His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House: Haunting

“Well I do worry. Trucks slide off the road all the time, roll down the mountain,” I said. “This crosses my mind.”

“It crosses my mind to but I will try not to have it happen.”

“Well I have no idea what I would do if you died. What would I do? I am not even sure they’d send you here. Would they send you to your family? Aren’t you supposed to be in an urn here?”

“They’d contact my son,” he said.

“Oh. Well I hope he sends you here. Aren’t you supposed to be here and haunt me?”

“Yeah, I’d like to be there but I will haunt you regardless.”

I just laughed.

1 thought on “His Scorpio Moon and My 8th House: Haunting”

  1. I have a strong Capricorn 8th house and I am comfortable with the thought of death. But you never know what can happen to you once you’re out – so in case something happens to me, and I am not able to talk, I carry a card in my purse indicating who to call, what medication I’m taking, and my blood group.

    Because getting injured or dying is one thing, but I’d hate to know that it would take time for people I love to know about what happened.

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