Learning Relieves Depression – Help For People Facing Life-Threatening Illness

Jupiter GodI work with people battling life-threatening illness often enough.  In astrology, Saturn signifies depression and oppression. It also supports. Cancer treatment is oppressive. Realizing you may die is depressing. People facing these things need support.

Jupiter is the natural antidote to Saturn. These planets are a natural pair. When your life is heavily burdened by Saturn type things, Jupiter type things are the best remedy.

In the case of someone is ill, we’re talking jokes and laughter and optimism. Storytelling. A belief system. Getting outside if at all possible. Exposure to a a variety of perspectives.  These are all Jupiter-ruled things but I have really seen work well to buoy people is when they are LEARNING something and I am talking about SPORT.

People feel better instantly when they’re challenged to expand. The minute they tap their higher mind, the burden shrinks.  Forget reading the minutiae on the internet about your illness.  There comes a point where you know it all and you know your know it all. You’re saturated with facts and more facts will not benefit you, while reaching out and striving to elevate yourself as a human being will.

Being kind. Gifting others. These things will pick you up as reliably as other things will push you down.

Have you ever seen this phenomenon in action? Tell us.

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    Agreed. My chart is heavy with Cappy/Saturnian influences… Also, I have depression and chronic pain. The best way to make myself feel better is to try to make another person feel better in any way I can… My problems seem small and far away when I put my focus on another’s burdens.

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother… It means what Elsa’s talking about in this post…

  2. Yes. A big, big unequivocal yes. And as a sidenote, it really resonates with my Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo – transforming health via the unexpected/non-traditional.

  3. Hey Elsa, if you have a lot of Saturn aspects, or hard saturn aspects in your progressed chart, would that also point to depression?

    In my natal chart I have several aspects to saturn, most of which are ‘trine’ and then apparently easy… although I don’t know if so many contacts can still make one prone to depression or sadness.

  4. Yes. Great insight:) the Dalai Lama says to be happy don’t look at your life through a microscope which makes your problem seems bigger, but look out at the world through a telescope and your problem seems smaller as you see that all human beings have suffering.

    I had suffered chronic pain for some time and it was the walking, getting out, being with other human beings that relieved it. Most of all being with people makes pain lessen and I believe Jupiter is an expansive social kind of energy. And love most of all lifts us above our earthly sufferings.

    I believe Saturnian people or periods of time tend toward Melancholy and seriousness, which is not as bad a thing as the media and drug companies make it out to be. It has an important place in the mix of things. It takes all kinds:)

    1. “don’t look at your life through a microscope which makes your problem seems bigger, but look out at the world through a telescope and your problem seems smaller”

      Perspective is everything. I am learning this more and more every day.

  5. Yes! I have Saturn opposing Jupiter and do this consciously when feeling crushed or trapped. One of the things I do is learn something but did not realize the Jupiter connection.

  6. fantastic post Elsa. I work with cancer patients (as a teacher) and everything you say about the importance of jupiter-related activities is very much on target … not omitting the Jupiter associations with travel, mind-expansion, and all things foreign, and staying as ridiculously positive as possible. it’s all very beneficial for cancer patients … as you say it’s the one common potentially terminal disease where the treatment is even more drawn-out and painful than the patient’s experience of the illness itself. it needs a lot of “balancing out” with stuff like yoga, jokes, philosophy

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    “I’m a chronic pain patient myself and I just wanted to reach out to those on the board who also battle this and say “hi!” I’m sorry for your pain.”

    @Annalisa- Thanks! I’m sorry you’re in the same boat with regards to chronic pain, too… It’s not something I’d have ever guessed I’d experience. It does teach one about compassion… I hope you can find even the smallest bits of relief – often… (hugs)

  8. Jupiter being a natural antidote to Saturn is such great medicine! I have a powerfull Saturn mix (in the 8th house) that squares my Scorpio Sun. My Jupiter-Venus conjunct in Sagitarrius is my dose of optimism that I’m learning to recognize and call on more and more.

    When Jupiter transited my natal Jupiter back in 1995 I hooked up with my present husband: Expando-Man with a Cancer Crab shell. Makes things very interesting!

    With a diagnosis of chronic illness in 2007, I turned my writing practice into medicine stories shared as a gift-giving practice on dozens of blogs. Yes! There’s nothing like it.

    Now that Jupiter transits N.Jupiter again, I’m staying open to the broadest and biggest gift giving as I write a memoir, and play the Luck Game with Jupiter once more.

  9. Oh yes I think you’ve shared the gold!when going thru some huge changes
    Few years back threatened to loose my home land I took real estate course and began appraisal courses
    Soon to learn ;opinion of value! Huge,my way of measuring valuing and dividing
    Became my relief and pride,today and each day I see myself with a brand new feel

  10. I am helping someone support another in this situation – sort of second line relief. “These are all Jupiter-ruled things but I have really seen work well to buoy people is when they are LEARNING something and I am talking about SPORT.” What do you mean by SPORT? Doing? Watching? Thank you!

  11. This post just popped up via “Related Topics”, and with transiting Saturn and Jupiter currently conjunct, and given the current situation (coronavirus pandemic), I think it offers very pertinent advice.

    Myself, I have gotten better at not spending too much time looking into a microscope and more time looking outwards and seeing what I might learn from looking through a telescope. Currently doing just that.

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