Benefits Of Having Aries Rising (The Natural Chart)

aries denicola light backgroundWhat is the strength of a natural chart?

I made a remark on my post, How To Handle A Scorpio Mars In The 8th House, a person may envy someone with a natural (Aries-rising) chart.  Several people asked why.

First, it depends on your perspective. But when someone asks me, if I could choose my own sun sign, the answer is easy – Aries!  This is not because I am partial to Aries. I am partial to planets in exaltation. So yes! I would like to be an Aries with Venus (exalted) in Pisces and Mars (exalted) in Capricorn. I would also like Jupiter (exalted) in Cancer…you get the idea.

If I can’t have planets in exaltation, I would like them placed in the signs they rule, where they are high-functioning. If I can’t have that…well  I just want any advantage I can get.

This is not to say that people with horribly messed up chart don’t or won’t excel. They do!  But who wouldn’t want the best raw material?

An (early degree) Aries rising chart is called a “natural chart” because all the signs fall on the cusp of the houses they (naturally) rule.  You’ll have Libra on the 7th, ruled by Venus.  You’ll have Sagittarius on the 9th house, etc.

As to the advantage, let’s jumble them up…

Aries ruling the 7th creates challenge in relationship. Yes, it can be dealt with but there is no denying, Libra or Venus in the 7th house makes it a lot easier on a person.

With a natural chart, you’ve got this instant advantage of a degree of clarity in your life. It’s like a bell, perfectly rung. It’s like clear eyes vs crossed eyes. There is a purity to your chart and it’s also uncommon!

There are 360 possible degrees, rising. We’re talking about 0-10 at the very most.

It’s hard to see and appreciate your natural gifts. But let’s say you’re five years old, headed to Kindergarten.  The kid with the natural chart has an advantage over the kid with a jumble to work this. He’s naturally ordered.

This doesn’t mean kid #2 won’t pull in front of the kid with the advantage over time. He very well may.

That’s why I wrote, “may be enviable”. In the end it depends on what a person does with what they’ve been given.

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  1. Thanks- much appreciated 🙂 helps to know- say’s my 0 degree aries acendant.
    Love to all my fellow arians- we can survive pluto in cap <3

      1. pluto is squaring us from the 10th house since 2008- and the cardinal grand cross the last couple of years was really hard and brought complete change and distruction in some cases…
        uranus is still in our sign bringing waves of unexpected events- so yeah, this fighter Aries is exhausted from all this !

        1. Leogirl, Thanks for sharing…glad to know im not alone. Such a complete humbling devastating experience I so many levels but at the same time purifying in a way (I have had to have faith in something so I didn’t lose my mind) 🙂
          Hang in there, we are warriors even when exhausted.
          Leo girl #2 (Aries Rising too!!)

            1. ….I don’t mean to hijack the thread, but I am so happy to meet fellow Aries rising’s ( ’cause we usually have to fight the odds alone- and are not allowed to complain) :-)!!!
              so also 2 constructive things come to mind:
              1. I think Pluto in cap 10th and it’s destruction + Uranus in Aries means we are supposed to use this energy to find fulfillment in a vocation in which we are independent.
              I think after Saturn in Scorpio + grand cross wiped away so much- now Saturn in sag helps build new structure in vocation.
              I think in 2 years when Saturn moves to cap (10th house again!)
              we will be tested on what we build a fresh in the next 2 years.
              so my advice is to purchase Elsa’s excellent Saturn in sag workshop- I can testify it has been a huge help and comfort for me!!!
              2.also- when in doubt- book an Elsa’s consult. her words are golden.
              good luck !!! xoxo

  2. My rising is Aries at 1 degree. I no longer have to reference my chart to see where certain signs are. They are in their natural house. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Elsa for that clear explanation and beautiful affirmation, it means a lot to me. A long time ago when I was in my 20’s and a new mom an Astrologer told me I was “very blessed”. I didn’t really understand her or the full meaning of a natal chart and I didn’t have the money for an in-depth analysis. But I always remembered her kind words.

