Pluto In Capricorn Transit The 12th House – Hovering Between Life & Death

deathI’m back to write about my Pluto transit through the 12th house. If you’re researching this transit, click the tag. I been tracking it since 2008.

I’ve come to realize I prefer to either be fully alive nor fully dead. Natally, I have a packed 8th house. This might explain my extreme view.

Pluto is associated with death. Capricorn is associated with lines, limits, boundaries. The 12th house dissolves things. There’s a rhythm to the 12th house. It’s very similar to how the tide comes in…and goes out.

I have Lupus. When the tide is in, I have very few, if any, symptoms. They’re there if you know what you’re looking for, but generally I appear not just healthy, but inordinately healthy and problem free.

This is because I have dimples. Seriously! People with dimples do not appear to have problems. Dimples and happy colors create an impression.

So that’s good. I feel great. I look pretty good. I’m definitely happy. I feel optimistic. A day later, I’m flat on my back thinking, Oh. My. God.  And I lie there, circling the drain, realizing that this thing I have is really bad and definitely going to kill me.  That’s it. The tide is out.

Later, I feel just fine. It’s confusing. This is another 12th house thing. Will someone please tell me if I am going to live or die?  And can we get on with it?

No one is going to tell me what’s going to happen, because nobody knows.  God (12th house) is the power in charge (Pluto in Capricorn).

I have to submit to this. There is no other possible choice. Oh! Like I can go yell at a doctor and that will help.

It’s been a revelation, that’s for sure.  I used to think I was in control.  That seems so stupid now.

There are a lot of gifts that come with this. For example, I can’t obsess over anything. Obsession dissolves.

Also, my faith (12th) is real and deep (Pluto in Capricorn).

Pictured – “To Unknown Lands” E. BLAIR LEIGHTON

34 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn Transit The 12th House – Hovering Between Life & Death”

  1. I’m a Scorpio! In my natal chart Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct in Leo in the 7th house which is shared with Virgo. I have Aquarius rising and depending on the house system you use my Scorpio is either in the 8th or 9th house makes for a bit of an odd chart in my opinion. I’m not one who thinks much about death though I’m very aware no one gets out of life alive.

  2. When Pluto was dancing back and forth over my Ascendant, and especially as it was approaching a conjunction back in 2006-2007, I became nervous about going to bed at night. I went to bed, every night, with a distinct feeling that I would likely never see the morning! I also purged a lot of my old belongings, and shredded old records (school report cards, notes from teachers, etc.) because I could SENSE that I was about to cross over into a new phase of life. The old me was DYING and I knew it. My Saturn Return was approaching, too, to add to the urgency.

    Once Pluto entered my 1st house, the lights came on and it’s like the universe said, “Time to come out now. Rise and shine!” whether I was ready or not. The fear of dying in my sleep rolled away, and I had to learn to engage the world directly again. It’s a wild transit.

  3. Pluto is stationary retrograde on my ascendant and I dare to ask what is left for me to lose. In September it will be stationary direct squaring my 8th house Libra sun, again. I didn’t do so well last time.Thoughts of vengeance occupied my mind. I have to get a better hobby. Saturn is coming and of course my Saturn is 23 Cap.

  4. Pluto is transiting my 12th house now…..I moved from my birth city/state and relocated 654 miles away. Also, quit my job and retired. A whole new lifestyle has emerged and so far it has been quite good for me. I have had some family and my best friend & her husband follow me on my crazy adventure!! See, I wasn’t so crazy after all or we all are…lol. I also have a full 8th house depending on the chart system used.

  5. Dear Elsa,
    I wish you health, energy and happiness. I am very interested in your writing about this transit. I have Asc 5 Aquarius and pluto is moving thorough my 12 th house as well. And i have rosacea that also gives me defAult dimples and i look optimistic. Dimples as Pluto makeup?! Pluto mask of health? What is hidden must be hidden ? Like my depression lately
    No one believes me. Even if i cry at home and at work.

  6. Pluto transit is on my descendant. I have natal Pluto in Libra 4th house (so it’s a double dose). I used to do the “why me” thing. Even thought I was being punished. But now it’s like “hey this is the experience I came here to have. Let’s do it.” If nothing were happening there would be nothing to learn. The most boring people are the ones insulated by random events and problems…people who buy insurance and create safety nets. We get real when the chips are down…become who we really are. I like to think the 12th house is where we meet our naked selves. It’s a beautiful thing 🙂 Even if our bodies are dying our soul is just beginning to see.

