Astrology vs Psychology: Elsa P… A Born Hot Shot

Lis write on, Elsa P, You Don’t Need Astrology

“I would much rather have someone look at my chart, like you do with other people’s, and get straight to the heart of the problem, instead of wasting hours and hours pussyfooting around it. (That’s been my experience with “traditional” counseling.)”

Lis – thanks and while I had a full course of traditional therapy and consider it money very well spent, it is one of the reasons I know I would hate that job. I much more suited to the hot shot, meaning one of the fire fighters who comes in when there is a need, they get right down to business and then off to the next crisis. Not only would I not like being a therapist, I would probably suck at it.

Compare that to being one of the very best at what I do and their is no question to ask here. It is is a pity that astrology is not respected but I am trying to address this as well. One of the ways I do this is by doing a good job over and over and over and over and hoping the word gets out.

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  1. It’s funny, I see a therapist about once a month, sort of maintenance therapy… any way, even though he knows nothing about astrology he is very supportive of my desire to learn, explore and use it as a tool. What I notice increasingly is that he will use a phrase or observe something he is seeing in my behavior that is sooo astrology. For example, several months ago, he moticed how I was struggling to let go of(negative) energy.. and I said, yeah, I’ve got scorpio.. and he just smiled. i think good therapists have the same insights as astrologers, but use a different language. Therapy helps me heal, astrology helps me strip away denial and take action.

  2. Lexie, ouch!

    Uh…there’s a book on therapeutic astrology out there. By Greg Bogart, I believe. I borrowed it from my shrink, who has yet to get around to reading it herself…

  3. Not an insult, ladies. It was a compliment. I suppose whether you believe it’s an insult or not depends on how much you like a very strong character such as her.

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