Capricorn Rising With Saturn in Capricorn: Scoliosis

This is *not* my personal back,

I’m a Capricorn rising with Lupus and arthritis of every stripe. My neck is so jacked, I have three vertebrae fusing together on their own.  There is nothing to do about it really.  They killed the nerve almost two years ago. They tell me I’m lucky and I believe them. I’ve not had significant pain since.

I got my first steroid shot in my knee at the time of my Saturn return (28 years old). Incredibly, my knees have not bothered me since unless it’s a super cold rainy day. Snow is fine.

I started getting steroid shots in my back in my 30’s. I had torn discs, from running down stairs, carrying two kids. The building was on fire! My son was eight weeks old and I wasn’t quite healed. I also didn’t have on running shoes. I was in no shape to run down the stairs with a baby in a car seat and a 4 year old on my hip.

I got tired of getting those shots so I opted to quit doing things that aggravated my back (like bend and twist – yoga / Pilates).  My doctor told me I was getting older anyway and  from what he would see on the series of MRI, I had a rheumatoid problem that was advancing rapidly, which would eclipse “torn discs” in the future…

I started to become “crippled” three years ago. I’ve had shots in both hips, since. I just keep going. I have never taken a narcotic drug for anyone of this.

I finally found a spine doc I like (since moving from Colorado). I decided I could not longer stand the symptoms and went to him, pretty sure there was going to be a surgical deal at this point. And I would jump on that as an option. That doesn’t mean that you should.  But my treatments tend to be successful so if I had a chance to roll back ten years, I would.

The doctor was licking his lips. They really thought I would be a “live one” as far as surgery goes. He’s seen my neck, which is EPIC.  He ordered and MRI and dynamic x-rays and guess what he found? Scoliois.

What the hell. It’s UN-treatable, basically. The curve is pretty bad. There is one disc that looks disgusting. They are going to shoot steroid into it tomorrow. Beyond that, it’s physical therapy and  after that, I will have to go to a “scoliosis specialist” in the city. Oh brother.

I was really surprised by this.  I have had several mri’s of my back and at least on x-ray. How come no one told me this?

But someone DID tell me this; guess when? I was about ten years old.  The school nurse checked my spine and told me I had scoliosis.  Saturn is slow, you think?

Are you a Capricorn rising. What’s up with your bones?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the challenges you have faced Elsa. I’m Capricorn rising (24 degrees). Knock on wood, nothing with my bones, but last summer I had to have a molar pulled as it had become infected at the root. Currently just started the process of getting an implant.

  2. You know how you do sit ups to strengthen your abdominal muscles to support your back?

    They way this looks, I won’t be surprised to learn that has aggravated this. It’s just a situation us all.

  3. So sorry to hear this Elsa, health struggles are the worst and can really drag the mind DOWN. I wish you better health as time marches on.

  4. My hubby has Capricorn rising. So here is the strangest thing going on with my husbands lung disease. Its called DEndriform pulmonary ossification. It is so rare there has been only 100 known cases, usually found in autopsy, but 20 now living found through biopsy.
    HE has what they call mature bone with marrow growing in his lungs!!!. Slow moving, usually shows up in men in their 6th decade of life. So he has probably had this for decades. We are hoping he has quite a few years left to live than the year that was diagnosed last nov.

  5. Im Capricorn rising. Im 37. So far so good and I know Im blessed to have my health. No bone issues that I know of.

    Now, my teeth are another issue. Not good. I still have them all, but I seriously need my wisdom teeth pulled. They cause me tmj pain and sinus headaches every once in a while. Its just not a surgery that Im able to afford right now. I have another one that needs to get pulled, but Im putting that off for the same economic reasons.

  6. What the hell is right with your scoliosis diagnosis Elsa. That a nurse could tell you this when you were 10 by a visual and prob a hands on exam & no one picked this up on MRI’s or xrays you’ve had as an adult??!!
    How a medically trained person (s) could not notice this is beyond my comprehension. It’s criminal. How the F could they not notice such a curvature of the spine? Aarrggghh!! This kind of stuff makes me angry as hell.
    I’m so sorry you are having to go thru this because of others incompetence.
    Thank God you went to this new doctor.

