Mars in the Pisces Or The 12th House – Misplaced Anger

I was talking to a friend about how anger is so often misplaced. For example, let’s say a family member is in the hospital dying.  It’s common to see the family chose one of the caregivers, like a nurse. They’ll heap a bunch of blame or abuse on this person, though they’re not the true cause of angst the family experiences.

If the person who misplaces their anger has a badly aspected Mars this can be quite cruel and punishing.

When considering this, Henry VIII came to mine. I pulled up his chart and sure enough! Click to see his chart full size.

Do you have Mars in Pisces or in the 12th house?  To the best of your knowledge, have you ever misplaced your anger onto an innocent person?

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  1. Yes. My Mars is almost conjunct the cusp of my 12th house. It has taken me many years to find my anger and channel it constructively. As you say, Elsa, energy is neutral until directed.

    Your post about one client having Mars square Pluto and Sun helped me immensely to understand my own Mars’ square to my 8th house Moon. I can be a loaded gun, and your advise you gave that girl was a great inspiration ??

  2. I have Mars in 12th ans indeed can blow up at whoever happens to be within range, thereby an innocent person. I mean, they get to hear me swear, although it is not necessarily aimed at them.
    Other times a friend (always the same one) triggers my anger and I realize it’s an automatic reaction to her, usually out of proportion. I think it’s a negative projection because this only happens with her! Other people I know don’t have that effect me, so, what to think? (And, I have seen her trigger others… she loves to provoke.) All this is misplaced b/c I don’t express my anger when it might be justified, bottle it up, then WHAM. Wrong time, wrong place, but correct person, in occurence.
    I hate it. Wish I could do like Annette & channel this correctly. Guess it’ll take analyzing and control, but not very good at this.

  3. I have mars in Virgo 12th house. Also conjunction pluto & Uranus (11th H).

    My mum was dying in hospital for days – no one fed her or gave her water (let alone get a diagnosis/ consultant to see her). She had lung cancer (terminal). They left her in A &E for 3 days – she broke her arm getting out of bed because the nurses didn’t do a bed risk check.

    Was I angry? Let’s just say a nuclear explosion happened in that hospital as I stood in the ward refusing to budge until she was put on a saline drip. 3 days it took. Do I think it was misplaced anger? In this case, no, I don’t think so. I’d do it all again for anyone treated like she was.

    However, in less urgent situations (eg having to endure sexist comments and behaviour in meetings with men), I’m less able to express my anger how I would like to (in a controlled way). I find a way to ‘punish’ perpetrators (suddenly I’m on holiday so can’t attend the next meeting/I didn’t receive your email/I’m away from my phone/you no longer get eye contact or help from me). I do it while smiling and appearing approachable (its passive aggressive but the alternative is to hang, draw and quarter them). I am teaching myself to express anger more authentically, but it’s hard).

  4. anonymoushermit

    Mars here isn’t 100% conscious of itself. That makes it dangerous.
    I can definitely see anger (Mars) being their secret enemy (12th house).

  5. my sister has pisces mars, and her anger is more that she runs away and cries in her room.
    even though she is aries sun she just can’t take the stress. I noticed this firsthand living with her of course.Also, there’s this mars in pisces character on the reality tv show terrace house, she’s an aqua sun with pisces mars and when they were getting on her to be less about her family (she’s cap venus so family is more important) and more about her new friends in the show, she started crying and running to her room too, cause she didnt want to fight. i thought wow, that’s like my sister when they stress and cry. i figure that mars in 12th house also feels the same way. i have not witnessed any misplaced anger in pisces mars. if i remember my ex, he also has mars pisces and he is more into drowning himself in alcohol back then or drugs, long ago.

  6. I have a 12th house Mars. I don’t know if I have blamed an innocent person I do know that I have lost count of the times I have been blamed when I was innocent.

  7. I don’t have either but I know some people with Mars in Pisces and/or Mars in the 12th house and I couldn’t agree more. Same goes for Mars/Neptune aspects. Mars and Pisces/12th house/Neptune energy just don’t go well together.

  8. Wow, I had not thought about this. Just checked our charts & my estranged, youngest son has Mars in Libra in H12 & by antiscia, it becomes Mars in Pisces!
    Your description of misplaced anger is spot on. I was aware he is his own worst enemy, but this is another level.
    I live in hope that some day he will learn to channel this constructively.
    Thank you.

