Interpretation Of North Node in Aquarius or the Eleventh House

The South Node in Leo shines like a golden coin. In past lives, or earlier in this one, they were given opportunities to be the star. There’s certainly a glamorous light about them that draws people in. Pizzazz and personality is their weapon and presence is their super power. You know when a Leo has entered the party. When their limousine door has opened, suddenly a golden light shines towards your eyes and you see a shadowy silhouette enter the doorway. You are too blinded by the light rays to see the person’s face, but you sense a commanding energy emanating from their body. It is almost as if they are gliding across the floor. You’re only two feet from them, trying to see who this person is, but as you hustle forward to see who it is, the person is already gone with only a few feathers from their hair lying on the floor.

Whether it’s the most sophisticated fur an actress is wearing around their neck, or the most succulent silver dress that hugs her curves, Leos know one thing; How to entertain! It’s not the same type of delicate, smoky, ethereal, glamour that Pisces gleam out. Leos are anything, but delicate. And even if they appear delicate it’s all part of their act. South Node in Leos are used to being the leading star of a movie, the main singer of a boy band, or the athletic quarterback that gets the whole school to cheer.

They are used to this type of celebrity, and celebratory, treatment. In this lifetime, South Node in Leos are learning that life isn’t always about being in the spotlight. They are used to being the main attraction and/or the leader so much that this might be hard for them at first. Life will push these South Node in Leos towards working with their peers and edging towards getting along with them instead of stealing the spotlight. There also might be tendencies in South Node in Leos to dictate, dominate, or lord over, their teammates, coworkers, and/or people in lower positions and stathuses. This type of thinking along oligarchical lines will lead to negative circumstances and reactions in South Node in Leos’ lives. They are here to understand the bourgeois, the working class, and what one of my South Node in Leo friend calls ‘normies’ (snorts).

North Node in Aquarius must learn to get to know their peers because it may be their peers that will help them. Perhaps whom North Node in Aquarius deems as lower status, or not equal to them at their workplace will end up being the person that will help them receive much needed information, experience, or out of the odd chance, help when North Node in Aquarius is truly in dire straits. North Node in Aquarius must learn to trust their peers and teammates instead of dismissing them. In essence, even get to know their peers in detail. Talk to them, share your life stories with them (within reason of course), relate to them, and stretch your empathy a little more. You might even end up being friends with some of your teammates, peers, or coworkers.

North Node in Aquarius shouldn’t be shocked if the universe presents to them many opportunities to acquire friendships. One is less likely to look down on, hate, or be prejudiced, against those that they know well. So the universe is giving them chances to understand, be a part of, and delve into the psyche of the masses.

A Part of Humanity

This is a lifetime for North Node in Aquarians to enrich their knowledge about people who aren’t necessarily in their immediate social class, circle, and/or demographic. North Node in Aquarius will learn that many people have many different life experiences. Every culture, background, ethnicity, club, social group, organization, and interest group, has a different flavor to it. North Node in Aquarius must learn that each sector of humanity has different likes, dislikes, traditions, beliefs, and dreams. Although it is unlikely that North Node in Aquarius will experience a total public downfall, they might get a quick, karmic kick in the shin if they fail to try to empathize with people they identify (or misjudge) as ‘underlings’ or ‘normies.’ This karmic rebalancing might also happen when their egos become too inflated through manipulation, fishing for compliments, or dictation.

Detachment and Science        

There is an opportunity here for North Node in Aquarius to dive deep into the more cerebral parts of life. There will be chances for them to study subjects such as science, math, and world news. These subjects will help these strong willed individuals to detach more from their subjective opinions and use more of their detached, objective, brain.

Overall, North Node in Aquarians are people who are learning to balance their well built egos and their knowledge of humanity, and human beings, as a species. There is room for both the subjective and objective in this world. It is when they learn to loosen up their sense of self a little bit that they might shine even brighter than they knew they could before.

Do you have North Node in Aquarius, or the eleventh house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Aquarius, and/or the eleventh house?

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25 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Aquarius or the Eleventh House”

  1. Finally, mine! I’ve been waiting for this one. I have North Node in Aquarius in the 10th house. It’s conjunct Moon in Pisces, and my South Node is conjunct Venus and Mars in Leo, so that’s a pretty significant “pole” in my chart.

    All the stuff about friendships and getting along with others rings very true, and work has played a part in that. I’ve been learning to not let stereotypes and snap judgments affect my view of people, to treat everyone as an equal and not see myself as more special or elevated.

    I didn’t pursue science or math as a career, but my job is very technical/computer based. I also work in government (10th house). I don’t know that I’m going to stay on this particular career path much longer, but I will probably try to draw on the same skills wherever I go.

    I feel like I am on my way to mastering my North Node because I am at least trying. Character trumps any earthly notion of “status,” for me. It feels better and comes naturally to see things that way I think, because of the Moon conjunction, even though that is out of sign. But due to the Leo planets, being caught up too much in my own ego without considering the greater good also comes naturally. So it’s an interesting balance.

    1. anonymmoushermit

      Yes, planets that conjunct, or that have a similar energy to your South Node, can make it harder to move towards your North Node!

  2. I’ve been waiting for this one too! I have NN in Aquarius in the 7th house. I’ve been blessed with group work activity, but not so much with romantic relationships. There’s nothing in the 7th house but Juno. My Leo is packed with pluto, south node, sun, mercury,and moon. I have a t-square with jupiter in the 10th and mars in the 4th. I am a retired teacher and then worked 3 yrs. in a nursing home doing activities part time. Giving in a nursing home (moon 12H) was a great growth experience.

