The Astrology Of Attention Seekers

attention-whore-advisory-system.jpg“Attention Seekers…Elsa, how does this show up in someone’s chart?

I’m asking because I’ve been running into a lot of this lately, both online and in real life. It frustrates and annoys me, even though I’m a Leo, the sign that’s supposedly forever seeking it…well, not this one.

I got a lot of unwanted attention as a kid, and since then, I’ve spent a good part of my life avoiding it. Now, I don’t like completely obliterating myself…I simply value my unique talents. I don’t like drawing attention to them or myself.

Why do people feel the need to do the opposite? Do people feel that rejected or overlooked that they need to make obnoxious asses out of themselves?

I don’t get it!”

Woah! You’re just a tad judgmental. I want to pay attention to that! Here’s what an attention seeker might say to you:

“What is it with these people who think they write the rules and standards for the people around them, huh? I’m a Capricorn but you don’t see me doing that. Why can’t they live and let live the way I do?”

One person’s “attention-seeking jackass” is another person’s entertainment and glee.

As to your question, astrologically, yes. Leo typically likes to be seen as do people with a lot of planets in the 5th house. However there are many other configurations that describe a person who gets a lot of attention. For example, people with planets on the midheaven are boundΒ to be seen.

But I think all people are attention seeking, because everyone has a Sun and that thing is going to want to shine.

Take a Scorpio. They want attention! They want you to know that they can screw your lights out and if you doubt this just get in bed with one.

henry-handstandGemini wants attention. Otherwise, they’d be quiet!

Even the quiet signs want attention. They just get it by being the person in the room not drawing attention to themselves.

Libra wants to be known as a peacemaker…you get the idea.

I like your question but I think it has way more to do with you than the people like my grandfather (pictured) who liked to stand on his head in grocery stores.

Someone with Jupiter overload really can be obnoxious. However they also offer others the opportunity to be entertained.

The easy answer is this: if you don’t like attention seekers, look away. But if you do, I don’t know what you’re going to do for entertainment because these things are intertwined.

Your thoughts on attention seeking are..?

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  1. Some of them can be really irritating. Like I just want to do my own thing and here they are, dancing around in my face being all, “Look at me, I’m an attention whore!” and they won’t leave me alone so I can read my book. I always think of this picture: . They’re never satisfied somehow.

    I am not sure if I am an attention whore or not. With the Uranus rising (and two Leo planets and Leo midheaven) I am going to get noticed no matter what I do unless I take pains to be vewwy vewwy quiet and hide in a corner. I probably dress like one, but I don’t go around in people’s faces begging them to look and pout if nobody comments on my outfit. I guess to me that’s the crucial difference πŸ˜›

    Astrology-wise, anyone with planets on the AC/DC axis probably has this going on, I think. Plus the Leos. Maybe the other fixed signs too? I suspect the original letter writer must have a lot of Virgo, though.

    There is one book series I read where the narrator has a very prominent partner (he’s handsome, charming, nobility, great at his job, rumored to be a tiger in the sack, even the guys love him, yadda yadda) and she is very smug about how modest she is and how she just wants to blend in and do her job without fuss, and she scorns him for all the attention. And yet it’s funny when it’s pointed out on occasion that she does go for attention, at the very least in her hobby, because she’s fairly prominent in that world and stands out there.

  2. for me, it’s not the attention seeking per se, but the manner in which said attention is sought.

    when there is creating drama that leaks onto others, that is an issue for me. i highly value my peacefulness. i’ve had (notice the past tense) a few people in my life who created drama, real or imaginary, for no other apparent reason than to be in the middle of the show.

    but the life of the party types? they can be a lot of fun, and hey, y’kno, i take my turn as well. maybe the difference for me is about getting attention at someone else’s expense.

  3. I like attention and I’ll kinda whore for it. My north node is in the fifth though, and my midheaven is conjunct an outer planet (There’s wiggle room on my birth time but from one end to the other of the times something is always cnj up there) sooooo . . Yeah. I’ve made a scene or two in my time. But I keep an eye on my audience, and if they’re not enjoying it I cut it. Nuthin’ worse than an unappreciative audience, except an unappreciative audience ten minutes later.

  4. ^^^
    What Goddess said.

    Attention gives me the creeps sometimes, personally; I don’t know why. Maybe it is my MC/South Node/Sun conj & I was a real bad attention whore last lifetime haha? I was a performer when I was in my teens and 20’s though & it didn’t bother me then….

    that image made me laugh.

  5. I really like your response, Elsa. Really, really, really. It especially love the Gemini aspect: I know a few Pisces who are ENRAGED by Geminis, and I’m all: “Hey, then who’s the court jester, eh?”

