Intro To The Astrology Of Psychic Phenomena

NemsKnowledge outside of rational bounds is a tough subject to broach. You never know how it will be received. Today I am profoundly grateful to an ElsaElsa regular who contacted me with a bit of information acquired outside of what could be simply explained. She put herself out on a limb and I heartily appreciate her generosity of spirit. Communicating the “woo-woo” in our concrete world carries a risk of humiliation.

My family is full of rational thinkers who put a high value on the intellect. We are also rife with the woo-woo. I’m the only Pisces (with Pisces Mercury) and the first one to really talk about it. It’s common family knowledge that one of the grandmothers refused to put her children on the school bus that morning that it went over the cliff into an icy lake. But no one ever talks about it. Families have common astrological traits, just like they have common genes. Mine happens to share Neptune to Mercury contacts and water house placements.

My middle daughter, Nems, is currently the most talented in this regard. She has moon-Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in the 12th house trining her sun-Mercury in Cancer. She also has an 8th house Mars. Pluto closely aspects it all from the top of her chart. This is the kid that answers questions you were just forming in your head. We have talked about it and I learned she has a method: she “holds” the thoughts in her hands when making a decision and decides based on their “weight.” She chooses the lighter of the two, Jupiter conjunct the moon, square Saturn.

In addition to 4th, 8th and 12th house planets I have Pisces Mercury in the 7th house. Over time I’ve learned that I don’t “know” something woo-woo till I’ve had it fed back to me by another. I get something, maybe twice, then the third time comes from an outside source, a book, a billboard, an email, but always from another (7th house).

So the place to look for the woo-woo, as far as my experience shows, would be all things water. You find it in water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) and aspects to the water planets, the moon and Neptune particularly. Jupiter used to rule Pisces and rules knowledge in general so I include that. Pluto rules depth and the 8th house so drop that in the bucket as well.

Sometimes I see this figure into synastry when comparing people’s charts. When someone’s personal planets fall into your water houses, there’s often something woo-woo going on between you. Someone whose personal planets fall in your 12th house may seem to know you in ways that seem uncanny.

Do you have any experience with what I call the woo-woo? What’s the astrology?

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  1. Ha. Moon Neptune in Scorpio, sextiling Pluto and Uranus in the 12th, and trining Jupiter Chiron in Pisces. How long have you got? 🙂

  2. I have a packed 8th house that includes Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury. My 10th house contains Neptune.

    The more you flex your woo woo muscles, the stronger they get. I am convinced that we are all gifted in this way, but taught to suppress it.

    I get messages all the time, I just have to pay attention!

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    I have moon-jupiter conjunct in my 12th house in cancer, trining my sun and uranus in my 4th house in scorpio. i’m an intuitive one. i’ve gotten more confident about it as i’ve gotten older. this was very interesting, great post!

  4. I’ve got to get a reading with you Satori!!

    I’ve got Scorpio Neptune/Moon/AC conjunct in the 1st house trining Pisces Chiron/Mercury/Mars in the 4th House. Pluto (10th House) is sextile Neptune and my AC. = Spells WooWoo to me! (if it wasn’t for Saturn sextile my Sun, I think I would be lost forever in woowoo land!)

  5. My father’s mother was mega-Scorpion (5 planets and her ASC)… she used to hold seances and go into trances while speaking in foreign voices. My mother couldn’t stand her (they both had Scorpio Mars lol). My mother has Scorpio Mars in the 4th house, Pisces Uranus in the 8th house and Cancer Pluto in the 12th house. She’s as psychic as my father’s mother ever was.
    I have my moments with Pluto in the 4th house opposite my Pisces Sun. Unfortunately, I don’t always pay attention to the voices in my head until AFTER an event when I say to myself “I KNEW that was going to happen!”.

  6. Satori said: It’s common family knowledge that one of the grandmothers refused to put her children on the school bus that morning that it went over the cliff into an icy lake. But no one ever talks about it.

    yuppers, that is how my 6th sense works and after the most recent death I had prior knowledge of, I made a vow to not let people dissuade me from following my intuition EVER AGAIN.

    the “not talking aboutit” part also blows but the goddesses are sending me some backup relief in the form of these posts!

    so THANKS, satori and all the other gods/goddesses here on the weirdo support board!

    also: beautiful girl in that pic!

  7. @Satori – It’s common family knowledge that one of the grandmothers refused to put her children on the school bus that morning that it went over the cliff into an icy lake.

    The same tragic accident that director Atom Egoyan portrayed in The Sweet Hereafter?

  8. Moon conjunct Neptune, 10th house, trine (exact) Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces (2nd house). Like Opal, I would ask: how long have you got to listen to all my examples of the “woo-woo” I’ve been privy to? 🙂 (Plus Natal Pluto in 8th house–so I have intuitive infinity for the dead/dying/crossed over)

  9. Good article, lots of concrete information about the “hmmm” factor (I call it).

    I have Neptune in Scorp in 12th; Sun in 4th house; and Scorp rising..

    Females in my family have the Scorpio stuff going on besides me: Mom is Scorp rising, daughter is Scorp rising w/Scorp sun in 1st…We can all kill someone with a look at 50 feet, and the men in the family look away and run when there’s a fight *wink*

  10. i don’t think i have much water in my chart. but i’ve been obsessed with psychic/supernatural phenomena all my life.

    tight mercury square neptune. scorpio rising with pluto-saturn conjunction on top of 12th house.

    i’ve had experiences *hearing* things. like being in my school’s hallway when the school was closed, and hearing an invisible girl running past me (i heard her sneakers and her panting breath).

  11. I have Mercury in Pisces and Sun (and Venus) in the 12th house trine Neptune, and I have remarkable intuitive flashes. In fact, I rely on this ability and gift to make me a better astrologer. I have actually ‘felt’ the psychic condition of a client 10 minutes before the client arrived for the appointment.

    There is a huge difference between having Mercury in Pisces, and Mercury in the discriminating and “no nonsense” sign of Virgo. We all have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The ego resides somewhere in the middle, and “pattern-matches” incoming information to information (and beliefs) already stored. It quickly throws out anything that threatens it, and labels it “woo-woo”(or whatever) and promptly dismisses it. This condition is the polar opposite to being open-minded, and the suspending of judgement, and just “observing’ for a while without making a decision one way or the other, in order to learn.

    But here’s the good news. When both Chiron and Neptune enter Pisces, and stay there for good, huge strides will be made to connect this (limited Saturnian) worldly dimension with the incredible (Neptune and Chiron) dimensions of the spirit world, and genuine psychic ability will gain a lot more mass public acceptance, for the benefit of all.

    1. I have four planets in Virgo, my Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto with Pluto conjuncting my Sun. And I definitely believe and accept that there are more things going on than what meets the eye. I have seen and heard too many things to just explain them away as have many people around me. So, I am the odd Virgo out. I just accept that strange things happen. I also have Neptune in Scorpio conjuncting my MC. (‘u’)

  12. i make decisions in a similar way… based upon the flavor of their energy, so to speak… though i’m still try to figure out what all the different tastes and textures actually mean…

  13. This was a great post. Your daughter sounds like both my kids. They both have moon in 8th house. I know i have a gift of clairsense, clairaudiet , borderline empath and am a bit of a medium. My kids show signs almost every day that are gifted too, but I think they are going to be more in tuned because not only do i think they were born with a stronger gift but im here to help them develop it. They are only 4 & 9 so with guidance they will be very gifted.

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