Astrology and Attraction vs Propulsion: Does Venus Trump Mars?

chicken.jpgRegarding Attraction and Propulsion, Foxxy writes:

“… No matter how happy attracted or satisfied I am when I need to go I am propelled. Sometimes its like being shot from a cannon.

Bootling in your case Elsa, right? The soldier’s mud hole is great and all, but his acknowledgment of your (drive) need to bootle is one of this things that makes the relationship work . .”

Foxxy, that is a good (and valid) observation. Reading this, “Aristotle believed that the power of attraction was a better model than propulsion; things are lured more than they are driven…” on the plane, I asked the soldier if he thought it was valid. He said he it could be valid but personally was driven all the time so hard for him to tell.

I am also driven although I am very aware of being attracted to things. Things like taboo for example. But while I’m attracted, it is my incessant and aggressive badgering (Mars Mercury) that convinces people to and do things, to take me places I’ve no business being combined with an innate bravery (bravado?) and willingness to act, desire to conquer, etc.

Now it may be the attraction that drives action or it may be a which came first the chicken or the egg type question. It may be that some are more lured while others propelled and it may be that I don’t understand the question or the statement. But as it stated have trouble agreeing, particularly if “luring” is a Venus function because this would imply that Venus trumps Mars which… well, I just can’t see it.

11 thoughts on “Astrology and Attraction vs Propulsion: Does Venus Trump Mars?”

  1. I think the forces are equal like two magnets. Doesn’t matter which is pulling and which is being pulled. They are both equal parts of the action of being drawn together. Even if it’s magnet and steel.

  2. Ive been (self) propelled in my life – but not very often. Im usually lured. For me – Im an Alfred type (yk Batman’s right hand man?) so if the person Im with is being propelled – Im lured in to help. Not by the person, just by my nature.

  3. Well, the medieval astrologer/philosopher Marsilio Ficino thought Venus trumped Mars.

    He followed Aristotle and Plato in saying that the world functions on love or attraction in the sense that similar things attract one another, and move in unison. Mars things attract other Mars things; Martial people attract Martial experiences, and so on.

    The soldier may be Martial, but Venus is still operating on him as he is drawn to other Martial people or experiences.


  4. “…the greatest of these is love.”

    I agree. It may not be the direct path, but it is the most profound.

  5. To the chicken egg question, of which came first, I reeeeally shouldn´t tell you, (some of my teachers would probably disapprove, what the heck!!! I had a few glasses of wine, IT´S time we all move forward), WELL, neither one came first, they both developed together, ooover time, looong time (explaining in short version). MYSTERY GONE? Disappointed?

    In the far East they say yin (I guess Venus in this case) always wins over yang (Mars). Water (yin) is more powerful than a rock (yang). The water erodes and changes the rock with time, but the rock will never erode water.

    As I understand the energetic bigger cycle we are in at this time, women are gaining more and more of their power back and men are loosing theirs. Not so much fun for those of us who like strong men! So women nowadays are verrry driven, bit of a problem if you understand the energetics behind that. So if you are not careful, your power might destroy you. HA, nothing new there. And strength,well, what is real strength and power? Probably very different to how it gets defined today…….

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