    1. I looked at my xray report from three years ago. It’s not mentioned. Mri(s) prior to this one were more than ten years ago. All about the discs.

      Yes, the nurse felt my spine and asked me if I drank milk when i was a kid. Answer was no. I was starved as a kid. She was sad and angry.

      Anyway, it’s a puzzle. Very curious what my gp will say. He ordered the xray three years ago. I was in a lot of pain, unable to walk. The report was pretty tame. Mild, moderate arthritis. We were both surprised.

      I am well known to have a high tolerance for pain. The film I saw was disgusting.

      “See anything interesting?”
      “Uh… interesting. Yeah, I guess you could say that. Unfortunately, it’s nothing we can treat…”

      Then he showed me on both the Mir and the trays. I was stunned.

      1. I am not taking it that well, which is also unusual for me. I have come to terms with my neck which involves three vertebrae termed, “severe”. This bothers me more, though I can’t say why.

        I’ll get the shot tomorrow and then try to find someone who can educate me about what I can and can’t do and if this might be progressing or what.

        I’ve mentioned over the years, I am notoriously hard to diagnose. Saturn Neptune. This is another example.

        Now that I’ve seen it, I know what I’m feeling. It makes it seem to feel worse, I’m sorry to say.

        1. Im so sorry to hear Elsa. “having a backbone” means having the inner strength and stamina to keep going, It seems so amazingly appropriate for you. Its probably made you the tough grounded resilient wise person you are now.

        2. Yes, that is unusual for you to be bothered by it more BUT when I woke up this morning and read this, I immediately printed it out and read it so much today that it’s crinkled, worn. Why? YOU INSPIRE ME. It was so timely; I can’t even tell you how timely. Two years ago on 4/28, I injured my lower back during a take down with a Psych patient. My chiropractor put me back together but because it was Workman’s Comp, he sent me back too soon although on light duty. I had a woman supervisor who had it out for me since the day I was hired. She would ‘punish’ me. She thought sending me to work 50 miles away one way was punishment. It was a blessing and enabled me to partially heal. Until I pushed a wheelchair with a very large person in it. All that work undone. That was 12/2017. Since then the lower back pain and sciatica has been excruciating. Back to my neurologist who had to follow the Workman’s Comp steps: physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractor, aqua therapy, etc. Nothing worked and I agreed to a lumbar epidural on 3/22. Immediately no back pain but the sciatica was still excruciating. On 5/24, I had L4/L5/S1 facet joint injections. No relief yet. I see the doctor on 6/27 for my follow up. I know that the next steps are a nerve root injection and if those don’t work, a radiofrequency neurotomy procedure (cauterizing the nerves). What’s humorous is the only footwear that reduces the pain are my Ugg boots. hahaha! All I hear is why are you wearing Ugg winter boots in 85 degree weather. I can’t even IMAGINE what you are going through. Decades of this pain for you? HA! Chronic agonizing pain has made me lash out verbally when menopause took me down to a calm level! I kept saying all day, well, if Elsa can do that, I can do this. I’m going to carry that print out with me until I can have my follow up and a decision on the next course of action. I’ve had my share of crappy health issues but they are autoimmune related or slicing all the tendons in my right hand 10 years ago and contracting hospital MRSA and Pseudomonas and I’m allergic to all but 3 antibiotics, none of which treated either.

          I have no clue how old you are, Elsa but at age 57, I remember getting a school physical every year and they ALWAYS checked us for scoliosis. It was a HUGE issue back then but I can’t remember why. I remember kids in those body braces from neck to hips to correct it! How the F your prior doctors missed this is beyond me.

