Astrology, Connection, Death and The 8th House

This is from 2008. Someone found it this morning and left a comment. “The soldier” is now my husband.  We met as teenagers but failed to marry. We got back together, 20+ years later.

We spent a couple years, matching up the timelines of our lives. Where were you, when I was here, type thing. Here’s the old post…

The soldier and I are always having these strange happenings. We have collisions of various sorts. We also have near misses and don’t necessarily know it when it happens. On the phone the other night…

“Where are you?”


“Yeah? That’s where Boom Boom Mancini is from,’ I said.

“Yeah? He’s from here?”

“Yeah, I met him. I had a crush on him and he was in town so I went to meet him. They said I couldn’t do it. They dared me to go meet him so I did it. I went right down to the gym where he was training, pushed the door open. I was scared, but you know. A dare and all. So I went in and introduced myself and he let me stay. Invited me back actually, I went down there a couple times. I have pictures,” I added.

“Of Boom Boom?”

“Yeah. Pictures of him and pictures of the two of us together. I met him and then two days later he went to Vegas for that fight and killed Duk Koo Kim. I saw that fight too. Did you happen to see that fight?”

“Yeah, I saw it.” (Ray Mancini vs Duk KooKim on Youtube)

7/11“Well so did I and it was the strangest thing. I saw the fight at these rich people’s house. They had this huge TV. A big screen TV back before anyone had one.  They didn’t even have them in bars back then but these people had one so the fight was life-size. And Kim went down and I saw him leave his body so I blurted it. He’s dead, I said! My boyfriend, who was always trying to control me anyway told me he’s not dead! Don’t be so morose, Elsa. That’s what he said, but hell. I saw the guy die. And of course he was in a coma and they got the family there and everything and announced it the next day I guess. Anyway, that’s the story,” I said.

“I met Boom Boom too,” he said.

“You did? You’re kidding? Where? How did you meet him?”

“He used to come in that 7/11 on St. Mary’s all the time and I worked there,’ he said.

“St Mary’s? Well that’s where the gym was! You mean you were at the 7/11 across the street from the gym while I was at the gym watching him train?”

“I guess so. I didn’t know him or anything. Just said hi. He’d come in for a soda when he was done training. Speedy knew him some, though. Speedy used to talk to him quite a bit.”

“I can’t believe you were right across the street and we both meet Boom Boom Mancini. Can you believe that? He was only in town a short while.”

“Yeah, I can believe it. You know this always happens to us. I’m just glad I didn’t know about it then. Thank God.”


“I’d have been jealous as hell! I don’t want you talking to Boom Boom Mancini. What do you have to talk to him for?”

“A crush. I had a crush.”


I have always thought it eerie I met that guy right before that death. With my eighth house and all. And that TV was HUGE. If you stood up from the couch you were eye level with the fighters and this was so new at the time, it was unheard of. So we were all gathered to cheer and then BAM. Kim went down and died and I have not watched a boxing match since.

So then I find out he passed by the soldier (Scorpio moon) on the way out of town as well. You know what they say about the eighth house and death. We are involved!

So what are the odds? How often does a boxer kill someone in the ring anyway? We both saw him the night he left town… two days later we both watched the fight which was traumatic. It’s another bond we have – Boom Boom Mancini. Not a week goes by that we don’t find something out like this.

This is my story. Do with it what you can.

From Wikipedia – “Kim’s mother would take her own life four months after the fight. The bout’s referee, Richard Green, committed suicide July 1, 1983.

Day of the fight – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio. Mars in Capricorn and Saturn and Pluto conjunct.

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    Elsa- You are definitely gifted with strong memory and story-telling skills. I got chills reading this. Wow.

  2. That is so crazy that you saw Kim leave his body! Of course back then everyone would deny it, but nowadays, it would be hard to deny if someone said that. Of course, I love the story, the synchronicity of it all, and the storytelling.

  3. Wow! Champion Max Baer killed a guy in the ring in the 1930s and reportedly never fully recovered from that…But IMO these coincidences with soulmates, whether or not you later marry them, are pretty much necessary and in some cases, arranged…

  4. I met my husband in high school. My mom HATED him and made it impossible for us to see each other. My dad was a cop in town so she had back up so to speak. Ten years later I was a service contractor for lots of fancy places and engaged to a guy I was living with at the time. ( mom hated him too). One day, in a wealthy clients bathroom I heard someone say my childhood name which I hadn’t gone by since we were apart.
    I saw I man with a beard that I didn’t recognize who followed me to my car…and said ,”you don’t even recognize me ? “ But when he spoke I knew exactly who it was. I was in shock! We spoke only briefly I think he saw my ring. But I was shock shook and my world just started unraveling slowly for awhile….Looked him up in the phone book(remember those?) and saw that he had a wife. Ok that’s cool I can drop that mental hot potato! Fast forward twenty more years – I’m still single at 48 and living in my ailing elderly fathers basement ( with my cat) and thinking about getting some more cats…. When a snail mail letter arrived for me…dad was hopping around to get me to open it but I refused… I told him it’s not a good idea- the dude is married ( I recognized the handwriting) it took a couple of weeks but I did respond in a typical Aries tirade of spontaneous combustion -bad mad and sad! Tried to scare him off but apparently I’m nothing like my mom- thank heaven ! Anyway we’re happily married and yes my mom still hates him. Weirdly my dad passed away on my wedding night and he loved my husband. Thanks for sharing your crazy stories Elsa – they help us all make sense of nonsense!

    1. Wow. Yeah.

      Once I broke up with my boyfriend, which was something we did. I subsequently wrote him letters… which his mother intercepted.
      My boyfriend thought this meant it was done-done. He tried to kill himself and guess who was blamed? I’m talking about her incepting five or six letters sent in a month’s time frame. People really ought to stay out of it. That woman nearly lost her son.

      Really, as I think about it, people don’t know their children the way they think they do, necessarily. I mean, some do, but most don’t.

      I’m one of the ones who don’t. This is how I know this! I have about 2% knowledge what goes between my son and his gf. Further, I’m glad about this!

  5. Wow! The other night, I couldn’t sleep, so after trying several other distractions, I went to your blog. It really helped and I was able to sleep after. Your attitude, insight, and story telling are just So GREAT. It’s funny, but meaningful too. I feel like you put my feet back on the ground while helping me look to the stars. Such a great combo. Have you ever thought of putting all your blogs into book form? You have all the raw material already written. And if you get creative with organizing the different themes and stories and characters that run throughout, it might even be fun to do. It certainly would be fun to read!

  6. Wow all that scorpio energy ..idk about that fight but I have the same synchronicities with my love of my life. Always finding out another thing each week like you said

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