I Feel Paralyzed, 100 Years Old – Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Pluto


Transiting Saturn is sitting right on my Pluto in Virgo and I feel like I’m a hundred years old and that my head is made of lead, not to mention completely paralyzed by lack of energy and feeling blocked on all sides.

Is anyone else in my generation feeling this? How is it manifesting?


Busted, I am beyond this transit by degree. Back in the midst of it I wrote the blogs linked below but in short and overall, the transit was more intense than expected. It boiled down to my having acute awareness of the power (Pluto) I wielded and on the Saturn side, I felt pressured to take responsibility for it as in “don’t act as if you powerless”.

I also felt compelled to defend (Saturn) my base of power (Pluto). At the time I was in meetings with scores of people who had power over me on paper but no such thing in the real world (Saturn) on a deeper level (Pluto). In other words “they” were in charge (Saturn) but I could manipulate the situation (Pluto) so best do that responsibly!

It was very challenging and I also felt 100 years old but only because I knew too much. I knew way too much which is painful (Pltuo) and difficult (Saturn). Bottom line it is hard to be formidable – much easier to be a powerless blob / victim.

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Anyone else with Pluto in Virgo want to weigh in?

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12 thoughts on “I Feel Paralyzed, 100 Years Old – Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Pluto”

  1. i’ve got pluto in virgo but saturn hasn’t hit it yet, so i can’t add experience that way. but i had to laugh. my husband has that shirt (and currently has sat. on top of his natal pluto.)

  2. I don’t have Pluto in Virgo but my SO does. I’ve found that I’ve had to concede a lot of power in our relationship lately but rather than being a bad thing it has actually been very beneficial.
    I get caught up thinking I have all the answers in life and you know what? I don’t. Who knew, hehe.
    I’ve also noticed it felt a bit like tug-of-war: once I released, he did too.
    It’s not a bad thing to be the person who lets go first…whatever gets the job done.

  3. I feel just like you, Busted. Saturn is two degrees away from my Pluto/Uranus conjunction and applying.

    I get the power thing, but I’m not good at wielding it. Things are a mess, Uranus in the mix turns everything upside down.

    It’ll pass.

  4. Saturn is about 2 degrees off of my Pluto/Uranus conjunction and within 5 degrees of my Moon. I don’t feel 100 years old, but I do feel paralyzed and really really sad.

  5. Last year when Saturn was exact on my 8th house Pluto, my ex-partner placed an international travel ban on our 8-year old child. My son and I didnt get to go home for the holidays because of it.

    This was and still is a long, emotional, legal and accounting maze sorting out the 8th house details. Elsa was my biggest support. She showed me and infused me with knowing how to harness my power — and that at a time when I felt powerless.

    When you say Saturn on Pluto, I think: travel ban = harnessing Power.

  6. In my chart, transiting Saturn just rushed over natal Pluto and square natal Sun in 7. I had dreaded this transit beforehand, which seems to be part of the game. Lots of things going on in those two weeks, I had to find a new apartment, one of my sons moved out, extreme lack of money, all sorts of change and me having to quit being a “teenager in love” and start to manage the load.

    Fortunately Saturn is trining my natal Jupiter also, and transiting Jupiter trines natal Jupiter as well. Right in the middle of the dreading process my mood changed from fear to adventurous spirit, and the circumstances turned out better than they had looked beforehand. It´s still quite an effort, but there were some golden dashes of sheer luck on the way too that helped tremendously.

    I had decided not to get angry and fight, but to stay calm and honest and try my best with the people in power, and it turned out quite good so far.

    My experience: we´ve nothing to fear but fear itself!

  7. With Saturn stationing direct on my north node, I feel 100 years old. Funny people keep saying I look great, but this retrograde grinding to a halt has me feeling like I am walking knee deep in mud. The hit to Pluto taught me a lot about my health. The transits to my Sun have actually been very constructive, but I am looking forward to Saturn moving into Libra. I am sure that this will bring valuable lessons too. That seems to be the way with Saturn from what I gather.

  8. I have natal Pluto in Virgo in the 7th. When Saturn hit it, it was the beginning of wiping out our lives together – our joint debt, our connection to our home, and our marriage. There was no way to go forward together, so we handled it like a failed business. We had to take drastic, final measures. Now I have a new life ahead of me. Although it’s been a hellacious three years for me so far, the future is wide open to me now – I am excited about the possibilities!

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