Your First Impression Of Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto is now in Capricorn. I wonder what impressions people have. I live sort of out in the future all the time so for me, it’s as if it’s been coming for two years. I’m just glad the waiting is over. But I found myself making a comment to a client today…

I said that this marked the start of a new generation.

“The babies born today are being born with Pluto in Capricorn not Sagittarius. They are being born to reality rather than prosperity.”

My own words took me by surprise.

Do you have any words to mark this day?

34 thoughts on “Your First Impression Of Pluto In Capricorn”

  1. Well, I remember writing to Lynn Hayes about a year ago asking if she was going to do a piece on Pluto in Capricorn, because I suspected that is when the shit is going to hit the fan. In particular, religion. Correct me if I’m wrong but Pluto (the breakdown of) institutions (Capricorn). I have instinctively felt since about age 8, that religion is bullshit. I am not an atheist, but I think Richard Dawkins said it best when he said that religion is “divisive and dangerous.” So nothing would make me happier than watching firsthand the downfall of the RLC in particular. Nothing pisses me off more than someone (or some organization) who rules by fear. My sincere apologies if I have offended anyone, but that is how I feel. Bring it on, Pluto.

  2. The first thing that popped into my head was “The end of B.S. as we know it.” Amen to that!

    I literally cannot be around other people without sensing all the skeletons crowding their closets. Their lies are as obvious as a swollen pimple in the middle of their foreheads.

    The veil of ignorant bliss is dropping. I see and feel a lot of disturbing stuff. Thing is, I feel far less afraid of this harsher reality (as per your words) than I am of losing “prosperity”, which is only experienced by a fraction of the world’s population at any give time, anyway!

  3. Gun and Roses Released on Chinese Democracy in the making since 1994…

    Something secretive about Pluto the taking entire pluto transit of a Sagittarius sign to make an DVD…

    Talk about death and rebirth.
    Will it take them the entire Pluto in Capricorn transit to complete there next album ? LOL

    Very strange…The release came out Nov 20th 2008

    And what a great promo Axel is already demanding an apology from DR. Pepper for fubbing up a promotion. Wow…

  4. Today Pluto hit my cap 0 ascendant. I seem to be very bad at noting these transits when they occur. I got in a huge, huge fight with a family member and spent lots of time with another. I continued a relationship I don’t like very much.

    I saw a job that looked interesting, a businessy job.

    How boring! I hope this isn’t the harbinger of the future for me.

  5. pluto just hung out on my venus 29 Sag for what seemed like Forever, on my N.Node 0 CAP- and will cross ASC 5 CAP- all opposing Saturn 4 CAN… 28 AQU moon- I think the global collective is coming to understand these are serious times- and perhaps are trying to redefine where they stand in the larger picture- thus redefining the larger picture. but lets remember that with all of this serious, earthy energy out there- CAPs know how to have fun as well- all is not doom and gloom- and no, religion will not disappear- pluto restructures- excess will slowly disappear- and lets remember – yes,the boundries are set- but the picture is OURS to Create.

  6. About Pluto being at 00 degrees 00 minutes of Capricorn, today. Pluto was at 00 degrees of Capricorn on January 25th of this year, 2008, and got as far as a degree into Capricorn in early March when the opposition to Mars caused Pluto to reconsider what was happening. So Pluto retrograded back into Sagittarius. We didn’t get the full sense of the reality of the former Age of Capricorn, and what Pluto meant to the last 15,000 years, because Pluto was retrograde so soon and travelled counterclockwise back to fiery Sagittarius, perhaps saving Pluto and its Scorpios from the “temperature change bends” by easing into Capricorn after a six months revisit to Sagittarius before continuing into Capricorn. Witches and Warlocks and those into the Supernatural thing have waited long enough, however, and you cannot postpone the inevitable. Pluto is back in Capricorn with more than enough retrograde homework under its belt. Jupiter and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn this week, and, by coincidence, it’s Thanksgiving, which reminds us winter is just around the corner. Pluto is heading “indoors” now, just as the weather begins to turn un-Sagittarius-like. “Welcome back, Pluto”, is all you can say. Get ready to “party hearty” in 2009. Pluto will be watching, in about a month, when Jupiter says farewell to Capricorn and begins another phase in the new age of Aquarius by entering a transit of Aquarius. Listen to Pluto while Pluto is in Capricorn, but keep in mind that the transit was interrupted by a call back to Sagittarius, and Pluto will be in a very elevated state of mind for just a little while longer. Not your usual down and dirty Pluto, until later next year. So relax, the best is yet to come.

