartender “inadvertently” overhear a bitch session with your girlfriend. Sit down at the bar and start complaining about how “he” stood you up, how you’re the victim, and how you feel completely devastated. Before you know it, the bartender turns into your very own Dr. Phil. After you’ve finished talking, you’ll hear the magical words, “This one’s on me.” Sucker! Oh, we are so naughty.


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12 thoughts on “Speaking Of Venus Jerking The Mars Chain”

  1. Me neither, and that kinda stuff gives me hives. Yuck. I mean, is that a fair trade… a free drink, but you have to act fakey to get it? Unless lying is one of your hobbies, that’s a waste of quality time with your friend. Woo-hoo, let’s go out and waste time we could be spending having fun on scheming to get drinks for free…

    Not to mention an undeserved withdrawal on the bartender’s compassion. Grrrrrr.

  2. I’ve always found the whole men buying women drinks thing a bit weird anyway.

    Although it made sense in Ireland. All John’s friends wanted to see his American girlfriend drink Guinness and Irish whiskey. (but not together)

    And outright lying to get a free drink is just crazy. I have better things to do with my time.

  3. When I was in art school, the local bar became my studio annex and I was amazed by the number of free drinks people would buy me because I was crocheting an octopuses out of telephone wire, or doodling on beer coaster… Eventually I won the hearts and minds of all the bartenders and they would give me all the mistakes and over frothy beers….(sun conjunct Venus in scorpio?) After graduating I moved on to selling jewelry at the bar… This was one of my most successfull economic ventures. Lots of women love to buy jewelry at the bar…. The only problem with working the bar is was my nagging obligation to re-invest at least 20% of my profits in the bar(and a little guilt for taking money from drunk people)…… Eventually I had to give up selling at the bar, save my liver, and be less self destructive all around, but it was good education in the drinking habits and mating rituals in a small collage town.

  4. I think just finding a guy who offers to buy you a drink is a lot easier and more entertaining then flirting with a bartender.

  5. Right, Liz! Why mess with the bartender when all a girl really needs to do is show up and the drinks will flow from every which direction? An odd game.

  6. Hrmmm. Tacky, yes.

    Hrmm. One time I was buying a beer at a show I was at, and this girl nearby was back-and-forthing with her friend, trying to come up with the cash for another one, so when I was paying for mine I paid for hers as well. Then I turned around and went back to the show.

    I didn’t see even what she looked like; never saw her again. I suppose from a certain point of view, I’m a sucker.

    [‘Oh, well.’]

  7. Wow this is interesting. Personally I dont like the some of this tips and I have always felf uncomfortable with getting free drinks because well I think its rare someone gives you a drink for free without some ulterior motive (Man Im so scorpio.) However both my dad &mum always told me to give good tips because for one if someone gives you good service its polite and shows you appreciate them and two they will notice this appreciation and look after you again and again. (Both parents Libra)

    I give tips anyway but when I go to bars I have noticed that when I tip big while I might not get free drinks I do get great service and I am looked after all night. And that is nice

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