    Your “clear as a bell” and “kindergarten analogy” are exactly me. As Ann says I don’t even have to check my chart either because all the houses are where they naturally fall. With my Aries Rising of 14 degrees, those majestic planets are comfortably at home in them, so peaceful, so strong and so available.
    I also agree with leogirl about the persistent difficulty of Pluto in Cap. But, for me the worst time was the Saturn in Scorpio transit for about two years that we all just recently finished.

    My beloved husband of 35 years died in my arms in May, my best friend of 22 years died in June, and my mom died in September of the same year. There are no words to describe the heartbreak I endured.

    But….I am still here taking one day at a time always going forward – Aries’ natural rhythm – and thanking God that my daughters and Grandbabies were spared the blitz.

    So thank you again for putting a smile ? on my face today with my “Arian edge” birthday present. Love and strength to all my fellow Rams. And, Yes, we can and will find joy in life!
    Aries Rising

    1. so sorry for your loss ((((valerie)))) hang in there- much love!

      …and thank you Elsa for providing the perfect post for rams to comfort each other <3

    2. Hello Valerie, as aries at 0 degree I can relate to all you are saying. Starting Oct. 2014 I suffered massive heart attack/infections, another in 2015 with sudden loss of young brother. Followed by loss of Brother “By another Mother” only 39. Followed by Sister in law of over 30 years. Then neighbor of 22 years. Followed by close friend age 52. Also young Cousin early 40’s. Brother in law sister (Family member almost 40 years) also young, early 60’s. Niece in 20’s. Boyfriends sister about 58 years old. Following year lost ex love who was still close to, suddenly as well, my age 55. Close friend suddenly epilepsy age 39. Young Nephew age 29. 3 close friends step son, step brother, Niece, all young 20’s. Lifelong friend age 55. Also a move after 22 year residence in 2016. My health has been extremely fragile, however I try to overcome mentally and physically. Uranus leaving our Sign Aries moving to my Rising Taurus. I pray I will suffer no more losses. I cannot even emotionally catch up on the one’s I’ve lost since devastating loss of brother. I am noticing sudden financial gain. Things like getting things for free. Nice things. Suprising gifts. I’ve been struggling financially since disabled. I also found more money than thought in retirement and settled long time tax issue on my own for a very good deal. With these things as Uranus goes back and forth btwn aries and taurus and with saturn going to capricorn I pray things will get better for all of us. They say to look to what was going on in 1998-99. That was the year I started my 30 year career with a good company which I achieved much success after struggling.
      Yes, we can and will find joy in life~ keeping the Faith~

    1. second in agreement about saturn in scorpio. horible time. But it’s done.
      aries fire has to move on I think…there are new thigs to build, new horizons to travel new ways to view life- well at least I think we can be comforted by love and desire for the fresh and new (((aries)))

  4. After reading all these comments I am even more sure my birth time is off. It says I am 29 something Pisces rising but the Aries rising resonates for so much more for me. I think the clock was slow at the hospital. Pluto in cap has demolished my life, saturn in scorp gutted me.

  5. My sister has a natural chart and much more balanced and able to achieve goals. She doesn’t spend time questioning herself and her identity. She’s ready to go at the start of the day. She definitely does not have an easy life and she puts in her hard work like everyone else does. She’s just more balanced and not afraid to tell someone off. I have the opposite chart with Libra as the Ascendant. I struggle with balance and my identity all the time wondering if I’m living my life because I like it or I’m doing it because my partner influences me to do things and I want my partner happy …ugh shit like that. I can’t tell people off that easily cuz I care about feelings and don’t want anyone hating me. Aries don’t give a crap! They don’t cry over people and themselves lol I want to be Aries!!

    1. @cuspy, my aries sister is like that. aries sun (exalted) and also Taurus moon (exalted) only thing is that she has fall in mercury (pisces) lol but people usually understand her.

  6. Avatar
    Louise grayson

    Thanks elsa. I have zero degree aries ascendant. I did not know that about the cusps. I also have saturn natally in scorpio. Ive had a lot of hatdship in my life but I have a lot of dtive to get me through the hard times.

  7. just thought of the ex, she has Aries rising at 5 degrees and her moon 6 degrees conjuncts, sun aquarius. yeah all the houses in theyre right places. all them personal materialistic goals

  8. I have got a cousin with a natural chart. Good to know he is a Gemini. He has got a composed appearance. He is of average intelligence though. Successful. His dad was in the Army. He has benifited from that. There is a quota for servicemen. The quota helped him get admission.