          But you can be sure of this. You know every day after work, I stop at St. Jude’s and chat with his statue, and I will be praying hard for you, ask for a Mass for you. I will not stop because you saved my life, Elsa, you really did. I owe you my life. You gave me back my hope. Kinda glad my son’s father left me for the 29 year old daughter who was an addict, stripper and porn star back in 12/2012 and had my first consultation with you a few months after that. By that event, he gave me the gift of YOU. xoxoxoxo

      2. I was thinking about your school nurse. Do schools even have one any more? We did back in the 50’s and she’d have asked those kind of questions. Saturn is slow but there’s something to this. “Starved as a kid” … is that what the medical system does? Not see things that THEY can’t treat. Whew. I’m Capricorn Rising with a Cappy Moon. I get this stuff. Sorry Elsa why would you need to ‘take it well.’ Geez.

      3. May e this is a blessing in disguise. Just dont go trying to straighten it out right quick. You are still the same just you know what it really looks like now and its shocking. Libra mentioned your shoulders try to keep them the same height and stay loose. Walk. I have school nurse diagnosed thoracic scoliosis. went to a chiro throughought teens. Still have it. 40+ yo pelvis overcompensated. Herniated disk/si joint dysfunction…been a reallly long, dark, painful year so far. Looking good with my own kind of shocking medical breakthrough/experience. So far whats been done is working. They may recommend surgery. I Find out more tomorrow.
        Elsa, i think you’re so much better knowing this is how you’re built. It can and likely will change. Really do let saturn support you. Take it slow physically and be gentle to yourself. Reboot.

          1. Thank you, you too, Corinne!!! I didnt understand physical pain like this, i “get” some past shit better now. Behaviors. Understanding this medical shit as deeply making us look at ourselves instead of bring so fn responsible for everyone else. Maybe is somatic processing, too. Our bodies experienced deep traumas and we are here to heal and grow. I dont think cap rising is good at self care. I think we somehow equate work and productivity with self worth at the detriment of our manhandled bodies.

            1. Looks like saturn neptune is meds for me for now. I am gemini sun/merc 5th house with cap asc so hard for me to be still. Bed rest walk heal. No twist lift bend. I’m going with it, no reason to fight the retrograde. I’m ready to let go and heal, mentally be here now. I am a grateful spirit.

  7. Cinnamon clove ginger tumeric
    Cayenne for pain, one stretch that helps me ( I think this is right to say)This stretched your pelican bone
    Is when I bend knee so to sit on the heel of my foot, I do it with both feet when I lay down, it throws a little
    Curve in my lower back
    I get so comfortable I fall asleep
    And cilantro removes any wack drugs they get you to try
    Oh and typing, I would throw a little legal marijuana thought also
    But bet the young are readers too.
    Oh swimming another floating stretching for mind over matter
    Saturn starting his light show
    I got me one broken up neck
    But I still feel encouraged by something mysterious to me
    “You got this one Sissy”

  8. That pisses me off. They couldn’t see the forest for the trees I guess. So focused on the disks they couldn’t see scoliosis or assumed everyone knew about it.

    1. I guess it passes me off too, but I’m not sure because I’m so shocked.

      It’s possible the pain is coming from the one disc. If so, the shot might help a lot. Especially if I can find out exactly how to not aggravate the situation.

      1. I hope the shot helps. Maybe they can give you a back brace for when you are doing laundry or picking tomatoes.

  9. You know what, now that I think of it, when I was looking at one of your videos, I vaguely remember wondering if you might have scoliosis by the way your shoulders were positioned. Im so sorry, I didnt say something at the time.

  10. I’m sorry that no one caught on to this sooner for you, Elsa! No Capricorn rising here but, I’ve had many issues with my back, starting from the age of 7. I would feel very upset with this diagnosis so late in the game, if it were me. I can only imagine how you must feel. *offers hugs* ❤️

  11. I’m so sorry. I have a cousin with scoliosis. She’s in her early 30’s. As a matter of fact she was using a cane last year for some time because she was in so much pain. I think it runs in her mothers side of the family because she mentioned it was hereditaty. She also was taking lupus meds because she had lupus like symptoms.

    I hope the shots help.

    And wow at that school nurse for noticing that.