    I have 5th House Sun opposed Uranus. If I want to be seen, I’m seen. And when I want to bolt, I do. Nothing better than people who let their freak fly, in my opinion. Then again, if you annoy me I’m just going to walk away anyway…

    And it all reminds me of this:

    I especially love this:
    “Your mama told you to be discreet and keep your freak to yourself”

    I have been known to feed attention seekers (aka feeding the lions at the zoo) to entertain myself and them both, so…

  6. Question asker here…*doesn’t raise hand* πŸ˜‰

    Jennifer, you got it! I have three planets in Virgo, Saturn in the 1st, and Capricorn on the MC.

    I also have Sun/Mars in Leo, both in the 5th, plus Mercury in Virgo.

    Jupiter is right on the ASC/DSC axis (29 Aries/Libra).

    That’s probably why I get noticed more than I want.

    I should have clarified that the “dramarama” types are the ones that get on my nerves, like Goddess said, NOT the “life of the party” types. The latter type is usually friendly and fun, and I’ve been friends with many of them. It’s the former type that I was complaining about in my original post.

    Then again, Saturn is right on top of my Mercury right now, making my words come out much more harshly than they ever have. Lesson to learn: stop being overly critical and judgemental.

  7. kashmiri! Are you in that video? Are you the sweetie pie who licked the side of her arm pit and then hopped? oh man what fun! It’s bedtime in Europa, good night Kashmiri-Bob, Good night Mary-Elsa, good night y’all.

  8. “Nuthin’ worse than an unappreciative audience, except an unappreciative audience ten minutes later.”

    Ha ha ha! Thanks for the laugh Foxxy! This made me think of another post where you described some of your tastes in clothes and how much I enjoyed hearing about it.

    Lis, it sounds like you’ve been sucked dry but certain types, and I do empathize with that. My natal Saturn is in Leo (8th House, trine Mars) and there was a point in my life when I couldn’t even check for lint on my coat without cringing that other people could see me do it. I definitely did NOT like attention.

    But yeah…one big old Saturn Return extravaganza changed that..somewhat. I cried last week when my artwork was part of a public exhibition. So maybe I more than other people like attention whores: I feel like I can learn (Saturn) something from their energy (8th House) and so take all nuance as part of my ongoing education in being ‘public.’ Esp. important to me as an emerging artist.

    I hope you don’t feel judged for you question…it’s a good one, and honest too.

  9. Hah, called the Virgo thing. To be fair, I am reading an astrology book right now that has as an example a similar person to you- someone who’s a Leo Sun but has a lot of Virgo and wants to stay out of the limelight.

  10. Here’s an example of the types of people that prompted me to write to Elsa:

    “Nobody’s paying attention to my ideas!”

    “I want this thing to conform to how I view things!”

    “My stories are so great and no one’s commented on them! Boo hoo!”

    THAT’S what I’m talking about…people who feel their whatever is being overlooked, and resort to obnoxious attention-getting.

    Shut the bleep up!


  11. it really depends on the level of creativity in their antics… i’m extremely fond of creativity… and hate being bored. and sometimes subtlety is better…

  12. Here’s my thought about the OP, Jessica. Leos seek attention, even those who claim that they don’t. She just seeks attention in ways that she doesn’t see as “attention seeking”. My mother is a Leo who is reserved, calm, and acts rather royal in a way. She always dresses nicely, but not outrageously, and what is she doing? She’s looking for attention. She wants people to say, “She’s the good one, or she’s the classy one.” There are more ways to get attention than just standing on your head in a grocery store or having a big, loud voice. Sometimes you get plenty of attention by being overly good, or, as the OP put it, for her “unique talents”. πŸ™‚

  13. Right on, rkkggg. The endearing thing to me about Leo [planets] is they just seem to expect it. There’s no manipulation or quid pro quo. If you tell Elsa’s [Venus] that her hair looks good, she’ll probably say ‘damn right’ and agree with you, not worry about your ulterior motives. πŸ™‚ These so-called whiners are doing the opposite of Leo – they’re demanding attention instead of just expecting it to come to them!

  14. Yeah, now that I thought more about it, I do things that make me stand out, even though they’re subtle. Like dyeing my hair with henna. Or wearing an offbeat t shirt to the bus stop. (I have a “Gravestone Artwear” one. It has an actual 18the century gravestone carving on it. It’s an hourglass with wings.)


    I learned a LONG time ago that I’m always going to stand out (the 5th house Leo conjunction, Jupiter on the ASC/DSC axis), so I play with it, but I don’t DEMAND it. That really turns me off. Shoulda wrote to Elsa, the astrology of whiners!

  15. The internet is full of people who feel that relative anonymity means they can say and do whatever they want without consequence. I think that mentality leads folks to be more attention seeking than they might be otherwise.