    1. anonymoushermit

      North Node in Aquarius, in the 7th house. So basically, you have to learn to be more social!

  3. I don’t have NN in Aquarius or the 11th House, but I do have a very heavily aspected Leo (in the 7th and 8th), a stellium of Mars-Saturn-Pluto! That stellium squares a Scorpio 10th and 11th wide conjunction so what you write about in terms of over-using the natal Leo-ness and not giving focus to the ‘normie’/or mundies has been a lifetime balancing act for me.

    As I age, and come to terms more honestly (Saturn and Pluto have crossed my ASC and retrograde in the 1st House)with being an old human woman: with wrinkles and weak muscles AND a wicked sense of humor.

    I love how you ended this post: ” There is room for both the subjective and objective in this world. It is when they learn to loosen up their sense of self a little bit that they might shine even brighter than they knew they could before.” I will embrace it and tell my North Node in Taurus what I found!

    1. anonymoushermit

      “I love how you ended this post: ” There is room for both the subjective and objective in this world. It is when they learn to loosen up their sense of self a little bit that they might shine even brighter than they knew they could before.” I will embrace it and tell my North Node in Taurus what I found!”

      Haha, thanks. Those Taureans love their golden coins!

  4. What an interesting post. I have been waiting to see your post on this combo, too! I do tend to make friends pretty easily. NN Aquarius in 1st house trining Jupiter in Saggi in the 11th may make it even easier. Most of my friends are from different cultures, lifestyles or countries. Ended up working with some, too.

    The NN also trines Uranus in Libra in the 9th. Uranus is conjunct Lilith, but I don’t know much about what that conjunction means. The only hard aspect is NN squaring my Scorpio sun in the 10th. That doesn’t look like the easiest thing to integrate.

    Maybe because I can be a bit of a hermit at times? Friends will want me to be social and out and about more than I feel I can keep up with at times, but I do love being with my friends. They really are like family to me.

      1. Is it more interesting to have this going on in the 1st house? I’m not sure what to make of it or the aspects.

        I also have Mars in Aquarius, but near the end of the first. The NN in Aquarius is in earlier degrees, but not conjunct the ASC. I have a late Cap ASC. (with Pluto and Saturn going back and forth riiiight over it!)

  5. Avatar
    Jacquelyn Wolfe

    Good to read this interpretation. I have north node in 10th house conjunct Aquarius Midheaven conjunct part of fortune in 9th house. I have no idea how to interpret this but I just ordered a natal report from Elsa and hopefully that will help.

  6. Avatar
    Hildegarde's Girl

    I have a topsy turny chart. My North Node is in the 11th house but in Leo. My South Node in Aquarius is in the 5th house of Leo…along with Saturn.
    My North Node in Leo is definitely bubbling to the surface but Im wondering if my Aquarius Saturn returning(2nd time) will put a damper on it

    1. I think when you have your second Saturn return, and when Tr Saturn is conjunct your 5H Aquarius SN, you will end activities that do NOT make you “shine.” YOU need to lead your crowd or preferred social groups.

      1. Avatar
        Hildegarde's GIrl

        Thanks Anonymous hermit. You dont know HOW much receiving insight into what to expect. YOu are right. Im starting to roar(or purr…year of tiger) already.

  7. Avatar
    Christopher Barnosky

    Well I understood my north is in Aquarius I wonder it means to have it in the 6th house while south node in Leo is in the 12th house?

    1. anonymoushermit

      There’s so many ways to read your North Node that it’s impossible to know what it means unless I know you. I would have to have a look at your whole chart!

  8. I’ve my north node on 11th aquarius as aries rising, although I’m politically active; I never feel happiness, opportunities, beautiful friendships or self-fulfillment while working for the masses. I suspect about the claim how aquarius or 11th house works with north node.

    On the contrary, yes I always felt get punished by karma or whatever it is, right after, I stand out from the crowd in an occassion. So I am trying to keep a low-profile as much as possible.
    However, I doubt anyone can see any positivity in this paradox.

    1. anonymoushermit

      Ricky C,

      the North Node is hard and not always pleasurable.

      For example, I have North Node in Cancer. I’m supposed to not be in the spotlight too much. But wow, is that hard! During my teenage years, I wanted the spotlight so much! But I guess I wanted it too much.

      Supposedly, we can live our South Nodes as long as it’s not out of balance. I mean, look at Taylor Swift, she has a South Node in Leo and still is a huge star! But she mixes it up with social justice (Aquarius) issues and standing up for those that are marginalized. It’s amazing to watch for sure!

  9. My NN is at 1 degree Leo, conjunct mars at 29 degrees cancer and in the 11th house.
    There is symbolism of these energies in my life. I feel like there’s more to come.

  10. my NN is in Aquarius in the 8th house, because it is 8th house i wonder if this particular placement is more mysterious and if you have any insights?

  11. I posses NN in the 11th, but in Gemini.

    I assume this means that I have to learn how to effectively communicate with the many cultures, traditions, etc., in a acceptable, patient, open, and knowledgeable manner.

    Please, correct me if I am wrong.

    1. anonymoushermit

      The North Node is much more complex than that! You usually have to live a bit to see the patterns in your life, in order to figure out what your main lessons are! To me, one of my brothers had North Node in the 11th house, I knew him enough to know that it meant that he had to learn to listen to others!

      He also loved to travel!

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