    1. I agree. Overall, I like this transit. I would not be interested in going back to the way I was before.

      This does not mean it’s not incredibly frightening at times!

  7. I have Pluto in the 12th in my natal chart. Also , it is 5 degrees from the ascendant.

    I can relate to what you are going thru.

  8. Where I work, there’s an old women whose had Lupus for years. She’s doing fine. Takes plaquenil. The only problem she has is she likes to hit the bottle and her family has to dilute it or hide it. She eats like there’s no tomorrow–ice cream, peanut butter, cookies, cake. Ha. She’s in her late 80’s, too. Her eating will kill her, or her drinking, but nothing else.

    1. All Lupus is not equal. Some people have higher levels of ana in their blood, for example.

      Anyway, you lose over time. I can feel better with more Naproxen but it will eventually hit my kidneys. There is no equation that resolves this (over time).

      But you’re going to die too. All of us are going to die, so I don’t see that it matters that much.

      I’m been doing the very best I can since I committed to this when I was 8 years old. So I’ll just keep that up. 🙂

  9. My interest in astrology coincided with Pluto crossing my ascendant, but looking back, this rings pretty true about my experience previously with this transit.

  10. Pluto visiting the 12th house is quite a trip, but not a vacation pleasure type trip! It’s more like bully boot camp or a seminar for deep serious learning. I feel as if I’ve been reinvented where I’m totally comfortable in my own skin and authentically Me! Somehow Pluto gave me x-ray vision that allows me to sense a person’s motives and intentions. I started writing poetry about my life experiences as a wonderful and therapeutic outlet and self expression. I wrote poems about bullies and life situations that I struggled with. I started making beautiful jewelry! Tons of jewelry! Got into photography, became a vegan for the most part and spoke my mind much more than usual. I learned not to care if anyone didn’t like me or agree with me. I needed solitude to recharge could not tolerate tv violence or loud noise. I got interested in fermented foods and making kefir. I am brand new and it feels good. Life is not easy for me though as I Do have an abusive husband and a marriage filled with constant stress and misery. There is always something to work on, but believe me that challenging husband of mine knows that I am no cream puff and will make his life a living hell if he abuses me physically or verbally! I am a Capricorn Rising who has finally learned to Love herself! Hugs to All

  11. Pluto in my 12th too nearing the ascendant. I’m with you 12th house guys, especially Elsa because you let us into your mind and heart! I relate to what’s said. My Pisces dad died last month, and we played lots of music in his final week because he could not speak or open his eyes. It was a beautiful passing. Since then I have suddenly ‘discovered’ classical music – a cornucopia. I was on a plane for 10 hours and didn’t watch a movie, sleep, or read. I just listened to music and wrote about the various things coming up for me and feel so blessed. Feeling the music, the poignance, the richness of pain, love, death, life. All of it.

  12. The hardest part for me about this transit is the need to be isolated. My livra moon in 8th house CRAVES human connection but apparently the friends I had up untill Pluto’s entry into this house weren’t good enough. So I lost all of them, including the one who had an affair with my latest boyfriend. So Pluto’s transit is not all bad…

    I’ve struggled alot with finding “the right” friends – aka friends that have depth and has been theough sh*t like me. Everytime I meet someone who are too “normal” (read: not traumatized enough), they seem to dissappear from my life again.

    I think it’s Pluto’s way of forcing me to acknowledge that I’ve been abused, kicked and everything in between by life and people – and that I need to come to grips/terms with this to become who I really am inside, being my own authentic self and thus to fully heal from these things in the process.
    You need some good people to reflect your wounds and soul here – and they are not always easy to find.

    This period has for me been a quest of realizing I was chasing my lost “innocence” in life, aka the one I was in the past – but that won’t do anymore. I’m NOT innocent anymore and it’s time I started to get used to this fact, grow up and become a true adult. Otherwise I will chase rainbows and unicorns but without any rewards except for dissappointments or fatamorganas.

    1. I can relate to your post Anette. Thank you for taking the time to post. I appreciate everyone here who posted because your information is extremely helpful to others going through this experience or to those have been through this ordeal, it confirms their experiences and they can relate.

        1. A big thank you from me too for sharing your experiences on this transit. These posts give me so much ‘comfort’. . . It helps me understand what is happening to and within me much more . . . something I have been losing my grasp on off late. .

