What If There Is Nothing In My 7th House?

projector oldI was working with a client this morning. Saturn is transiting her 7th house. She’s learning about projection. It brought this series to mind. Enjoy!

There were a lot of questions on the 1 Minute Video: Astrology – Psychology, The 7th House And Projection In Relationship where I talked about the phenomena of how the 7th house gets projected in love relationships. I want to address these in a series.

jamie asks:

“What if you don’t have any in the 7th, Elsa? Aries is on my Desc. (I married an Aries Moon.)

If you don’t have anything in the seventh house you consider the sign on the cusp. Aries on the cusp of the seventh is akin to have Mars in the seventh house… PERIOD.

If you want more information you can look to the condition of Mars in your chart and so on. But to keep this simple, Aries on the cusp of the seventh = Mars in the seventh. Once you can understand and assimilate that, then go looking for more.

As an example, I am a Capricorn rising which puts Cancer on the seventh house cusp. This is akin to having the Moon in the seventh. My partner is emotional, needy, dependent. That’s not me or anything…

What sign is on the cusp of your 7th house? Can you see how you project these qualities onto the other?

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82 thoughts on “What If There Is Nothing In My 7th House?”

  1. yeah, it’s my partner who’s passive aggressive… (mars in pisces…)

    i know, i know. actually, i do know. i’m very careful about it nowadays. i could be pretty obnoxious about it as a kid.
    and i have a partner who very much isn’t, which helps a lot.

    oh, and, juno in sag, conjunct someone’s first house jupiter…

  2. This is my first time on the site. I have no knowledge of astrology, tho I have had a chart done and “reviewed” briefly. It’s very interesting! I have Mercury in Pisces @ 29 degrees in the 7th House. All she said was, “You have a lesson to learn”. Apparently I have many! I have 7 planets in Pisces & am an Aries. Any words of wisdom before I get a reading from you, Elsa? Thank you – really a neat site! 🙂

  3. I have nothing in 7th house cancer…. but that is the ruler of the moon and thats in Pisces 2nd house which trines my Jupiter Scorpio 10th house!…..Good lord… explains everything.

  4. Leo rising so I have aquarius on my 7h cusp, no planets inside. All 3 long term relationships have been with Aquarian types (either sun or moon). Unfortunately they don’t work out as i have no air and need more of an emotional connection… but that is another story.

    Blew my mind when i recently realized this pattern as i’m new to astrology but it is profound, this 7h stuff…

  5. Empty 7th house 🙁

    In Taurus so venus is the ruler and venus is afflicted in my chart. Saturn opposes venus and pluto squares it. So to me I tell myself its like having saturn & pluto in the 7th house. Which is the effect I live with very difficult time forming and maintaining relationships.

  6. Empty 7th house here as well… Taurus on cusp (with moon in Taurus 6h). I’ve NEVER been lucky in love 🙁 Is it because Venus is sqr Jupiter??

  7. My 7th is empty but is ruled by a Taurus Venus. Venus is in my second house…most of my relationships have been through close friends with Libra ruling my 11th house…I have never dated anyone that I just met somewhere unexpectedly for instance except for when traveling, but even then those people I had met through friends mostly and Venus is opp. Uranus in my 9th house. It’s always been through the grapevine of friends or they have been friends first. Also always artistic in some fashion. I am drawn to earthy men who are artistic and even a little eccentric though serious. (Venus in Capricorn).

  8. My 7th house/Descendant is in Sagittarius 29’05.
    I have OOB Venus in Capricorn 2’01 conjunct it.

    I also have Pluto quintile Descendant,Sun 35’12 degrees Descendant,Moon Trine Descendant,Mercury semisextile Descendant,Mars semisextile Descendant,Jupiter quincunx Descendant,Saturn sesquiquadrate Descendant,Chiron trine Descendant,Uranus Septile Descendant

    I’ve always been surrounded by strong,smart,survival oriented,unstable and yet stable,creative,but full of life type people.I can see where it is in my chart now. 🙂

  9. Descendant cusp Capricorn at 28 degrees, so most of house is Aquarius, empty. Saturn would be the planet. First relationship with man 10 years older, 2nd long term relationship with a Scorpio which was probably the best relationship however I sabotaged it and it ended (I have Venus Mars and Neptune in Scorpio 5th); then got in ‘trouble’/abusive relationships next two, Virgo (my Moon) and Capricorn! which may have ended all relationships. So very little left in way of desiring to engage deeply with another person and sometimes I’m ok with that. Libra Sun though definitely partner seeking in some capacity – getting that more at work these days.

