Libra Rising Attracted To Aries; Raw Male Energy

Today I worked with a woman who is attracted to male energy. She has Venus and Jupiter in Aries in the 7th house. She is drawn to men over women – period.

Now my son is in a similar circumstance. He has his Sun, Moon and Ascendant all in Venus-ruled signs and badly wants to partner. Seeing as he has tried to partner with girls since he was four, I would say he’s heterosexual, however he has Jupiter and Mercury in Aries in the 7th house and that he is attracted to male energy is a fact that cannot be denied.

I have mentioned repeatedly he adores the soldier who is pretty mush testosterone walkin’ but I thought I’d offer a specific example of how this plays because it’s just so startling.

The picture there is of a game, “Rubik’s Revolution”. It is a Mars Mercury game as in it takes fast hands and a fast mind. Vid, the soldier and I all have a Mars Mercury exchange in our chart so we play this thing.

What happens is one colored side of the cube flashes and you have to press a button in the center to turn it off and then “pass the cube” to the next person who has to turn off the next flashing color before passing it to the next person and so forth. As the game advances the cube speeds up and you only have so long to turn off the flash or the thing buzzes and you lose… or if there are more than two players, you’re out and the other continue.

Now the thing actually talks. As soon as you turn off the flash, it says “PASS THE CUBE”. It sound like a command, so there we are sitting in a circle and the soldier turns off the light – PASS THE CUBE to Vid who turns off the light and PASS THE CUBE to me, except he passed it back to the soldier leaving me to think, WHAT THE HELL?

He does not actually pass it to the shoulder, his hand just go in that direction and then he catches himself and hands me the cube but he does this repeatedly and I mean each and every time!

There is only one conclusion to draw – he is attracted to the soldier’s energy which of course we all know. But it is incredible to watch this because the game is fast, see? So it’s not conscious he just likes ARIES, raw male energy.

Vid is going to wind up married, I am pretty sure. In fact I think he wishes he already was but he is definitely going to be the kind of man who spends time with other men and I just thought this was interesting.

Personally, while I am hands down, a man’s woman, I really like to spend time with women. I could not imagine my life without them and think I am quite balanced in this regard but what about you?

Do you favor male energy, female energy or both? Tell us the astrology if can

24 thoughts on “Libra Rising Attracted To Aries; Raw Male Energy”

  1. I definitely favor female energy. I have Ascendant, Sun, and Moon all in feminine signs, Virgo, Cancer, and Scorpio respectively. I even gravitate to female checkers at the grocery, tellers at the bank, salespeople etc. It can be quite comical when I catch myself in the act of selection in those situations. But I also have Mercury and Mars conjunct in Gemini which can be androgynous…so above all else I favor people I can talk to and exchange information with. I tend to avoid people of either sex who lead with raw male or female energy. The sexy sales guy who tries to charm me with the sheer force of his personality gets nowhere. The guy or gal who gives me lots of information wins me over.

  2. I definitely favor female energy. My Venus is in Virgo, my Mars is in Cancer, Scorpio ASC….
    I think there are a few factors that have caused me to be A LOT closer to females than males. For one, I was never really close to my father growing up. I suppose it made me afraid of any further rejection by males; and anytime I befriended a male and began getting close to him, he always wanted something more. It was very hard for me to maintain a platonic friendship with males so I eventually began avoiding them all together.
    I’ve realized recently that I should do my part in trying to mingle with the male species more often. 🙂
    I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone and have made huge efforts to interact more with them. I purposely took a Muay Thai Kickboxing class for this reason….and what happens??? I find my instructor crazy attractive which turns me back into that shy, unsure girl again! But I still smile and strike up conversation with him. I’ve actually enjoyed the male friends I’ve made recently, and I’m glad I pushed myself.
    I still love my girls though. I’m definitely a woman’s woman.

  3. I’m pretty balanced I guess…I have a few close girlfriends and I need to chat on a regular basis, but st gatherings I’m usually found hanging with the guys rather than in the kitchen with the girls. I like one on one female energy rather than a group. Too concentrated perhaps.

  4. I’m balanced. With Mars and Venus in Libra/4th, what else would you expect? 😉

    But I agree with Heather. Nine out of ten times I’d rather be hanging with the dudes in the living room, even if they’re all watching football and not talking, than in the kitchen with the gaggle of females. But I have my circle of female friends that I love to hang with on a regular basis.

  5. Venus in Gemini, Uranus in the 7th, Asc. in Aries, Sun and Moon in Cancer, 3rd house. I love sports and philosophy, I don’t care which gender partakes. I’m one of the guys when I’m with my guy friends, and one of the girls when with my girlfriends. But when it comes to catty gossipy girls, count me out. I much prefer women who have an interest in the world rather than being bitchy.

