Uranus Aspecting Mars: My Mother, “The Bolter”

Half Magic, Edward EagerOn the boards, orangie asked about chart elements that might make someone prone to disappearing. What occurred to me when looking at the chart was not what I expected. Disappearing causes Neptune to come to mind, but what I saw was Uranus and Mars.

When Uranus aspects Mars you get someone who acts (Mars) quickly (Uranus). Add in the moon to the mix and you get someone who needs (Moon) space (Uranus).

My mother used to read to my sister and I a great deal. One of our favorite books she read was “Half Magic
” by Edward Eager. The book was about children who found a magic talisman and the adventures they had. In the book the children comically and fondly referred to their mother as “The Bolter.” She was widowed and was easily spooked away from any new relationship. Our parents were divorced and my sister and I took to calling my mother, “The Bolter.” It was true, and thankfully she didn’t take umbrage at the association, just laughed it off in her Sagittarian style.

My mother has her issues and is prone to the quick cut-off in relationship. However, there’s always a caveat. When my mother found the relationship that offered her what she needed, love with space, she stayed and stayed. She and my stepfather have been together nearly twenty years now and for all their quirks (Uranus) they seem very happy. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood jokes: why did the chicken cross the road– to show the armadillo it could be done. Relationship with Uranus involved: it can be done.

Do you need space in relationship? Can you see it in your chart?

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  1. I have Mars square Uranus. It does not aspect my moon. But I do notice if something doesn’t sit well with me…I tend to disappear. But it depends on what is going on and who it is I am disappearing from. It is usually not permanent if I can work my way back to trust with them.

  2. I have Moon conjunct Uranus (and Pluto). Never really thought about it but I guess I do need my space. I certainly have quick intense emotion, and when that gets the better of me, I have “bolted”! lol

  3. Not sure – I have Mars conjunct Uranus and Mars opposing my Moon.

    I tend to bolt when I get bored – hanging by a thread right now.

    πŸ™ Lori

  4. hang in there, Lori! bolting creates an excitement that alleviates the boredom. you can find another way to infuse excitement, or you can find another way to create the space you need. πŸ™‚

  5. i have been bolted on and i have done it too, many many times.

    i’ve got a moon in the 11H and it is in minor aspect with uranus—yes i need space but only temporarily.

    i bolt at the miniscule threat of emotional pain. . . (and miniscule is really too large an amount to describe the amount of suspicion it takes to set off my trigger)—-got a moon mashed up with saturn too

    i’m only just realizing the hurt i inflicted myself from doing this to such an extreme.

    (don’t think i give uranus the credit it should for it’s extremity—-it is all about revolution, duh.)

    thanks, satori—-i’m adding “the bolter” to my make-certain-actions-feel-a-bit-less-evil-and-easier-to-get-my-head-around-emotionally-as-a-means-to-find-peace-and-healing lexicon


  6. Yes, yes I do.

    7H Sadge moon and 5H Libra Uranus, both heavily aspected.

    The joke is that I’ve got Mars/Venus in Cancer and both need lots of affection.


  7. sort of. i need space at home (to putter and indulge in my weird habits), but i don’t mind being glommed to the hip with my lover while out and about in the world. mars/uranus inconjunct.

  8. Does it also work that way in synastry?
    I used to date a guy whose uranus was aspecting my sun,mars and venus.. He used to disappear and reappear as quickly like nothing had happened. Till I disappeared myself once and for always (well with a ? as far as always is concerned..). I moved away from the country for a year (just to mention my uranus aspects his moon and he was always afraid of me leaving..). He popped in my life again recently telling me that he doesn’t intend to dissapear again. But I just feel that it has nothing to do with inentionality. I have the feeling that it is something that has to do with our energies interacting..And although I have quite a bit of uranus in my chart and am aware of these energies and try to channel them creatively, I don’t think he is capable of just getting the excitement of it and keeping out the rest..Well, we also have a pluto venus conjunction and a double neptune venus thing so I don’t really know how it will turn out this whole story, but I am kind of getting tired.. Repeated disappearing is also boring and certainly limits down my freedom space, at least in terms of expression of the intensity of feelings I have (or maybe had, don’t know anymore) for him..