  9. yes. i can be angry and not realize it and it comes boiling out randomly.. wherever the pressure can release i guess. i’ve had to do a lot of work to a) recognize when i’m angry and then b) figure out the root of it. because otherwise it’s pretty useless. damaging, even.
    mars in pisces, square neptune.

  10. Forgot to say my Mars is in Libra -> doesn’t want to displease.
    Stupid idea w/stupid results b/c when anger does come out it’s skewed.
    Interesting comment from Elisa about her ex, drowning himself in alcohol. If you’re trying to not hurt someone (afraid of your own anger), it seems easier to anesthetize yourself than to let go…
    Anonymous says “I can definitely see anger (Mars) being their secret enemy (12th house).” I hadn’t thought about that, and I agree.
    Withholding anger/not controlling it really causes problems inside as well as outside the person, for those who regret being that way, at least.

  11. I have mars in twelfth house, to make things worse it is conjunct neptune!
    I don’t know if my anger is misplaced, my problem is rather I have a hard time expressing it/ setting boundaries for certain people who overstep my privacy.
    Even though I’m seething with anger on the inside, I show a controlled face outward. (The conjunction is in scorpio!)
    And like Tam, God only knows how many times during my life I have been wrongly suspected/ accused of things, opinions/actions/intentions that could be no furter from the thruth.
    At 52 I’m still struggling to find healthy ways of expressing this energy. Often it turns into avoidance, isolation or self sabotasj.
    I work part time as a massage terapeut, and I find this an exellent use of the energy. Healing (neptune) energy (mars) expressed in private (12.h) surroundings.

  12. When I was much younger. But like any negative part of a natal placement or aspect, I get over it. There is so much more to learn about it.

    I have been finding, that because intimacy with another person comes easy for me, I can be treated eventually like their immediates, their family members, and then I experience their misdirected anger. You know they yell at me and blame me and boss me around. Just like at home. 😀

  13. Mars in Pisces here, 8th house. I can relate to the above description of a Martian in Pisces – Crying in my room. Being very passive, and letting the anger well-up when im alone. Freezing in the moment of confrontation, and the path of action being a lot clearer on reflection. I have tried to be extra aware of mis-directed anger, perhaps because I’m so perceptive of it in others, but today, among family stress I actually snapped at my partner (8th house). Honestly, it felt kind of nice to react impulsively for a change, as guilty as I was. But I’m reliving my lesson-learned, and I know better for next time. I’m still trying to have better instincts about when I put my foot down and when to walk away.

  14. I don’t have this placement but Neptune has much to do with confusion, scandal and rumours. Women are taught to cry their anger out(inducing illness) and men aren’t supposed to cry at all(drug or sex it away)! I’ve seen the wrong accusation situation happen repeatedly to those I know with this. Victims of violence in environments away from the public? Repressed anger leading to mental breakdowns and institutionalization? Funneling frustration into helping other victims or strong exercise/spiritual practices might be an outlet for this. Addiction counselling?

  15. My friend has Mars conjunct Pluto in Libra in 12th. I notice he punishes me in various ways that the person above described – passive aggressive, causing frustration etc. Ultimately he is punishing himself because he makes himself very unhappy this way, and also me/others by misplacing his bottled up anger in this way. He has a lot of power and beautiful energy but its stuck in this vortex and becomes toxic/poisonous.

  16. Mars in Pisces here, square Neptune, trine Saturn.

    Yes, definitely but sometimes that innocent person was myself. It’s not easy to discern who is the real victim and who is the false victim. Everyone takes the side of the underdog. Another person gaslighted me by playing the victim card. They got what they wanted, they sucked in people around and got their emotional support. Who wouldn’t want to cheer the underdog? By finding the target and playing the false victim they drew rescuers. It was their way of getting people to assist them, of bonding with them and being in control of situation. Covert control is much more powerful than obvious one because no e questions it.

    1. yes, the victim aspect. If I go victim mode, I am a goner. There has never been a rescuer. So it does me no good. I have to get back up myself. The older I get, the longer the recovery, so why go there? It’s a true test of spirit. Keeping my spirit up and in tact. That’s my Pisces Martian.