  6. venus in sag conj. ASC and mars in aries on IC- my girlfriends and our near daily gatherings are fundamental-i value women in general-dynamic female energy.
    at social gatherings i love talking to men… and being chased… ego? venus in sag? aries? i don’t know…

  7. Elsa,

    I’m split right down the middle. 5 planets + ASC in Feminine(Sun,Mars, Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus) and 5 Masculine(Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Pluto and True Node). I have three sisters and my father was the only male in the house. I couldn’t imagine my life without lots of female energy. On the other hand 2 really good friends from High School are men as well as my two cats. I’d like to think that my Yin/Yang are balanced.

  8. Stellium in Aries and Scorpio ASC. I’ve always preferred male energy. I have been called an honorary dude by men and a male translator by women.

  9. male energy, for sure. women often baffle me… but i need a couple of women friends to help me keep my balance… i just have to pick them carefully.

  10. I have Sun/Moon/ASC in masculine signs, and my hubby says I think and act like a guy. I’ve usually gotten along better with men than women.

    The female friends I made had Air Suns or Moons, with the majority of them having something in Aquarius. I have a lot of Air and a Virgo Mercury–I like digesting and discussing “intellectual” stuff. “Typical” female chatter bores the crap out of me.

  11. Stephanie, I’m “one of the guys” too. 🙂

    I’ve always been more drawn to male energy. Sun, Saturn, ascendant, moon, Neptune, Uranus, and my mid heaven in masculine signs.

  12. Avatar
    ScorpioLand's Synthia

    I do revere the feminine, but I’m attracted more to extremely dominant/Alpha male energy.

    There are 3 reasons:
    1. I have LEO ON MY 7TH HOUSE.
    Anytime there’s a dramatic, overbearing male ego in the room who wants to boss me around, I’m in love.
    It’s strange because I have female friends who’ll get weirded out by a “controlling” Leo but they don’t bother me. It’s cute. 🙂 …as another fixed sign who doesn’t take order easily, I’m at ease with authoritative people. Plus, romantically my Capricorn ascendent tires of being in control and secrets craves to have my authority usurped so I can be manhandled and dominated. OK. This is becoming x-rated so I’ll move on.

    2. I have PLUTO OPPOSITION MARS in my natal chart. It is the bane of my existence that I have a soft Pisces Mars. Grrr. My Scorp ego frequently compels me to be more fiesty than Mars can sometimes muster. That’s when Pluto, at home it in the 8th house, zaps Mars and stirs up forcefulness.

    So, not only do I favor “male” energy but the fact that I STRUGGLE for it makes me appreciate those who carry it with ease. I revere that.

    3. I’m a Scorpio (co-ruled by Mars, the ruler of Aries) and love love love conflict and clashing with people. Just friendly, stimulating war, not anything malicious. Obviously we’re more subdued about it than our opposite kindred the Aries.

    War and clashing calm me, ironically. I read in Linda Goodman’s book that Scorpio women secretly wish they were born men. And I agree. It’s not that we want the phallic equipment (well, sometimes) but we like the currency of power, control, and strength. In fact, if I like a man, I’d sooner run him over with a truck than caress his cheek. If I rough him up a bit that means I love him …and am often challenging him to dig deep and find the masculine power to overthrow me. OK. becoming X-rate again. I’m out.

    (I’m thinking my Pluto opposition is the main force behind all of this).

  13. I favor male energy. I just dont like most women..the whole manipulative/catty thing doesnt sit well with me. Men are pretty straight forward & simplistic.

  14. Avatar
    ScorpioLand's Synthia

    I’m wondering if Vid will all in love with a tom boy tough chick? A woman who’s still feminine but with lots of edge/swagger.

    Hey Rox –I think men can be catty in their own way and certainly play games (manipulate). However, yes, I agree that in mobs of women those tendencies can be out of control. I still think women rock though.

  15. Oh boy, there is soooooo much I could say on this topic. I’d have to start a new blog. My moon is in Aries in the 4th house. My Venus in Libra in the 10th, (or 11th). I have Mars and Pluto in Leo in the 7th and/or 8th respectively.

    I’d better stop talking about it right there.

    Now I’m a Virgo sun, and one of the most interesting posts I’ve ever read on this blog (for me and mine) was about Vid’s ongoing sometime (and peculiar) relationship with a certain Aquarius boy. I commented at that time.

