Balance Between Yin and Yang Signs In The Natal Chart

zodiac paper dollsAries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius and the yang or positive or male signs.  The remaining signs are yin, negative or feminine.

I’ve been working with a client who has every single planet in her chart, save Uranus in one of the yin signs.  I’ve written about women in the opposite situation. Women who have a lot of Aries in their chart have a very hard time *not* leading. A woman with a lot of Sagittarius typically wants to travel, or go to school and expand, not breastfeed.

Historically it has not been easy for a yang type woman in this culture but now the situation has reversed.  A woman who is naturally very yin; a woman who wants to be a mother, stay home with her children; be a counterpart to a man is as judged as the yang woman was 50 years ago.

My blazing hot mouth aside, I am a very yin woman.  Annalisa has a Sagittarius moon conjunct Jupiter (yang) and my other sister is a double Sagittarius (yang) My brother is an Aries (yang) and we are all from a mountain climbing family.

While I did climb a few mountains in my time, usually when the family went mountain climbing, I stayed at the base of the mountain and cooked dinner for when the yang part of the family got back from the climb.  Matter of fact, I cooked 80% of meals for the family from the time I was 8 years old until I left home at 15.  Neither of my older sisters cooked to speak of.  To this day, Annalisa does not cook, her husband does and things like this are hard to deny.

What is the balance between the yin and yang signs in your chart?  Are you this and that or mostly this OR that?

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    It’s both, and in unusual ways:

    Yin (Feminine): Triple Female for Asc, Sun, Moon. BUT! They are in Yang houses. Scorp rising, Sun in 9th Cancer, Moon in 11th Virgo.

    Yang (Masculine): To balance this off, I have a Libra stellium (libra is masculine, right??) consisting of Mars, Saturn, Pluto. BUT! The stellium is in the 12th hs – traditionally Pisces, a feminine sign.

    Venus (Yin) is in Gemini (Yang); Eris (Yin? really??) is in Aries (Yang) in the 6th (Virgoan hs, feminine)

    So, as I said before, take the Yin and Yang, turn them sideways / upside-down, and shake!

  2. How are you counting to determine the balance? Are you throwing in houses as well?

    Sticking with just the planets – neither. Throw in the Ascendant- yin. Throw in the Midheaven- yang. My houses are mostly yang, no question.

  3. I’m pretty evenly divided between the two. That’s not great either. I’m not womanly enough and I’m not manly enough.

  4. Shakti, I think the houses where the planets fall matter, less so the ascendant. I was referring here to just the planets in signs, though, to make it easy for beginner to consider this.

    Also, the client, her chart is fairly unusual and I wondered if we had any super yang or yin types here. I just think this is worth considering in even a basic way.

  5. I’m roughly 2/3 yang with Mars and Venus conjunct in Cancer and Pluto in Virgo holding down the yin.

    I can cook AND kick your ass …. *grin*

  6. My yin and yang energies are rather in equal proportions.However this would not make me automatically a more balanced person.. A good friend once commented that I could make as much a good wife/mother at home as a career woman. And that’s exactly where the problem is. I am internally driven to express myself in both ways but in life we have to make choices. We can’t be good in everything or be “everything” at “every moment”. So although I am trying to work on finding balance,till now I have been often oscillating from the ying end to the yang end, or even worse (although in rare cases) releasing my yin energy in yang situations and vice versa.As far as intimate relationships with men is concerned, I would say that in the majority of the cases all that energy was perplexing them or even perceived as “threatening”.. Hmm.. Guess since I don’t have a stable and unilateral direction myself, I cannot be classified and that’s not reassuring for them.. 🙂

  7. Thank you! I’ve always wondered about this (and too lazy to google, sorry folks, hee).

    6:4 Yang-Yin.
    Yang: Venus, Mars, Jupiter (chart ruler), Saturn, Pluto, Nodes
    Yin: Sun. Moon, Mercury, Uranus

    I feel balanced though. I wonder if it’s because my luminaries are in Yin signs?

    I feel very Yin when I’m with my guy. I felt Yin when I left the house until I got to my destination and realized I left some equipment I borrowed I was to return , behind at home. Then I became YANG!