  12. Sorry to hear your bad news. Is that you? If it is, what are those dark black spots? I hope they’re not bad news. My prayers are with you.

  13. I’m sorry to hear this news. 🙁 They still screen regularly for scoliosis in schools.

    I’m Saturn Return age and the last few years, I started to get regular joint pain when Saturn transited my 12th. I started exercising on occasion but it felt hard on my joints. After Saturn moved into the 1st, I found out I wasn’t getting enough vitamin D and that explained a lot of the pain and other symptoms I was feeling. I stopped exercising until my vitamins D levels were up because I felt I could be damaging my bones and joints. The doctors never tested my D levels before, so they might’ve been low for awhile, but the regular aches and pains were something new and was getting more painful over time. I’m now taking extra doses of vitamin D and a multivitamin.

    I have also always had problems with my teeth/bite. I had braces twice, but my bite is still off. Hopefully, I will not have to have surgery on my jaw one day, but it depends on whether it develops into any major issues.

  14. What is going on with all the bone issues I hear about now??

    Last week my sister told me she may have ankylosing spondylitis (bamboo spine). It’s a crippling, extremely painful disease and it is progressive. There is no cure and it is genetic—our birth father had it. She is going for testing.

    ST had a chest X-ray done during his final visit to the hospital. They found scoliosis. WTH?!! This was on top of the compression fractures he had in nearly every disc in his spine (thank you prednisone and osteoporosis!). During that hospital stay, the doctors also saw spinal lesions. In a way, I’m glad he didn’t make it out. Can you imagine going home with that plus a laundry list of existing serious health issues? No thanks.

  15. I’m extremely sorry to hear what trials you are going through, Elsa…I’m praying that things turn around.

  16. Cap asc 8 degrees. Diagnosed with scoliosisyoung. Would have benefitted from a brace. Physical abuse in childhood. Manifest here in sciatic-disk related injuries treated as si joint dysfunxtion. Been a long year. Was swept away in a fentanyl van when i herniated a disc on my birthday 5/26. 6 nights and now weeks later, improved for sure– i could not even sleep or walk or hardly lay before the break there.
    I am grateful saturn has been as supportive as he is stern. I just want to go go go but i need to reboot.
    Will find out more prognosis wise this week. I do not like neptunes meds.

  17. I’m not Capricorn rising, but I do have scoliosis, at least the run-of-the-mill variety.
    Found out a few years back during an exam for arthritis (which I don’t have) when the doctor off-handedly said “By the way, you have scoliosis”, which apparently wasn’t very interesting. Still, I was surprised. But then, after knowing that, understood why I have one shoulder lower than the other, adopt a counter-position which strains me, hurts my neck etc. All that stuff accentuates with age. Also have a crooked rib cage that looks like it got squashed on one side but I think it’s congentital stuff & everybody’s more or less asymmetric.
    So, I get your surprise at finding out about this, especially after so many exams!
    I hope the shot will alleviate your pain. There are operations for scoliosis, but they are humdingers! Better avoid that if you can. I hope you’ll get some valuable informaion too. Knowledge is power! (One of your expressions which I highly appreciate!)

  18. I’m ready sorry to hear about this Elsa. It sounds extremely frustrating and it’s so shocking that no one pointed out you have scoliosis, for years. Ugh. Hang in there. Sending you warm vibes.

  19. Cap rising – since Pluto entered Capricorn I’ve developed bad ankles and knees due to and ankle injury on the left side years ago. It destabilized my body and caused secondary stress injuries in the other joints. I work at combatting this by ensuring that my nutrition is the best it can be, I stay active in anyway I can, I see a Chiro and massage therapist every other week to help support and alleviate the instability. It helps me to stay flexible and stretch daily. It’s been an uphill battle for years now.

    Most days are better than others but when it flares I use ice therapy and I baby it for a day or two and it usually calms down. No more high heels for me. I now value comfort over fashion for sure, but as a Libra I can still make that cute. 😉

    I’m just grateful that I’m able to maintain a relatively pain free, active life at this point.

