Attraction vs Propulsion

This is from astrologer, Glenn Perry’s, “Essays On Psychological Astrology”:

“Aristotle believed that the power of attraction was a better model than propulsion; things are lured more than they are driven…”

Do you agree? If Mars represents drive and propulsion, then what do think represents attraction or luring?

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  1. Unavailability. The unreachable, the hard to get, the fantasy, the illusion, the independent, the one everyone wants but can’t get, basically the one I can’t have myself.

  2. In my opinion Venus, Libra, and the seventh house would represent attraction or luring, as opposed to Mars, Aries, and the first house that represent drive. We all have a combination of both of them. I agree on that the model of the power of attraction is better (more complete) than the propulsion because it integrates both poles, the one that attracts and the one that moves, while propulsion sees only the moving pole without the object, the direction, and the sense of the moving.

  3. could be the actual drive and propulsion for some. Attraction could be many many things. Could be a lesson to learn in life that is perhaps emedded in the attraction, a thick wallet, a car or intellect.

    We all identify with something that resonates within us and attracts us to get closer to someone.

  4. I agree with Conny on this one — Venus, Libra & the 7th.

    But I’ve noticed that Neptune has something to do with this, too.

    Neptune seems to provide a canvas for whatever part of the chart it falls in, onto which the individual can project whatever it is he or she wants. Neptune in aspect to other planets produces similar results.
    It requires a high level of self-awareness — it doesn’t operate as easily as Venus does in a chart — but it does seem to produce more personally significant results.

  5. ^ I agree, venus and neptune too are responsible for what lures us in or attracts us. How many people are lured in or repulsed by (the illusion(s)? And you love what you love . .

    Is it stronger than what drives us? I’m not so sure. I think it might vary by person/chart depending on what is emphasised.

    It could just be my mars square pluto but there have been a number of times where my need to do something over rode my desire to be pleasant or attractive and I would definitely say that when I am driven it is more powerful than when I am attracted.

    I’d say love or attraction is a more prevelant/constant force in my life, but my inner drive wins everytime. I need OUT of this relationship. I NEED OUT of this rut. I Need to GO XYZ. Hunt. Track. Explore. No matter how happy attracted or satisfied I am when I need to go I am propelled. Sometimes its like being shot from a cannon.

    Bootling in your case Elsa, right? The soldier’s mud hole is great and all, but his acknowledgement of your (drive) need to bootle is one of this things that makes the relationship work . .

  6. My natal Venus is @ 24 Libra conjucting uranus @7 while Ascendant at 24 conjunct Mars at 28 Leo. All what I get in relationships is Love and Electricity…

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