  9. Hi Elsa, Is Pluto exhaulted in Virgo? For some reason I can’t remember. Or is it Leo? Oh hell, at this point lets pick any sign!!!!!! Or does it not have one? After all we are talking about Pluto who doesn”t want anyone knowing to much about him! Waiting for your answer.



  10. I have a natural Aries rising chart that also conjuncts Chiron and Venus >>>opposing Uranus! I know this thread is old, but I had to comment. I am 46 in May and let me tell you, it hasn’t been an easy road but having a natural chart has allowed me the energy to bounce back; that Chiron/Venus conjunction has been at times… impossible. I am not sure if the Chrion/Venus conj outweighed the benefit of the natural chart, lol. I’m sure I just don’t recognize the potential. I do know however, the feeling of being exhausted!!! Though I have been crushed in relationships and crisis out of the blue and faced sickness and what have you, I have been left so in love with life. I laugh at all the calamity when it comes cause what else is there to do? I don’t mind telling people off if it need be, but I don’t usually project myself as anything but compassionate. This confuses people when the Mars energy reacts. A natural chart maybe gives me an edge in that there is clarity of being human. An unexplainable knowing that no matter what happens for good or bad… it’s just energy. 🙂

  11. Can somebody please help me? I just found out that I’m Aries Rising with intercepted Virgo and Pisces and duplicated Cancer (4th & 5th house) and Capricorn (10th & 11th house). I thought that the further away from the equator you were born in, the greater the chance of an interception. I live in the Philippines and it’s not that far away from the equator. I’m probably the only person I know in my circle whose birth times I know who has intercepted and duplicated signs. I mean, what are the chances of this happening?

    1. I have the exact same thing with duplicated cancer and Capricorn, and I to am not that far from the equator. I’m still happy with the leg-up I have in my life considering my Aries ascendant and being born on April 20th (Aries-Taurus cusp). Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better life. Bless up!

  12. …. I mean it’s just kind of like a bummer because an Aries Rising is supposed to have the houses lined up just right from 1st to the 12th, but that’s not the case with me at all as I have intercepted and duplicated signs. Instead of Pisces on the 12th house cusp, it’s Aquarius there; and instead of Virgo on the 6th house cusp, it’s Leo there! Tough luck! Now I know that it depends on the house system being used, but I’m new to astrology and I just think it would’ve made my study of my own chart easier if all the houses are just lined up the way that they should.

    Hello to other Aries Risings out there! ^_^

      1. I guess I could do that but I would then be lying to myself. I do have a problem with routine and to-do lists and paying bills and running everyday errands – all those stuff that a Virgo is naturally good at. I’ve always been attracted to Virgos way before I found out there’s more to astrology than the sun sign. I think the interception explains that. Being a sun sign Capricorn, I’ve always wondered why I wasn’t as driven as all the other Capricorns I’ve encountered (getting things done seems to be a quality that both Virgo and Capricorn share, I’m attracted to both). Instead, it seems I spend a lot of my time dreaming my life away and I struggle with actually doing something concrete to make my dreams reality.

        I guess I just really want to know what the chances are of having interceptions and duplicates living close to the equator and what the explanation is. And of course I hope I’m not alone.

        I just want to feel like a real ARIES RISING. Seems they, including Aries Suns, are really the go-getter types.

  13. Avatar
    Amanda Rose G

    I have Aries rising at 5 degrees. I must say as a child and even as an adult, skills can seemingly come “natural” to me. It worked well as a young adult starting work. I fell into many trades and excelled at all of them. Now as a stay at home mom of two I have plenty to do but not for me so it can feel frustrating as an Aries rising and Aries mars, Aries northy node, Capricorn sun, cap Mercury and cap MC. I also have a Sag Stellium. Lots of feelings of restlessness!

  14. Aries rising Leo sun moon Gemini yep I line up to all my planets Jupiter cancer 4 th house turning 70 soon have an amazing life no regrets been through oh so much ups n downs but hey live love life

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