  20. Avatar
    the laughingg goat

    Wow, cannot believe that was missed… for how long now?!?! Unreal. Who was reading the films – a pastry chef?! WTF? I’d be suing somebody…..

  21. Cappy sun. Scoliosis, with one leg shorter than the other. Regular visits to the chiropractor and a lift in my right shoe keeps symptoms at bay. Finding the chiropractor who was able to figure this out 3 or 4 years ago? PRICELESS ! ! !

  22. My boyfriend has sun and ascendant in late Sag so majority of 1st house is Cap. And he does have a lot of bone problems. Started with his knees 2 surgeries there….back problems galore slipped discs generated discs etc….his hands and fingers are all crooked maybe arthritis setting in. And we are in still in our 40’s

  23. I am also shocked that this kind of scoliosis could have gone unnoticed. I have it also but it’s not as bad as this rtg shows.
    I found out when I was 30. The doctor told me: ‘You’re 30, but your bones are 60 years old.’ Static exercises were recommended.
    I don’t want to know how old they are now that I am past 60.

  24. Oh and also, i got my first mri finally which i saw a few frames from. Seriously questioning the faith i’ve put in my doctor of 20 years. Bad advice and meds… He has mentioned the nerve burn procedure. I opted for inj, it just came too late. My mo is cut and run. Seems not unreasonable. I truly hope you get some peace and relief. It’s mentally exhausting and sad. Saturn let us know what we gotta do.

  25. So sorry to hear about your scoliosis & back troubles. Cappy Rising here about 14 degrees so right now I have Mars in 1st conjunct South Node. With Mars going retrograde soon, I am feeling the bumps already ? All the best to you.

  26. The shot went really well, but more surprises.

    This doc had never shot my spine (he’s done my hips). He met with me before to make sure I was comfortable. He did a quick screen and was shocked when I yelled out.

    “That wasn’t supposed to hurt,” he said. “That’s not your back…”

    So I have a back problem, a neck problem and a hip(s) problem. He referred me to an orthopedic surgeon AND pain management, but not for drugs, which I won’t take. It’s for possibly killing some more nerves which I am all for.

    Really, it’s just UGH. This is all on top my actual main problem which is not mentioned here, however…

    I feel really good and really happy. My mind is keen and my garden flourishing. 🙂

    1. Thank you for updating us. Continued prayers.
      I did try one 5 mg of Perc with Tylenol. Didn’t do shite.
      We can kill our nerves together! xoxoxoxo

  27. Went to the doctor today, for stomach issues. Had to give some blood and had ultrasound. The doctor told me I had some chalk (?) in one of the arteries of my kidneys, but it was nothing serious. It would be unusual for someone my age (=saturn) to have this. I should just drink more water, only water, and go back there in three months. I have a history of kidney issues on my father’s side.

  28. I got hopped up by the shot and didn’t sleep well. This side effect should pass today. But I had a stupendous result. I woke up with ZERO pain in my back. I was stunned. I just lie there and felt the *nothing*. 🙂

      1. He put it in the middle of my back / lumbar region, to address pain down both legs. My hips are a different issue (I learned this yesterday).
        He has already shot both hips within the last year.

        I am going to the hip doc next week. This is a new hip doc. The last one was worthless. So I should get some real information. I assume it’s just arthritis. I thought it was all coming from my back. I don’t think it is going to need treatment, truth be told. The reason I yelled in there when he manipulated my hip is because I had to go off Naproxen for five days so I could get the shot.

        Everything is pretty good, right now, this morning. Neck controlled enough, back is pain free and hips, dull ache, which is nothing for me. I mean, I have a sky-high threshold of pain (for which I am very grateful)!

  29. I’m younger than you but also found out later (when I was in my 30s) that I have scoliosis.I also have an autoimmune disease and my knee hurts like a bitch just when the weather turns cold and just ABOUT to rain. I also have congenitally fused vertebrae. I’m also a Capricorn Ascendant. I’ve tried every treatment going but recently began a medication that has changed my life, pain-wise (not an opiate, thankfully).

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