  7. Pluto rose over the eastern horizon here in Scotland at 10:28GMT ..and as it did so I was sat at my desk doing something I regularly do..that takes a while to do..suddenly more efficiently and surprising my dizzy Neptunian self..that I had never thought to do that..doh..
    Thanks Elsa for faciliatating.. and for your sharing, everyone.. I love reading all these posts..but am now off to be efficient! : )

  8. Today we start to climb the mountain of reality, we will rise by step by step taking responsibility for our actions, and step by step we will let the past go. Climbing we will realize that we need to let go of the weight we all carry together. We can help others, and be helped to make it to the top. We will see many things as we go up, we will start to feel more air, and we will be able to breath better. It feels like going to the sky the earthy way. It feels like a journey.

  9. Avatar

    Relief. That’s how I feel. I feel much more suited to this than that last 12 or 15 years. I’m also feeling relief because I decided to stop taking care of the children (or act like it) that are supposed to be adults. They can fend for themselves now. I am done. So I feel relief to be able to focus on what i want to focus upon.

  10. Yes, of course Pluto has been at this degree already, but intriguingly, guys,Pluto’s entry into the first degree of Capricorn..the Sabian symbol degree meaning is: An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe..It just seemed a little uncanny to me that
    India has terror attacks today in Mumbai.. and the terrorists are, as all film footage is showing and news teams are reporting : well equipped, well organised and well educated, well dressed young men with a clear remit and plan.. hmm. Capricorn.
    India’s chart of 26th Jan 1950 Sun 5 Aquarius with 5 Aries rising by the way..Uranus in Cancer being opposed and an eclipse heading in on 26th Jan 09. But yes Paloma..I wish us all a safe journey too..and echo your sentiments..we need to accept personal responsibility rather than always projecting problems out there on dat ting called Life. cos it’s all we have, and it’s a gift.

  11. They’re building a Statue of Responsibility on the W Coast of the USA as a counterpart to the Statue of Liberty I kid you not.

  12. I’m excited. I’ve dealt with a hell of a lot during the Pluto/Sag transit. Secret enemies, being scrutinized in my own home, crooked police, being stalked, black magic, you name it. My entire life was leveled, and I have had to confront a lot of tormentors from my past lives, and eliminate them. There are MANY dark people who are scared of my energy. And if my progress counts for anything, they’re about to become terrified.

    Pluto is already in my natal first house. I’m extremely magnetic, and now that I’ve amassed a ton of wisdom, awareness, discernment and am actually ON my path, I look forward to a very enjoyable time. Can’t wait until Jupiter enters our 2nd house of finances next year! I’ve definitely walked through a fire.

  13. Interesting. I started my move before I even realized that this was happening; when Elsa first wrote of it I thought “Wow! Look at that!” because this change is happening towards the end of my fourth house (family, house and home), and my entire family/living/parenting situation changed in an instant.

    Then the rest of my life did too.

    I feel more grounded in reality, and as weird as this may sound, happier than I have been in so many years. Give me a reality that is my own over an illusion that belongs to someone else any damned day of the week.

  14. What did I do yesterday?

    I ran to court and withdrew the divorce petition that I had filed 5 months ago. I was talking with a friend who has gone through a similar situation that I am in and she told me to not give up, even when it seems hopeless. I called my husband to tell him and he said he was going to go refile on Monday.

    I just wanted to show him that I am indeed serious about righting all the wrongs that I have made.

  15. Errr, yeah, but I’ll put *** on them :p

    “The babies […] are being born to reality rather than prosperity.”

    And I’ll add:

    Plus they’ll be p*ssed of to the previous generations who completly scr*wed them and made theirs lifes miserable… (I hope you understand my english).

  16. “Plus they’ll be p*ssed of to the previous generations who completely scr*wed them and made theirs lives miserable…”

    Maybe. But typically people just accept what they are born to and we barely teach history anymore…

  17. Religion will no longer resemble what it is today.
    Religion will take a very serious approach an emotional showing of TV ministries and anything that is to extreme or Grandiose mega churches no more..

    The original Saudi family started to come in power around 1762 (pluto cap transit)and there has always been a dispute about map boundries with Iraq, Iran, & Saudi Arabia. all have different takes on what Moslem sect to follow. I think this region will implode on itself.

    Monarchies will fall to democracy
    many are based on the idea of Religion.

    Clothing will be clean ironed tailored. More emphasis on a few well made pieces and less emphasis on having 10 of everything. Big is no longer better in products.

    Energy efficient lightbulbs that damage the environment will not be tolerated.

    Women and mens hairstyles will become more formal

    It will no longer be cool to brag about sleeping at work or leaving early

    People do not have money to donate but they have time and volunteering of time will go up

    Lots of new Rules especially the childwelfare system. There is something wrong when we let crackheads keep there children and that is going to change.