    I read somewhere (some respected astrologer’s blog) something about there being nothing more difficult for a Virgo to comprehend than the Aquarius/Leo polarity. (I have nothing in Aquarius, but my mother, and she’s now gone.) My relationship with mom was difficult but loving. I do have this lifelong male Aquarius friend also, and boy is it difficult sometimes. (He recently gay-married his partner of 18 years here in California). I guess one point I’d like to make regarding this post is that for me, while Aquarius is supposed to be a “male energy” or whatever, I’ve never been able to get my mind around that aspect of the sign. I suppose that in my friend’s case, since he is in some ways very close to being a Capricorn, it worked, more or less, somehow. Mostly with me doing a lot of overlooking of his sometimes going completely incommunicado. (at inappropriate time, to my way of thinking. I guess that might be the “male” part.

  16. I have a stellium in Scorpio (sun conj. moon included), Aries rising and Mars in Libra opposing the AC. My Venus is in Scorpio tightly conj. Pluto. And I’m one of those guys that some people get confused about. Someone has said to me that I’ve something very ambiguous going on, although being as masculine as a normal guy can be. I do think I have some strong female energy in me and I do feel strongly drawn (and sometimes repelled) by some masculine traits. Although I think I’ve got a finger on the pulse about how this kind of things work in me sometimes I don’t understand much why this happens so strongly sometimes.

  17. Mostly balanced in the planets. I’d say female. Now, I don’t fit in at all with the Traditional Woman (see the “women in the kitchen” post) who only wants to talk about marriage, babies, cooking and the house. But I really, really don’t fit in with the guys who only want to talk about sports either. I don’t get men worth a damn, unless they have a good bit of femininity (or at least, interests that don’t involve raging testosterone) in them they are aliens to me. I definitely prefer hanging around women who don’t fit into the mold.

  18. I feel like I understand male energy quite well, and can work with it when I’m with all men. That happens a fair bit in my life. I have really close male friends.

    Still, I’m just naturally inclined towards the women. I was raised in a family of 4 daughters. Whenever I read these posts about the “kind of woman”people don’t like, or how groups of women are weird, or whatever…I dunno. I have a lot of female friends…A LOT. And they are all NOT like this. Not one iota. I am just not friends with people I have problems with or am bored by, so…yeah.

    I guess with my chart’s emphasis of Fire/male energy I’m going to attract a different kind of woman as a friend. It actually pains my heart talking about the difficulties women have with women. I’m pretty sensitive.

  19. if you are a woman who does not have children; (sometimes that is the one thing everyone has as common ground…)I don’t so often limits female friends available…That word female or male energy. It makes us have to put clear definitions on what is the norm for women and men.

    I think women gossip because it is acceptable.
    It has always been more acceptable for men to yell in public or get mad, its not for women they are taught that it is not ok to show anger.
    You should smile a lot and laugh even when you are expressing dislike with someone..

  20. I think in that situation I’d go read in another room as well. I was a really big tomboy when I was young: getting into fights with boys, climbing trees, breaking stuff. As I’ve grown up I’ve gravitated to women, but. I like doing gutsy things with other women. I just do not feel safe around men and I don’t think it’ll change any time soon.
    Big bunch of Libra in the 7th, asc in Aries in the 1st and Sun in Scorpio in the 7th.

  21. I favor male energy. I have Venus in Aries in the 7th and also have a lot of yang energy in my chart, in general. Double Gemini, Moon Mars Gemini, etc. etc. I spend a lot of time with males, although I do like to spend time with women, too, and when I don’t, I find myself seeking that out.

  22. 5th house Venus conjunct the sun in Aries, 7th house Gemini Mars oppose Saturn in Sag. I like the fellas! I like to talk and hang out with women too (Moon/Neptune square and Mercury/Neptune opposition), but I like that buzz I get from the guys. My mother says that when I was a baby I had no energy for women at all, but let a man talk to me and I would start grinning and giggling and she said I would just jiggle all over with excitement. and this while I was an arm baby. You know how people get together for holidays like 4th of July and Labor Day and barbecue and drink beer? And the women end up in one room and the men end up in another? Well the women always hated me because not only did I always come stag, but I would always end up in the room with the guys drinking beer and talking politics. I wouldn’t be flirting or anything (well, not much), but I was more comfortable there. I had to train myself to hang with the girls.

  23. Sometimes I like men, sometimes I like women. I like to gossip and women seem to do that better (Gemini). I also like men, I tend to go back and forth, I guess this is the Venus opposition Mars energy. What I don’t like is gender stereotypes about groups, the men I talk to aren’t “manly” in the way that it is the first thing you notice, they are intelligent and can talk to me, the women aren’t “female” or “catty,” they are interesting and fun. I’ve hung out with men doing dudely things like video games, pool, and bowling and I don’t particularly like it. I have Aquarius, I like different kinds of people.

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