Astrology, Money And Integrity: Another Angle On Venus In Aspect To Saturn

social-security-number-card.gifThe soldier was going through his mail and handed me his Social Security Statement. “Look at this, P,” he said. “This is all the money I have ever made in my life.”

I looked at the figures trying to think what I was supposed to say or glean from them.

“Look there,” he said pointing to the first year he reported income. “I was 15 when I started working. I made $414 working on a farm,’ he said with a snort. “And look at what I made when I met you. I made $5500 that year, almost $5600.”

“This is unbelievable,” I said as the figures on the page started to mean something.

“Yeah, I had one stripe, a motorcycle and you and I was on top of the world,” he said.

“Yeah we were happy. But look at the rest of this. Is this all they pay you for Special Forces?”

“Uh huh.”

“It’s not very much. I’m surprised.”

“Yeah, they don’t pay much. I guess they figure your housing is paid for, your food, your medical is paid…”

“But still. That is just not that much money for what you do.”

dollar-sign.jpg“Yeah, they don’t pay you much to go through all that. They don’t pay you much to drown you and tie you to a log and starve you. They just don’t pay you that much to be an assassin,” he said grinning.

I laughed thinking that real assassins get paid plenty. “Okay, apparently not,” I said.

“Nope but you look at that and ask yourself, do you think anyone is ever going to be able to buy me? Think I could be bought?”

“No, I don’t think so. No, there is not a chance of that, you are otherwise motivated.”

If you were to glance at a statement of all the income you ever made in your life, what would it reveal?

14 thoughts on “Astrology, Money And Integrity: Another Angle On Venus In Aspect To Saturn”

  1. that I’ve been a dropout from the system for a long time!! not much to show for my tenure on the planet–money-wise, that is

  2. I recently got such a statement from Social Security. I discovered I have been working 48 years . . . jeez, no wonder I am tired.

  3. I think mine would show that I’ve got better things to do than work for a paycheck. Like have babies! 😉

  4. it’s very obvious when i was finishing my undergraduate degree (high level science classes are _hard_) and when the kiddo showed up. that’s about all it says nowadays. i think.

  5. It’d show an 8th house Taurus Sun taking it all the way to the bank- make money money!

    I made a lot of money in high school- and worked full time in college too- I’ve been very lucky in that sense- the money flows in. Money is freedom, if you have it, you can do whatever you want- in all areas of life. (Uranus in the 2nd house!)

  6. It shows that I spent a lot of time in school busting my ass but not earning diddly squat, then became professor with lifetime job security. Thank you, Earth Grand Trine!

  7. Likewise, cj. Thanks to the Social Security statements I can be reminded exactly when I was dropping out, having fun, and selling out. 🙂 It’s all over the place.

  8. Mine show a very slow, gradual upward climb. I’ve always made a little money even though it seemed like I wasn’t (student for a long time). I have a feeling I’ll be making bank when I’m 70. Saturn in 2nd.

  9. It shows that unless I change careers or work two jobs (which I am now doing), I manage to stay stuck within the same income level bracket no matter what I do. I am currently (in my main job) making a whopping $.40 per hour more than I did 10 years ago, despite having increased responsibilities. Yay me says the sad-panda Capricorn.

    On the flip side, I’ve learned to live much happier with what I have, and gain meaning in my life from things other than my bank account, which is something you don’t see on paper. 🙂

  10. Like Jessica, mine shows this, as well. I’m showing a long climb upwards where I started out at little. I’ve Cappy moon in 2nd. I try not to leave a job until I can set myself up with something better. Right now I earn what I did at my last job but this one actually offers loads of benefits, flexibility & annual raises. I’m very proud of my career accomplishments.

    Virgo MC with Pluto & Mercury there (sextile my Scorp AC) 🙂

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    Strawberry Fields

    We have no such statements of lifelong income in my country. I had no idea such a thing existed.

    Mine would should a gradual climb to the top, followed by a steady decline.

    I am now the most senior person in my very large department (in terms of experience), and I make less than the two juniors sitting on either side of me. Long story.

    I’m planning my next move.

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