  8. All but 2 are yin. Not that surprising. I have always recoiled from looking or acting “manly”. And you’re right, Elsa, that is not very admired these days. I don’t like interference in my home management– all I want is someone to lift and put it “there”, open jars and reach high things. I want to cook (you can assist w/chopping) and do menu planning.I love planning holidays and celebrations.
    And don’t touch my laundry! :p

  9. Well, Pixie in that book I wrote about the other day, women like you and I were said to be renting out our wombs and providing childcare in exchange for a man’s salary. Is that degrading enough for ya?

    ::shakes head:: I think it’s sick.

  10. Venusflytrap it surprises me too that Cap is Yin, and also that Libra is Yang! I have a stellium in each (if you include Chiron) and would have put my respective concerns from each rather the other way round… I’m very Yin in relationships in most respects (but do have Yin Venus and Moon, and a Cancer stellium, which would outweigh the Libra I guess).

    Overall I’m fairly balanced but more Yin – I have a Yang Pluto in Leo, Uranus/MC/IC in Gem, and the Libra planets of Jupiter/[Chiron) and Neptune; all the rest of my chart Yin inc Asc/DC and NN

  11. A British MP today predictably got a tongue-lashing from the feminist lobby for voicing his concerns over the yin/yang divide…

  12. If a man is willing to support me for my uterus, I wouldn’t say I was in a weak position at all! As far as power, modern women can support themselves and be maternal/domestic, and I think that’s pretty powerful.
    Now, doing it all yourself is not the most efficient use of a partnership. But not to respect what a woman has to bring to the table besides her uterus? Men like that deserve to be alone!

  13. “women like you and I were said to be renting out our wombs and providing childcare in exchange for a man’s salary. Is that degrading enough for ya?”

    That is so awful! So bloody awful. I know people think like that but I cannot wrap my head around it. Someone brought THAT person in the world! I’m not a mother but I cherish those who nurture others and do my best to do the same:(

  14. That person is a published author on the editorial board of the NYT and if that doesn’t tip you to the bias in the media, I don’t know what might.

  15. elsa, this is a big issue for me. i only have one yin sign, my sun sign. i always hoped my yang MC and IC might balance things out a bit. will you please explain which houses are yin vs. yang?

  16. My 5 Yang planets are in Yin houses. My 4 Yin planets are in Yang houses. That leaves Saturn which is Yang in Yang.

    My partner said to me once “I thought you said you weren’t emotional”. I replied “No, what I said was…is that I think like a man”.

  17. thanks…i guess that helps since 6 of my 10 planets are in yin. its funny…i love passive men, but end up resenting their passivity. it feels natural for me to be in charge, but i honestly don’t prefer it.

  18. “…it feels natural for me to be in charge, but i honestly don’t prefer it.”

    Exactly [sigh]. If only I’d known when I was young what I know now, astrologically – as someone put it recently “I feel as if I’ve driving around all my life with no map”. I feel so pleased for the younger people here that they have all this help, to counteract difficult placings and aspects

  19. I think the personal planets are more telling.
    This can get very complicated because aspects to planets modify their expression but again, this gal had an unusual situation and it just seems worthwhile to give it a think. 🙂

  20. interesting…i love the line about sag wanting to go to school or travel not breast feed….lol that describes me perfectly as i have three personal planets in sag and moon almost exactly conjunct jupiter.

    I love children due to my pisces moon which aspects my capricorn venus but the idea of having my own child is only now starting to seem some what possible and I think this is because pluto is transitting my moon. My big dillema now is how to be a mother and still travel and obtain a PhD…lol the moon rules my 9th house 🙂

  21. Like Opal, I have 6 planets in yin signs and 4 planets in yang signs. All the yin are in yin houses and all the yang in yang houses.

    And my rising is Libra, so I feel pretty balanced as far as yin/yang.

    Not a girly girl but I love the kitchen and feeding people.

  22. I think my yin Sun/Moon make me feeeeeeel more yinny. Maybe I’m just fooling myself because I want to be split down the middle:)

  23. Interesting
    I do have venus conjunct sun
    Mars conjunct sun as well

    I feel as if I have two facets one is too feminine
    The other is definitly yang !