  9. Ha! When transiting Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in my 7th house and Square my natal 5th house Mars and natal 11th house Moon, I packed what I could carry and left my husband. It was not only sudden, but I was able to disappear off the face of the earth as far as he was concerned.

  10. OMG Satori. I needed this, thank you. Particularly the part regarding your mother and your stepdad (where she stayed and stayed).

    I have a strained Uranus/Mars placement (a square) and also a Uranus/Venus opposition. And Uranus/Moon… yup… I have a trine.


  11. Uranus op my asc, trine sun,moon,venus,merc and bq mars in the 11th!

    I bolt alot. I have commitmentphobia when it comes to everything. I work as a temp. I quit my assigment if I get emotionally involved (witch allways happens after a few weeks.) I have told my consultant max 2 weeks 1 place. With friedships too , I make new friends , get scared and bolt. I am trying to change it. I hate burning bridges with people I care about. It’s just been the easiest option for me .Bolt before they do

  12. @iathina85: Funny how you mentioned you work situation. A year ago, I finally took the leap and went freelance via an agency. I told my agent – no contracts over 3 months unless I like the place! I have a similar fear with friendships and relationships too… I always think about leaving before they do. Interesting to see a common thread with Uranus -types here!

  13. Avatar

    What’s that line… ah yes “Should I stay or Should I go?”

    With Uranus in EXACT opposition to Venus, when I stay, I wish I was gone; when I am gone, I wish I had stayed.

  14. I think I wrote the book on bolting! I’m a textbook case for you Satori…Mars/Uranus/Pluto in the first house square my Moon – add in a Sag Sun/Merc and Jupiter in the 9th, I’m a pretty strong freedom lover. Still waiting for the guy to show up who gets this about me!

  15. @anotheravatar….I hear you on this. Had a similar situation..dunno about our uranus synastry but we also had Venus Neptune…

    ” Repeated disappearing is also boring and certainly limits down my freedom space, at least in terms of expression of the intensity of feelings I have (or maybe had, don’t know anymore) for him.”

  16. Also, back to the question, I’ve got mars trine uranus in the work houses (6 & 10) sextile Saturn-venus-sun in 7th. I live apart from my hubby for work…hopefully not for too too long.

  17. I have sun (11th 16 pisces) sextile mars(12th 16 taurus) inconj urnaus (17 Libra 6th) for my 2nd yod. About to get a lesson I guess as saturn gets there before to long πŸ™‚

  18. Oh yes, I bolt. Uranus aspects everything and I have Jupiter aspects to Mars-Moon-Mercury. Sometimes work provides the space I need.

  19. @anotheravatar – I have a similar problem, but in reverse. My Uranus opposes his Sun, and HE’S the one that’s always disappearing. Frustrating.

    Natally, I have Uranus opposing Mars, but I wouldn’t call myself a bolter. (And Uranus trines my Moon… Mars sextiles it.) Yes, I need my space, I’ll admit that! But if I sense a possible relationship that looks good to me, I’m all about staying. Maybe it’s my Cancer rising? Or Capricorn 7th house?

  20. I have Mars (4th house) square Uranus in 1st, as well as Aquarius on the descendant, and over time have become more aware that I’m a better partner when I have my own space… not the kind of person who can be with their partner 24/7 and in each other’s back pocket.

    My ideal for marriage would be two people who establish a secure “home base” for themselves and use it to replenish energy to go out into the world (separately, or together). But the relationship comes first, before any of the outside stuff.

    Oddly enough I’ve always stayed in relationships long past the time when they should have ended, maybe out of fear (Venus square Saturn) and most of the time it wasn’t me who left.

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