Notes On The Rage Of Aquarius Podcast

rage of aquariusI recorded the Rage of Aquarius – Outsider Astrology Podcast, with Andrei Burke, Rachel Capurso, and Frederick Woodruff, yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.  Namely, new ideas and different perspectives.

The podcast is described as “outsider”. The fact I could fit in with these people verifies their claim!  It’s a smart group with fresh ideas who seem to stand against bad astrology of all kinds. Zero ego problems. Zero control freaks.  All three of them want to bring out the best of astrology and they each do it in their own way.

While I’ve known Frederick for some time, Andrei and Rachel are new to me.  All three are quick on the uptake but also very casual.  The effect is charming.  I felt like Jasmine being taken on a ride on that magic carpet.  I bet they will be surprised to read this, but it’s straight up, true.  I have also always wanted to have that experience, so hey! I’m very happy right now… with everything!  I thank them all for the great experience!

You can read, Frederick here: Woodruff.

Rachel and Andrei are here: Aeolian Heart.

Here’s the channel notes for the podcast:

“An ongoing dialogue between astrologers Andrei Burke, Rachel Capurso, and Frederick Woodruff After many years working in this field, we’ve been inspired to create this podcast for artists and astrology students who want fresh perspectives. Our purpose is to break through the echo-chambers of sun-sign horoscopes, zodiacal matchmaking and heavy-handed predictions to reveal astrology as an art that emerges from natural grace and flow. All ‘outsider astrologers’ both novice and pro are welcome — please join us in the dialogue!”

The channel is here: Rage of Aquarius.

My segment is not live yet, but I’ll let you know when it is.  Posting now, so you can get familiar with the other astrologers, who all have something to say!

Thanks, everyone!

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    1. No, they’re editing. They are trying to have this done by Friday, but that’s not firm. I posted this now, so people could “meet” the other speakers.

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