  16. To me, an attention seeker is someone who nearly always denies other people what they may need because they simply cannot stand NOT to be front and center. Human relations is about exchange and taking turns. Healthy, mature adults know that it isn’t always about them. For example, any well adjusted grown-up recognizes that children need to be heard, listened to, understood, appreciated and praised in order to thrive and grow. Or they might understand that at certain times, someone else may be in emotional pain, requiring some sort of nurturing attention.

    There really are people out there who remain children in their own minds, and so all they can think to do when someone else is crying for attention, or when a child may be seeking attention is steal their thunder and get the focus back on them. This is unhealthy attention seeking. People who behave like this damage other people’s self esteem.

    I don’t know if astrology has anything to do with it or not, but it’s very different from someone who enjoys being in the limelight when appropriate and called-for. For example, the person at the holiday dinner table who always tells hilarious and outrageous stories. At those times, the person who thrives in getting others’ attention is a welcome addition and that’s where it might be considered a positive thing.

  17. This is a very good comment, Bananas. It reminds me of energy interchange, very Saturn in Libra.
    I think there is something both spontaneous and controlled in the attention seeker that is a true entertainer. The best comedians prepare their material, yet alter it with their instinct, and mold it to the audience. Because ultimately they are looking to satisfy their own artistic craving and the audience, it is a relationship based on enjoyment.

  18. That picture is awesome! LOLOLOL I love your take on the sun and how it seeks attention. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

    I put on my Blur-O-Vision (TM) by Ronco Neptune and tune out the annoying attention whores, nod once in a while so I don’t appear dead, or scroll past them on Twitter. Some of the other more entertaining ones I will throw out a verb for them to play with, or toss their own words back at them. I can be an attention whore sometimes but I get bored easily so I don’t often care if I get any attention.

  19. Thousands of selfies, a manic blog and Twitter feed and several self-published books will attest to the fact that I have attention whore tendencies. I got cut off in a karaoke bar in Santa Cruz because I kept hogging the stage. Who should I apologize to? Manager of the fucking cosmos?!

  20. Ok, I have to add my two cents here. *SIGHS* Im A LEO and I agree and I’m Black, so I’m going to get attention negative/positive whether I want it or not. I like clothes and shoes, I do put time into my appearance, not because I like attention, it’s because I like to look nice. There are so many things I don’t like about myself so when I dress to the hilt, it serves as a consolation in my own mind of the things I lack in my own mind, so I literally dress to impress my OWN mind, therefore myself. That being said I will move on.
    Yes, everyone wants attention on some level even if just from the people they care about. However, there are some signs that want attention from EVERYBODY, males, females young old loved ones, acquaintances, strangers. Positive attention NEGATIVE attention, they want attention and will EARNESTLY SEEK ATTENTION! To the point of being absolutely OBNOXIOUS!!~!! I am 38 years old and during this time I have noticed the most infamous signs that will STOP at NOTHING TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED are:

    1. LIBRA- think Kim Kardashian, if she feels she’s not getting enough attention she goes and does something OBNOXIOUS ie, poses with a tray on her behind for a cover on a magazine. They are like FLOWERS if they don’t get a certain amount of attention from the sun, they just wither up and DIE. They supposedly love to be peacemakers, but won’t hesitate to start a war if some kind a way they can manage to get attention from BOTH sides! I have worked with several of them and watched them flip sides like Anniken Skywalker in office quarrels. (because they are just as flaky as dollar store batteries. Strong in the beginning but very short lived (fizzle out quickly); plus they are indecisive too, meaning they’ll stand behind something as long as it’s popular; when it’s not cool anymore it’s over, as they are quite shallow.)

    Gemini- They are attention seekers and very talkative, they’re knowledgeable about multiple things, but, like their personalities, it’s quite surface level. They are not reliable or nor are they actually hard working, they they have silver tongues and usually very attractive so, they have the ability to convince people they are helping and working hard with the gift of gab and a twinkle in their eye. They are actually quite tricky, and unreliable. I personally would have more confidence tying several jump ropes from the dollar for bungee cord to go jumping with, rather than to rely on a Gemini, frankly!

    Capricorn- They are attention seekers with the love of money usually being the motivating factor. They seek attention intellectually and they are ferociously skilled at networking however, they are also quite devious; they are extremely hard workers, but, they are a bit on the ruthless side, so, if you are up for the same position or promotion, watch your back, they will stab you in it in the blink of an eye. Take credit for your ideas and move right on up the chain of command until they reach the top; and it’s usually there where they begin to display diplomacy.

    Aries- OMG! They aren’t quite as bad as Libras with the attention seeking, but, close enough! They will EARNESTLY seek attention and if they don’t get it, they’ll work for it; unlike Libra whom becomes obnoxious; and completely unlike Gemini, Aries is actually a to the grind hard worker; plus they are extremely competitive to the point they will run down granny and the toddler to get to the finish line FIRST! But Unlike Capricorn, they aren’t devious and if they don’t get what they want they won’t hold a grudge forever until you’re whole family is destroyed like a Scorpio.