    As a kid I loved barbies i collected them dressedthem, ooh I adored them
    In the same time I was kinda a tomboy wearing shorts all the time climbing walls frightning other kids & ruling the place !
    Full of both energies now tham am a grown up its still confussing !
    One interestinf thing is that people either see my yin side
    Or my yang !
    No one seems to see both sides at the same time,,,

  24. More Yang than Yin. Overall, 8 Yang, 5 Yin, if include Chiron. In the personal planets/Asc dept, 4 Yang, 2 Yin. Seems I’m yang-y, but don’t consider myself as such. Maybe it’s the strong Pisces/12th house stuff in my chart that makes me feel Yin-y. I’m like the quote that BlessedPlace shared: “I feel as if I’ve been driving around all my life with no map”. It wasn’t until my late 40s that I opened to the arcane arts. Loving it!

  25. Aries: 4
    Libra: 3
    Scoprio: 1

    Yang:9 Yin:1

    I feel very yang but people who don’t know me see me as yin. Perhaps it’s the Cancer ASC and Sun Conjunct Venus? Also, there’s no earth in my chart! Here am I floating in my tin can…..

  26. 7 yang:3 yin, but in reversed houses. So, equal? Must think…

    Taking it to the boards. 🙂
    (That’s like the Double E Saloon equivalent of “taking it to the mattresses.” *snorts*)

  27. 9 yang:2 yin (if I include Chiron), yang planets mostly in angular houses. I am all male energy wrapped up in a very feminine package(libra moon). I have always felt equal to men and preferred male company but find it very confusing when some of them take my jokes as flirtation. There were times in my life that this together with my independence and need for freedom (Thanks sag sun) almost had me killed.

  28. “women like you and I were said to be renting out our wombs and providing childcare in exchange for a man’s salary. Is that degrading enough for ya?”

    Rrrr, I’m guessing the author is rather dimwitted male human? And while I can be quite Yin, and like my yin-ness, my uterus is not for sale/rent, as it doesn’t work right without medical help, and I’m not fond of most of the things that go along with childbirth/young children.(ducks flying object) ; )

    I know that’s still taboo in our society, especially for a woman born with a uterus to say but–it’s the truth, and I don’t like lying anymore. I am starting to get mildly curious about the small humans I see, and would like to attempt to babysit one…maybe later.; )

  29. I guess I’m an odd mix of the yin/yang traits. Most really yang women friends I have say I am very yin, and I don’t mind. I’ve got:

    4 planets in Yang houses
    7 planets in Yin houses

    I love cooking, and doing laundry. Dressing in feminine clothes that accent my curves, wearing perfume. Little things make me feel more grounded. And I hope he doesn’t try doing my laundry! Maybe I’ll watch him do it once, and see how it goes with my socks/towels.

    No pretty underclothes, and delicates. I want a man that’s well, a man (in my eyes), and let’s me be a woman around him. I also don’t argue with people, I just let them have their opinions, and I keep mine if we disagree.

  30. I thought I was yang but I think I’m actually more Yin. Hard to tell since I have mars/venus/sun/pluto hooked up. But it’s my saturn in cancer that I think has the final say.

  31. Both of you Liz and Mina come across to me as very Yin. I think I’m very Yin too but I’ve lived my life more like a man than a woman!

    It’s odd. Maybe it’s just my screwed up childhood that led to that; though my only male cousin said only a few years ago that he thought my intellect was always bound to put men off!

  32. “women like you and I were said to be renting out our wombs and providing childcare in exchange for a man’s salary. Is that degrading enough for ya?”

    …I kind of feel that way, or at least that I’d be doing that if I was in that postion. On the other hand, I actually respect the work that mothers do- it’s just that they’re largely treated as dependant babysitters. I realize relating to that quote is a sign I may be a little messed up, ha!

    But that has nothing to do with the question…
    My signs are overwhelmingly airy masculine, and my houses are mostly watery and feminine, so there you go. *shrugs*

  33. wow, i hope that wasn’t a mother saying that.
    as a… very very yang women (though with nearly all my yang in yin houses) i can totally understand the drive stay with one’s babies… it was extraordinarily difficult for me to go back to work, even part time, after mine was born.

    yeh, uhm, my ascendant, chart ruler (mercury) sun’s ruler and uranus are in yin signs (yang houses.) everything else is yang. yes, i have every fire and air sign represented.
    fwiw. *shrug

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