          Pluto is to cross my ascendant one more time later this year, and I am hoping it really really does bring me that ‘clarity’ that everyone is mentioning. . .I have learnt a lot about myself, but I need more, something is missing. . .In any case, I always have Pluto squaring my Libra Sun soon too. . .just in case I started to miss the action :D. . =

          Again, thank you all! 🙂

  13. I hear you Elsa – I have RRM Multiple Sclerosis and Pluto is transiting my 12th house too.

    People say ‘you dont look sick’ – untill I collapse in a heap of horrible symptoms, in that event – I hide
    Given my Saturn Jupiter conjunction is there as well, and Moon/ Venus is in Cancer – quelle suprise!

    I send you a virtual hug.

  14. Dear all, thank you for sharing your journey/story with Pluto of the most recent times. I am a Capricorn with rising sign also a Capricorn. I have had the impact of transit Pluto conjunction my sun since 2014. Plus my Saturn return in Scorpio 2015. Now in 2016, I have one more hit of Pluto, then a few years breather until transit Pluto in Capricorn hits my ascendant at 25degree. Right now I am 60 years. I have to say, I still do not get it. I have had a very hard life (even As a child). I certainly work hard to try improve my life and my family who now live with me. In 2014, I was accused of a wrong doing that was ( trumpeted up fake charges). The traumatic emotions I went through for all of 2015, and still in 2016, to clear my name 100 percent caused my health to ” crash my immunity system.” I developed all these lumps on my body any where and every where. Many specialist doctors kept saying I had allergies, until on doctor said I seen this on war soldiers who become traumatise with their jobs. You have lichen plants of the skin and your autoimmunity system is in over drive from the stress of the court hearing. This will last for a couple of years, until you relax and heal your total body / system. I followed astrology since 2004 and I became aware of certain plants that may have caused me trouble back then(2005). I am still un well although, I am able to control my treatments a lot better. I stay at home most of the time to keep away from the sun light, and keep cool. I find garments have to be loose away from my skin. And well showers or I should say water on my skin hurts. So I do look forward to Pluto moving. Being powerless with transit Pluto conjunction my sun has been the main theme. I am a government employee and work long hours, but my bosses have tried to frame me and destroy my employment. As I said I am 60 years now and we’ll Saturn return proved that I was not guilty. Thank you Saturn. Do I get back to work and earn money to pay the bills. Well that is where I am up to. I am not sure myself, as lichen plants disease does make you tied. And I do have a strict diet to keep the blood cool and no reactions.

    Any way,thank you all for your story. Having my natal sun in 12 house at 14 degrees, I kind of been always giving to the community, and back stabbed most of my life. So I’m looking for a change. ( my soon will soon go through this at age 30 years. I just pray that it is not his marriage as he really loves his wife)) as a parent I try to encourage my children to have open minds and to work with the universe.

    Cheers t from Australia ( it been hard to find stories on Pluto that help the reader prepare and or cope)

  15. I’m new to all.of this. I’m an Aquarius and I have read that pluto in capricorn in my twelfth house will happen this year and I need to watch my back. What does this mean?

  16. Pluto is transit my 12th house Capricorn. Thank you for sharing this. I’m weeping, sort of relief like.
    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve never been correctly diagnosed and maybe never will be. I haven’t lost faith per se, I’d say I have more than ever before.
    This transit. 2016 is when I first began experiencing deaths of immediate family members (grandparents) too. At the same time, seizures I’ve had all my life (untreated, maybe untreatable since no doctors have been curios to find the underlying cause) have worsened to…hovering between life and death. For sure.
    2016 I had a bad seizure. I was tired after. Went to sleep and couldn’t wake up, slept day and night waking only to use the bathroom, guzzle a drink of water and sleep. Five days, then a nurse friend took me to the ER to be checked into cardio for 3 days.
    Just a week or so ago, I had another bad one. I stopped breathing. Was unresponsive. As that force dragged me under, I was aware that I was experiencing death. But I didn’t die, I came back (this time).

    I know that one day, I’ll go there and not come back. Saturn is here too. When do the rules stop applying to me. Like the no pets, except they can’t stop me from bringing in my service dog. I can’t afford a service dog. haha!

    Saturn enforces rules, but what rules apply when Capricorn is in the 12th? It’s like I’m brought before the judge, who tells me that I broke the rules. I ask him what authority and jurisdiction he has to rule in this matter. He says, “God.” I tell him, “Good, I’ll just appeal my case to the higher power. Mostly because you aren’t qualified to judge cases where the facts are unknown. Ta ta.”