    Scorpio- They seek attention and gratification like and infant rooting for milk! They are quite determined so they will stop at nothing short of DEATH to get what they want and YES they have the capacity to KILL for what they want, yeah, it’s that intense! They will investigate, seek out, and actively engage the object of their desire, and will hold a grudge at or with whomever denied them the chance or opportunity to achieve it and will stop at nothing to destroy you even if it is their old granny.

    Sure it’s convenient to say Leos are attention seekers, but, you were already looking at them in the first place, ha ha lol so they already have YOUR ATTENTION! HENCE they naturally get attention; therefore, WHY WOULD THEY NEED TO SEEK IT?!?!?!?!?

  21. It depends on my mood. When I’m lonely or trying to distract myself from my chronic pain problems, I can be an attention whore. At other times I can’t stand the thought of having to interact with anyone and don’t want to be acknowledged at all.

  22. I don’t really seek attention but I do get it. Maybe I do seek it on a subconscious level. I don’t know. People stare at me. It can be flattering but it can be overwhelming.

    I have sun Pluto conjunct mc.

    My son is a Leo. He loves being the center of attention. He takes over a room. It does get him in trouble at school. The teacher doesn’t want to compete for attention with a kid.

  23. Maybe the original writer would have liked getting attention had she not been burned so hard and scared into learning to hide herself.

    I have conflicting issues on this myself. I want to show off and perform, but I’ve also learned that if/when people see me, sometimes it gets ugly. (Leo midheaven/Mars on midheaven, Uranus in 1st) So at the same time I’ve learned to hide because it’s safer.

  24. “They want you to know that they can screw your lights out and if you doubt this just get in bed with one.”

    Uhh-hummm *grins bashfully* Lol.

    I agree that the poster is seeking attention. Maybe they don’t realize it, but they don’t like anyone else getting attention that’s supposed to be theirs- they’ve repressed their attention seeking urge. Only Leo is deserving of attention right? Not a mere peasant.

  25. I have a lot of Leo but in the 6th house and intercepted. I get the most attention at work in restaurants or at the gym because I’m very service oriented and people ask for me by name. I hate public speaking and presentation meetings but have learned to handle it the best way a Pisces Asc can. Public displays of emotion in public have me fleeing the scene! My Gem Sun and Sag moon let me use humour or wisecracks to reduce tension and get attention I guess.

  26. I want attention! But I’m virgo rising and I have 0 planets/angles in Leo. So I won’t be too obvious about it! But I’m scopionic, I have lots of Gemini and Aries. A moon in aspect with Uranus, Saturnus. I wanna be seen and apreciated by my friends and family. I wanna be seen as the caring, warm, deep and reliable person that I am. I also have pluto in 3rd house. I feel seen and loved if I have a deep connection with you.

    Also I have lots of knowledge about many topics and things. In order to feel seen and happy a person has to admire my knowledge and also ask me for advice and also follow my advices.

    That feeling of being able to convince people, that makes me really shine and beam! It maybe because of my Pluto in 3rd Oppo my SUn and asc Ruler Mercury! OMG! I just realising this! Yes advicing and my advices being followed is what makes me feel seen and loved and proud!

    If a person makes his/her best to communicate with me and gives back the energy I’m giving, I will feel valuable.

  27. I think needing and/or wanting attention can also be linked to moon-sun harsh aspects, and moon in leo.

    It is a human need to want to be noticed, recognised, understood and acknowledged. There is a time when this is an important developmental need: infancy, toddlerhood and early childhood.

    I think that many of those who are obnoxious about attention-seeking might be attention-needing. Some can have a gratifying need for attention (to feel they exist) coming from a sun wound (sun in tension in the chart) and some have a moon wound regarding not having their emotional needs met (moon in tension.)

    Many who want attention didn’t get enough or hardly any when infants, toddlers and children. It is almost impossible for them to avoid seeking this attention due to missing out on that developmental stage.

    I have sun-saturn yet also have sun-mars, sun-moon-neptune and sun-moon (all tense aspects.) So I oscillate between wanting attention, even needing it (moon-sun), sometimes in obnoxious ways (getting much better with age), and thinking that I don’t deserve the attention, feeling guilty of taking centre stage (saturn aspects.)

  28. anonymoushermit

    I like the writer’s honesty. Really, how many times have we called other people a$$holes in our own heads?

    Sometimes thoughts just pass through our heads, like clouds. It would be crazy to monitor all of them. I’m sure most people’s diaries would look pretty judgmental if you read them.

  29. No one has mentioned that although everyone wants attention in the form of recognition for their unique qualities and contributions, some people are just introverts and some are extroverts. Depends on the sins, elements and houses. A sensitive introvert can feel their private space is invaded by an attention seeking extrovert. They can entertain themselves.

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