Venus Square Mars

Mars Roller SkateVenus is what you want. She is your desire. She is your pleasure receptor. She is the voice in your head that says “oh yeah, that looks good, lets get that.” She is also pretty lazy. She doesn’t do much of the actual getting herself. She is mostly concerned with the shopping and placing orders and the enjoyment once these orders are fulfilled. So who goes and gets this stuff? Well, that would be Mars. Mars is action and doing. Venus makes the call and Mars is dispatched like that little roller skate we sent to Mars. This arrangement works out great when these two are getting along, like in a easy trine or a friendly sextile. But what happens when there is a frictive relationship like the square?

Your Mars is going to bring back something different. Sometimes he does this to be funny. Other times he does this to betray Venus because he is pissed at her. Here’s an example, I have Scorpio Venus square Leo Mars. I see a situation that I don’t want to get involved in and I desire to sneak through without being noticed. I tippie toe by like a sugar plumb fairy and pat myself on the back for being so good at sneaking. When I look up I realize that everyone has been watching my I Love Lucy style over the top antics on account of I stopped in the middle of the room and whisper-shouted “Nobody mind me!” and then promptly knocked over a lamp. D’oh! There is often jealousy of those who have the Mars placement your Venus is in.

These too planets are also huge factors in how you sex it up. The square people I find are often either inappropriately over-sexed or pathetically undersexed. And they often vacillate between the two modes depending on the situation, usually going for whichever mode is the most inappropriate. Example, I wore whore boots and a short black dress with a slit up the side to my boyfriends thesis defense. Flip-side example, I have picked up a magazine off the floor during sex and started reading it.

Some I have encountered have become so fed up with the disparity in what they want and what the usually get, they have stopped trying all together. Β They rock chopped off hair, no make up, and a “but these sweat pants are really comfortable” attitude. Β And they’re miserable. Sometimes they get a wild hair and go buy a really red lipstick, put it on once, cry and throw it away. Others are on predator over-drive. Stalking friends of friends of friends on FaceSpace. Bringing home quantity over quality. “If I fuck the whole haystack, I will eventually find that needle I want, right?” The tactics are different but the enemy is the same, dissatisfaction.

Don’t fret my pets, you’re not doomed. There are some very well adjusted Venus square Martians out there. They have realized that sometimes the things they want make them uncomfortable. They have learned to weigh discomfort against dissatisfaction. “I really don’t want to go through with this, but what I want is on the other side.” or “I want that real bad, but not enough to put myself through that kind of embarrassment.” One side wins and the other side suffers. They choose and they deal with it.

Woody Allen has Venus square Mars if you couldn’t tell.


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  1. Nice! I’ve got square Venus w/Moon. Ugh. Venus wants to be like Timothy Leary. Pisces moon is closer to Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Help!

  2. Whew, I’m sure glad I don’t have any harsh aspects! I do deal with an Aries Venus and a Pisces Mars though, and it’s sometimes like having temper tantrum when my Venus ‘wants’ something and my Mars is off dreaming about it instead of ‘getting’ it!

    1. Add a conjuction with Jupiter and on Sagittarius and you got a dude who knows what he wants, loves what he wants, loves to go get it and… get the message. πŸ˜€

  3. Avatar
    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    Oh. Dude. I have Mars square Venus and so does the dude I hanker for. Plus both our Mars’ are trine Venus with one another. It’s like a feedback loop of insanity.

    I want you/I don’t want you/I love you/I hate you/I can’t leave you alone/I’m ignoring you…


  4. Venus Leo in the 9th square Mars Sag in the 1st.

    Some I have encountered have become so fed up with the disparity in what they want and what the usually get, they have stopped trying all together.


  5. Venus in Libra squared to Mars in Aquarius…
    I finally get it πŸ˜€
    Let the ride continue but I’ll take over the wheel.
    Thank you, Nota!

  6. *fistbump* for Elsa

    I think the conjunction is why I appear so terribly direct and simple. I sometimes wish my Mars weren’t so moody (they are in Cancer) but truly, it makes the liking and fetching easy.

  7. I thought my out of sign conjunction was a bit strange. Pisces Mars, Aquarius Venus. Desires can sometimes be a little off the beaten path with no gumption for pursuit.