  10. ha ha how funny to think about this. My empty 7th is taurus ruled by venus. Venus is in cancer but on the 9th house cusp. Jupiter ruled 9th, yes they were all adventurous and risky. Too much risky business (my jupiter in 10th)for my cancer venus to be comfortable with. My jupiter is in virgo so I calculate my risks. And I don’t need Indiana Jones or Star Wars to have adventure. No offense Harrison, you are a dream.

  11. Capricorn is my 7th house. I am attracted to successful, hardworking, goal oriented men (the opposite of me).

    I have Venus in Pisces opp Saturn in Virgo.How does my Saturn opp tie in with the 7th which is ruled by Saturn? I feel like I can almost understand it but not quite!

  12. Happy Mother’s Day!
    I have 25 degrees Gemini on my 7th house cusp. I have Cancer intercepted in my 7th house and Uranus at 0 degrees Cancer. My associaions are intellectuals and always out and about. The ruler of Gemini is in my 2nd house, Mercury in Aquarius……..with Uranus in Cancer I believe I am attracted to who is different and I believe I believe I draw in people that have some emotional issue ……I am attracted to men that are different and powerful…….

  13. Avatar

    Wow, I’ve been studying astrology for about two years now and just learned something major watching Elsa’s video. I have no plants in my seventh house but Taurus is on the cusp, and OH BOY do I project Venus!!! I get it, I understand, this is soooooo cool. Thanks Elsa.

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    Hmmmm – my venus is in aquarius 4h conjunct mars and opposite moon . . . I’ve learned to live with this tumultuous push/pull for closeness,comfort and freedom! Sorta wish I had known this stuff as a younger woman, but hey, I would not be the fabulous me if I changed a thing (there goes that leo midheaven again!)

  15. Interesting. This is the second article I’ve come across today about projections of the 7th house. What I’ve learned recently is that Uranus impacts the angles of my chart quite heavily. Aquarius on the DC. Although my 7th is unoccupied, Uranus in the 4th squares that axis and in my draconic charts, my tropical Uranus overlays the draconic midheaven.

    I expect my partner to get me on an intuitive level and to love and appreciate my need for copious amounts of space, even under the same roof. Fortunately, I have that partner. His Uranus sits in their first. I intuitively understand him and grant him space in kind. And yes, we met in the craziest, most unorthodox, most fated and most unexpected way when I wasn’t looking for it. Love at first sight and a roller coaster to match. How’s that for an Uranian relationship?

  16. I have never heard this theory before but makes complete sense. I have Gemini on the cusp of my 7th house, so like Mercury in my 7th I chose a husband who has a 3rd house Moon. My husband has Taurus on his 7th house cusp, so if that is like Venus in the 7th makes sense he chose a super Venus infused wife with a stellium in Libra including my Sun conj Jupiter 🙂 very cool, just one more way he and I make total sense as a married couple

  17. Virgo on the 7th cusp conjunct Pluto! I attract mercurial types with strong critical faculties and good business sense but appreciate deep thinkers and sexually advanced lovers when alone together. I’m not really one for public displays but that has softened a bit over the years. My Mercury is in the 5th in Cancer so I do like a warm and inviting home life with friends and family.

  18. Saturn rules my 7th house. I can see how I am responsible in my relationships but I can also see where I want my partner to be responsible as well.

  19. Aquarius on the 7th house cusp. Aquarius type of men are one of my least favorites, I have never been attracted to them.

  20. Sagittarius on the 7th cusp. I have never been attracted to a Sagittarius man. Neither has anyone been attracted to me. Most romance I’ve attracted was from Gemini men and from my side, Cancer, Aries and Gemini.(I have Venus and Mars in Aries-Cancer).

  21. Elsa, thanks for the link at the bottom of these articles so we can go through the series until we find the article that is most pertinent to us! (I found the one for me.)

    And thanks for bumping these back up. No point re-inventing the wheel. If you delivered a powerful, well-articulated, wise and helpful message once, it stands the test of time.

    We have all grown in the interim, and revisiting a concept often yields rich new insights which can be applied to where we’re at today.

  22. I have empty 7th with Aries on cusp, so “Aries on the cusp of the seventh = Mars in the seventh.”…
    But I’m still trying to figure it out. I guess my Mars in Libra in 12th is hiding stuff from me! (Or me running away from the concept).
    I suppose I’m projecting a lot of stuff, but what & on whom is not always clear. Luckily this Mars has only sextiles & one trine, otherwise I’d be really worried.
    I’ve had my (small) share of violence in life, & have come to understand that often my passivity & putting up with things I shouldn’t have accecpted is what attracted volence from others. I sometimes think I haven’t been aggressive enough, have dreams of knocking people to the ground and kicking them abundantly, but that’s not much of a solution. It’s not easy to scare people, it takes a self-confidence which I don’t have.

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