    So maybe I will live, after all. At least long enough to debunk the myth that people who have seizures are demon-possessed or mentally ill. Actually Einstein had seizures. Each one shorts out attempts at programming me, the dog-training programs, mind-control is ineffective. I’ve frustrated many “trainers” in my life. I don’t forget what I already learned. I immediately am stimulated to grow new neural pathways, see things from a new perspective, see how others have crossed lines and boundaries they had no right to.
    Now I know why I’m called a “survivor” & “free spirit.” Yup. Your mouth to God’s ear. Maybe it’s not that I’m cynical. Maybe it’s just my priorities aren’t like someone else’s. Why should they be?

    Saturn is about time. Something’s time is up. Some structure, some traditional this is the way it has always been. Some rule-maker and enforcer, the old guard, has to give way to the ruler of my chart and Ascendant sign Aquarius. Uranus, the electric shocker and sky pouring cold water of reality. I always loved running out into those summer thunderstorms, standing there soaking and watching the lightening dance. Why the deep depression, turn that frown upside down! Make friends with your time!

    Oh, and that Sixth House Cancer ruler the Moon? Yah, I’ve always felt that pull on my tides. Pain. It only strengthened my will to fight, to be, to cross the lines of “you can’t do that.” Judge me if you dare, hypocrites beware, I see the dust of the past you will soon become. I see how you leave no bigger hole in a bucket of water than anyone else. I also see you’re trying to control time, control forces more powerful than you, stop the earth and the world from changing. I see you want to be god and make all the universe do your bidding. I see you want to cross the lines of “you can’t do that”. I see you can’t control your self, but you wanted to punish me for not being able to control my condition. You wanted me to work to pay you, said that I owed you something.
    Money, a religious faith you invented out of thin air, your god. But I was born free at home, without a single cent of any insurer footing the bill. I don’t owe anyone but my mother and father, the earth and sky, and the electric spark that created my life without your say so. Write your loss off on your taxes. Write this on my epitaph. Sincerely, Black Moon Lilith in my 12th House. 🙂

    I guess there are existential questions. Deep ones, I spend a lot of time thinking about now, now that I have more information.
    New eyes, every new sunrise. What’s not to love? 😀

  17. This is the only site I’ve seen with content and comments that reflect the true nightmare of this transit. Pluto in 12,the on asc, Sun/Saturn neptune libra 8th. Like my life has been mowed over. Lost nearly everything. Custody of a 10 yr old grandson after daughters fentynal death and if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be here.One day, one minute at a time. Sometimes I really don’t know if I can make it. It reminds me of that moment immediately before child delivery when you think you really can’t do it…then it’s done. Im praying that it ends that way. But this delivery has Pluto Sitting right on my asc for years. I’m really not sure. Something has to give. Of course this covid crap and the new world order us terrifying and complicating everything beyond anything I could have imagined. I feel ultimately threatened and powerless against a ruthless system THE most vulnerable time of my life. I feel as I’m being pushed into a corner. The threat to me doesn’t compare to the threat to my grandson, whose moon incidentally is exactly conj my asc.

  18. WHOA! WOW!I was looking for info on Pluto transiting 12th House & came across your comment. I felt like you described my life. I too have auto-immune Rheumatoid, Fibromyalgia, Sjogrens, just for the main auto-immune diseases. YES, one day great, wonderful, not an issue, & then the next it is like you have been run over by a MAC TRUCK unable to move & suffering in pain.I was diagnosed back in 2005, but I do not let it run my life. I choose to experience life irregardless of what my body is screaming at me. I just MOVE…don’t use it lose it is my belief. Anyway, it is intriguing as Pluto is transiting my 12th House soon going from Capricorn to Aquarius. Wherein lies my Moon. My 8th House is packed with my Sun, Mars, Mercury, & Neptune. My NN is in my 7th House, but is the same Sun Sign as mine. My life has been all about relationships & experiencing all kinds of them. I have Venus & Natal Pluto in exact conjunction 7th House Virgo. Right now I am aware that EVERYTHING is changing in my life personally. My gut tells me so (12th House thing). I have suffered many years of depression on & off, Chiron conjunct My ASC. first house Aquarius. No longer on this road. I have gotten this lesson & in the process discovered I was an Empath. NOW everything makes sense! I am 62 yrs. old now & I feel like a chapter, NO, A BOOK, has ended, & a NEW Book is about to start. Will not be easy by any means, but it will be ok. I truly feel it is all fated/karmic at this point in my life…we shall see. Thank You for your post & allowing me to not feel so alone & much of the time, I do.

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