  8. “I think the conjunction is why I appear so terribly direct and simple. …it makes the liking and fetching easy.”

    Venus: “I want it!”
    Mars: “Done.” *catch and carry*

  9. I have Venus in Capricorn & Mars in Pisces… NO idea what’s squared, sextiled etc or what, but thanks @Nota!!!
    I’m learning… slowly! =)

  10. I guess I am lucky mine trine, Virgo mars Cap venus. Even though I don’t think it is. I always have to be right and do it right. LOL

  11. Great article, Nota ! My SO has an Aquarius Mars square Taurus Venus. Pretty well adjusted, I’d say, but it’s still an interesting ride. πŸ˜‰

  12. Oh, wanted to add that I have a tight Uranus/Venus conjunct, which makes does make my Venus behave in a very Aquarian way (among other things, a magnet for Aqua Mars Men πŸ˜› ). So, ironically, we’ve found out I’m actually was much more comfortable with my SO’s Aquarius Mars needs than he himself is.

  13. Uh, yeah this is me all over. I’ve given up (short hair, no makeup, sweatpants and all right now) and considered seriously becoming one of those hippe sex counseling nuns. Pisces Venus square Mars in Sagittarius.

  14. Oh gawd. I completely related to this. Venus Aqua sq. Mars Scorpio… so the sex bit is right on. Never heard it described in that way though. That is too hilarious (but not REALLY).

    Someday I WILL ask for a consultation if only to figure out how to better deal with this aspect. I can’t get no satisfaction. πŸ™

  15. nota this is the bizniz:)

    shannon-I hear you on the conjunction…I’ve got it in Aries. Opposing Pluto. I’m not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.

  16. venus in pisces wants souls merging together, sensitivity, no words required type of passion. mars in gemini wants to talk about that article on yahoo, crack jokes, fuck the first thing that moves, and is quite embarassed by all this mushy crap…sigh

  17. Venus in Leo (11th house)square Mars in Scorpio (2nd house) – GAWD, so true. My Venus wants to play and have fun and whatever else and Mars is all like yeah, no, not so much, I’m going to go get you some mysterious death filled content to plunder through and then you’ll be unsatisfied with your relationship because it’s all fun and games. I annoy myself to no end with this nonsense. And you are spot on with comfort thing – I waiver back and fourth on it every couple years. I’m on round 3 of my same marriage as a result. I can’t believe he comes back for more…

  18. Mars in gemini 5th square venus virgo 8th(jupiter conjunct). My life is a big cluster. And my sex life omg… I switch like a flippergame, i love to chase, but when the chasing is over then the virgo is there and she dont want to play with anyone… Help

  19. Venus in gemini (2nd) square mars in virgo (5th) – such an absurd combination you wont believe it. I can talk most could-be dates over, in and out if I feel like and be a bundle of charm but when things get serious here comes mars and i get pissed off at vurtually anything, my virgo at the same time screaming with sanitary disgust and … of course how i have not mentioned – with good old neptune (8th) sitting on top of each affair (opposite venus and square mars tightly!!) and showing its vampire-like teeth in another saviour attempt. Mostly its so pathetic I end up hating myself and boiling with anger.

  20. What an appropriate time for me to read this post: Today in my 7th House, Tr Virgo Venus is squaring Tr Sag Mars in my 10th House and my natal 4th House Gemini Mars squares the Tr Venus and is opposed the Tr Mars. My natal Mars wants to wine and dine the lovely Tr Venus (with an easily digestible meal!) and the Tr Mars wants to take Tr Venus to a sporting event, or worse, go hiking! In the end, I think my sensible Venus will make a Home Depot run and will use this energy to do yard work! Let the opposing Mars have a shoot out at high noon!

  21. Ah 7th Mercury+Venus Gemini square 10th Mars+Moon Virgo (both hooked up on to Uranus+Pluto)

    Beyond discomfort and dissatisfaction: powerfully and rebelliously (self)-denigrating. Cats make great companions :o)!!

    Compensating through sports (biking): Venus color-matching, Mars gear-operating, Mercury cursing my path open, Moon hating all the prepping and the fight about where to go. All of it pushed over and beyond by Pluto+Uranus: solo terminator rides. Venus does get a hot bath and coconut water woupi.

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