  17. Hi Elsa!

    I have Mars in Pisces in the 10th house. My issue seems to be actually getting angry in the first place! I am a guy – but devoid of typical ego in ways but also not a wimp by a long shot. I have tendencies to only get angry when some form of injustice has occurred from my perception. Such as “defending the weak.” This is nice and all. But the backhanded issues with that is it causes me to trivialize my own issues, or it causes me to only bite or bark when I simply have no room to do anything else. (Im a complicated cause since I also have a Libra Moon.) I simply dont like violence – and I dont like disharmony. My true seat to anger is to cause either one of those, and I will start barking and biting. And in those cases it is deserved. Like “DONT HIT HER, OR YOU WILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH ME” type shit. Or “STOP PICKING ON THAT KID!” I dont even like to watch those funny videos online of people falling because Im too alarmed if they are ok, to laugh at them slipping and hitting their head. Its hard to incite me to anger from ego attacks which is why a lot of anger happens in the first place I presume. But with that – THAT IS ALSO NOT BAD. The issue with Mars in Pisces is misplaced anger is even what I just mentioned. Anger that is still indirect. Its not even my life. The hardest thing to get someone with Mars in Pisces to do is defend themSELVES. For me, I have put up with so much BS in my life that I am only ok cause at the end of the day Im a Fire Sign and u know how that goes. Theres just a little bit of spark in there for me to ignite before I truly do become a martyr. Ive learned balance over the years though. Its never easy but I have learned that first off – If I have Mars where it is, thats where its supposed to be. (In fact the day I was born was when it switched signs. It literally just showed up.) Ive learned to indeed direct my energies towards all of the fantastical and nice pisces things. But to also not be WALKED OVER which is the ultimate sacrifice for trying to be all compassionate to everyone and everything. Some people really do deserve to be chewed out for 2 seconds, so that I am then free to live my day and be just as happy and peaceful, knowing I did not take someones rage and not get them together, just so that they could feel better at my expense. Its just not fair. LOL. One thing I have noticed is at times, I may have not even known WHY I am angry. Neptune can indeed make things murky. I am a rational person as fantastical as I am. So with that I analyze things a lot. I will literally ask myself “why are you angry?” which …at the end of the day…I learned long ago. In my head, I can admit the truth to myself. Nobody has to know. Its my little secret. LOL. Even if I am pissed off at a person romantically because they are being an “asshole.” The typical thing is to turn them into the enemy. every action is an offense. Where the REALITY is “I have known this person existed for only 2 months of my life. I like them more than they like me. I am jealous, and I do not feel competent enough to hold their attention.” that statement may make someone feel…odd admitting it. But I have to be on my own side. and in that…I need to tell myself the truth…if anything else…to also free me to use such a Mars, I believe personally. I think the risk in that placement is simply escapism related to ones martian drives in that anything inspired is always the fault of another. even if its good. such as a sexual encounter. The Mars in Pisces person would somehow believe that the sex “happened” to them. like a diamond that they fell on. when in reality they are standing in the middle of Kay Jewelers. LOL

  18. Virgo Mars opposite Pisces moon, and conjunct ascendant. I might jump to conclusions hastily, lol. But since it’s restrained I don’t act on it immediately, there’s a delayed reaction. That saves me from embarrassing myself when I’m wrong. Honestly it would reveal some less than pleasant opinions of the person if I reacted right away, so at least it’s not damaging to my relationships. If anything I’m too patient.

  19. Here are 2 very interesting charts with Mars in 12th.

    DARLIE ROUTIER !!! The psycho who killed her two, beautiful young sons.

    And – LACIE PETERSON ! I’ve always wondered if Laci got fed up with Scott the loser, and maybe blew up at him and since he’d already planned her death,maybe that was what decided WHEN he did it. She got mad about going to that Xmas party alone and… ? I’m not remotely blaming Laci for her own death. But with that Mars placement, and her being a TAURUS {I should know…I’m one too}, her temper potential was huge. Not good if the psycho husband already has plans. Just a guess as to her final day, but it does say at least that she was no marshmallow.

  20. I have Mars in Pisces AND 12th house and I get stressed easily and usually cry or panic when I’m angry but I will also be nurturing to others in times where I’m struggling like that. In a sense, I’m not so angry but rather sad I guess. I haven’t misplaced my anger on others. My Mars is squared by 4 planets alone.

  21. I’ve Mars in Pisces square Neptune and often have misplaced anger. Sometimes I get angry over things which I should not get so angry about….and NOT get angry over things which I should have. Or I would get legitimately angry with someone just to forget about it some time later and forgive them and accept them back into my lives again (which I shouldn’t actually).

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