Venus Tempts Mars – A Song As Old As Time

Venus Mars painting“Some girl trucker got on and got them all going. Stupid jerks.”

“What? What did she say?”

“Oh she said, I think I need to lose 5 pounds.”

I laughed.

“Yeah and some trucker said you don’t need to lose any weight. I just went by you and you looked fine to me. You only saw me from the shoulders up, she said. And then she gave her measurements and they really went nuts. They all started speeding up so they could see her.”

“Just to look at a women?”

“No, I am sure they think they are going to get laid,” he said.

“Are men that dumb?”

“Yeah, I’d say they are. The men I’ve met are mostly dumb when it comes to pussy. When it comes to pussy they have no brains at all.”

12 thoughts on “Venus Tempts Mars – A Song As Old As Time”

  1. the soldier is RIGHT and ladies, pay attention, because it’s a rare man who will tell us the truth about these kinds of things. thanks soldier!

  2. “Are men that dumb?”

    I’d say it’s boredom; that said, most of civilization consists of the same stuff.

    [‘Better dressed tho.’]

  3. Dumb men are that dumb. Intelligent “high level” men with a lot of options aren’t as easily diverted by pussy. They know they can have it any time. Unattractive, dumb men aren’t as lucky so they make a big deal when any woman shows the slightest bit of attention. I’ve noticed this through my work experiences. When I worked as a receptionist years ago in a construction company, I was surrounded by ugly, uneducated guys who spent way too much time talking about women and gawking at women. When I moved into the publishing/academic world, the men–and their attitudes toward women and sex–were entirely different.

  4. Nail on the head, Anna. Well, “high level” men are just as easily diverted, but they’re better at keeping it under the radar. They have to! In academia, they’re surrounded by smart, tough women who won’t take overt ogling, and it can hurt them professionally if they get a reputation for sniffing every new skirt wiggling down the hall. Plus, middle and upper-middle class guys have been conditioned from the 70s on that this kind of behavior is bad – blue-collar guys usually come from backgrounds in which the machismo is not only condoned but encouraged. Completely different worlds.

  5. I don’t know. I’ve met blue-collar guys who were gentlemen, and investment bankers who were sexual predators. I think it has to do more with personality and upbringing then with social class. But I agree that when groups of men get together, on a construction site, ballfield, or office party, they tend to descend to the lowest common denominator when it comes to discussing women.

  6. I’d have to agree with Alma. I worked as a messenger for over a decade and can attest that there are a lot of lawyers and bankers talking about ass in the elevators, and yes mine included. But you know, I’m just the hired help.

  7. As a professional geek, surrounded by professional geeky males, most of whom are insanely brilliant, I have to say… I still agree with the soldier.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked at some guy and said, “You are so smart about EVERYTHING but girls!”

    Then again, when I get excited about some new guy, I can almost hear my brain fall out of my ear and hit the floor. *thunk*

  8. Avatar

    ewinbee- thanks for the funny. The image of your brain falling. Too funny.

    I would agree that the professional situations require the men to ‘keep it under wraps’ so to speak. If life were like ewinbee mentions her brain then we’d all be slipping and falling amongst the mess.

    I’m in the process of trying to train a guy who has been friends with my SO who will soon be working for my SO on a contractual basis to learn to have professional manners so my SO doesn’t get sued for harassment – because that is all this guy does all day long. I tolerate it as he’s a friend of my SO but if it’s going to go professional he’s got to have different boundaries as there are going to be women on the job other than just me hanging in the background.

    Jeez do I sound protective of my SO?

  9. hmmm…i also agree with alma and kashmiri. i work at a law firm and the attorneys and scientists here keep it under wraps as well…unless you count the holiday party. amazing what a little (or a lot of) liquor can do. the “where” plays a part as well, hahaha, i just remembered we’re having a “social” in the library upstairs tomorrow. people will be on their “best” behaviour…at least until we move to the dive bar down the street.

    last holiday party there was an assinine partner hitting on me and one of my co-worker’s girlfriends. he’s an ivy-league ball-busting litigator who’s married with kids and supposedly has a penchant for blondes. whatever…both me and my co-worker’s girl are asian. we excused ourselves gracefully. UGH!

  10. {laughs}

    These trucker dudes may be morons in general, but they don’t have anything to lose by chasing. It’s no dumber than buying a lottery ticket; you probably aren’t going to win, but you can’t win if you don’t play, and somebody somewhere will win. And that’s the opening our Venus on 18 wheels is working.

    I do find it damned amusing to put this post side-by-side with this one. The first part, anyways.

    [‘There’s nothing new under the sun, is there?’]

  11. Max you have me in hysterics every time. Too funny and I agree. They maybe dumb but you gotta at least be in the game too score. Not that Im a man and would know this but I can see the logic.

    On other note I dont mind truckers, I checked out a cute one on the road the other day. I got a glance at his face…. super cute, his head and eyes were darting everywhere looking at stuff.. must have Gemini.

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