    The kids born today…They are going to be a little more like the world War Two Generation. Very serious. Hard Working. Little responsible adults. They are not going to be angry but I have a feeling (once these kids can talk) there parents will be lectured a lot on why they should do this or that…

    The tikes born under this Pluto Cap are going to be less addicted to video games and more involved
    with accomplishing tasks..And they will be very equipped to meet any challenge to what is unfolding around them….

    Capricorn never stops…

    Now the shadowy side of that, I don’t know havent’t looked at enough country charts or world maps or enough transits to say anything else

    In my own life I am helping with the care of two senior citizen people, and one senior feline.
    So I think Senior care and issues are going to really start to be focused on and I think the young kids today will have a lot more respect for the old and that will be us in the future so we are kind of planting seeds for them by the example we give them now…

  18. Monica, I remember when you filed. I wish you wellness en route. You always have friends here.

    Any words to mark this day..? I don’t believe that deconstruction of government will come without a degree of anarchy. That doesn’t bother me (at this stage anyway).
    I know anarchy has serious faults as a philosophy for the Collective but it still appeals to me…and I won’t even apologize for that sentiment because it is the truth.

  19. Avatar

    Scared. Oh and having past failures and rejections of project’s past resurface the morning of Pluto in Cap. Tried to deal. Am dealing. Will deal. Scared.

    Scared of future of certain needed social services. Scared of mom’s homeland collapsing, and trends show it won’t be Democracy…

    Will deal.

  20. Example of anarchy the protests going on at the Airport in Thailand…

    Then will also have the awful event that happened in India

    One thing both have in common The anarchies wore the same clothes in Thailand it was yellow shirts and very well organized

    In India very clean looking terrorists, well shaven nice haircuts matching back packs.

    Very weird Capricorn Pluto likes orderly fashions even when it is causing anarchy ?

    Something to ponder….

  21. Does anyone know who Conway Wickliffe is ?
    Google it, It is kind of shocking because there was so much emphasis on Keith Legers death
    and no one even mentioned his until Nov 5th.
    His wife is calling for more health and safety measure for film crews and stuntman etc…
    Wierd this comes out in a news briefing during Nov for something that happened in 2007.

    Elsa lead me to this by googling for Batmans death..

  22. Wow went to the link…I am not a comic geek but have a few friends that are. Wonder what is up with this ? Batman…..Hmmmm

  23. I answered this on my own blog, and I’m c/p’ing here.

    Pluto in Capricorn never stops. It is clear on its priorities, it is moralistic about them even, and there is always something Capricorn should be doing. Like, for instance, right now, I need to go check on my child who just woke up. Okay, now that is taken care of (for now) and I’m back. So, that whole Capricorn thing seems to be my life lately. I’m not having the same trouble with procrastination that I used to have, or even with organization. I feel much more clear in my head about what I want and how I want to do it. If I do procrastinate, it is not at the same level, and it is focused on realistic things, like looking up various pillow options, or duvet covers for the bed, both of which I need, instead of daydreaming about whatever stories are in my mind, or philosophizing about anything in particular. It is work, business, and family business that occupies my mind. It is all very practical.

    I feel very physically focused as well. Meaning, I feel focused on the doing instead of the thinking. I want to accomplish something, and do it right, rather than feel my way through various things. It’s hard to explain, but I feel grounded in my body in a way that I’m not sure I’ve ever felt, or at least never felt for any extended period, and also feeling very non-verbal. I have words, and I think of them, but when it comes time to expressing them in writing, they don’t stick around. Even this post is an effort at communication that seems strange and blunted.

    It’s not a bad feeling, just a strange one. I feel like we’ve turned a corner, all of us, this whole world, and me personally, too.

  24. To quote the gmail chat of my friend:
    “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” -Philip K. Dick

  25. …….time to get moving.
    i get the sense this is when my “real” work starts rolling.
    don’t know what else to say… no point in being gloomy… a lot of positive, long term change is possible… one way or another. we just have to buck up…

  26. I recently decided to stop taking my anti-depressant. 10 days ago I started cutting my pills in half. So far, everything is fine. If this isn’t a transition from pluto in sag to pluto in capricorn, I don’t know what is!

  27. I read this post initially on the same day you wrote it, Elsa, and I literally cannot get that line out of my head.

    “The babies born today are being born with Pluto in Capricorn not Sagittarius. They are being born to reality rather than prosperity.”

    For some reason, it’s still ringing, resonantly in my mind. I wonder if the board’s readers might have something to say about the following: This Pluto transit through Capricorn is a big thing for me. This is my fifth house, and I have four planets in Capricorn, Neptune(1 degree), Jupiter(3), Venus(10) and Mercury(21).

    How can I weather these conjunctions? What can I expect? I’m really overwhelmed by the anticipation of these transits. I’m pretty young with a lop-sided chart, so I don’t think I’ve been through hard Pluto transits before… Yikes.

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