How To Get Along With People

A client asked me about how and it her chart might provide a timeline of events. What an interesting question.

“…The chart provides a timeline but people are complex rather than linear. There a different kinds of timelines. For example, a person is growing and probably improving, but at the same time they are aging and degrading!”

This gal had a Saturn transit in progress, indicating she was building something.  The construction project would be underway for a couple of years. Meanwhile, Mars’ whips around, hotting things up as it goes.

Mars moves much faster than Saturn, so right there a person has two timelines to contend with (or enjoy).

When you consider that each individual has their own array of fixed points, that are transited by a planet in sign that is common to all, it’s mind-boggling.  This is true in a broad sense but it may be even more interesting to consider it in terms of a couple or a family, living under one roof.

When I think of this, I realize it’s a wonder that people are able to sync up and stay that way over time. That right there would be a skill.

Next, I think about people who have the expectation that others stay consistent to their expectations. It seems impossible.

This tells me, if you want to get along with anyone over time, you’ve got to allow for such things. You might be on “easy street” while the other person is “taking their lumps”. It’s really easy to lose sight of this.

What do you think of the chart as a timeline?

6 thoughts on “How To Get Along With People”

  1. I could literally write a journal entry of like 200 pages of things that happened during my life, including Pluto transits, Saturn transits (or Returns), Neptune squares, trine transits, etc, etc.

    Yup, astrology as a timeline makes sense.

  2. It’s a good parallel/association.
    The universe is infinite, planets don’t exist forever but evolve slowly through time and human lives are short moments while the great big wheel is a-turning over.
    I see this as millions of cogs advancing at differnet speeds.
    Different things going on simultaneously within one’s own life, fast or slowly, plus connected to other lives, plus connected to the whole world, and all the rest.
    Puts things in perspective.
    Also a good reminder to take into consideration the timelines of others. Even a simple age difference can already bring quite a disparity in outlook, to say nothing of all the other factors. Shifting all the time.

  3. Yes – a Chart when combined with outer planets DOES give you a timeline of soul development within a life. Where Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transit into your different Birthchart Houses is very telling about what a person will face situationally in terms of a timeline of non-negotiable soul lessons aimed at growth, that is relevant to the inner planets, aspects, etc…

    Cheers – Shane

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