How To Handle Mars in Scorpio In 8th House

mars ares2Hi Elsa,

I have Mars in Scorpio 8th house- which means it’s my chart ruler as well. Mars is supposed to be the co-ruler of Scorpio – but all the interpretations I read about this placement are… well dire as hell. Unfortunately most descriptions of hardship I can testify to their truth in my life. this was before I was aware of astrology and now I so badly would like to get a hold on this placement to master and outgrow it’s harm.

So what can I do? How can Mars be at home in the 8th house?

Scorpio Mars in 8th

Hi, Mars.

Reading your post, I just felt sad. You’ve got your chart-ruler in it’s own sign and it’s natural house and this is bad? I would pay good money to have an 8th house Scorpio Mars. A natural (Aries rising) chart may also be enviable! I sat on this a couple days, because I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach this, to help you.

The problem is, I don’t know what you’re reading or where you’re reading. Mars is high functioning in Scorpio and the 8th house. I don’t know if it’s bad astrology or if it’s your mind that turns what you read into darkness.

I don’t know if your Mars is poorly aspected…and you are reading these interpretations. Or perhaps you’re just a sensitive or shy person, gifted with a really sharp knife (Mars), that you’re not comfortable with.

This placement definitity does not bring harm and hardship. I am not saying you’ve not experienced those things. But they can’t be blamed on having a powerful Mars at your disposal.

My advice would be that you rethink this. Correct the astrology. If you can attribute your problems to their real cause, it’s your Mars that will get move you out of this pain.

As an Aries rising with a great Mars, think about being a hero. That’s your ticket right there.

Good luck!

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  1. “My advice would be that you rethink this. Correct the astrology. If you can attribute your problems to their real cause, it’s your Mars that will get move you out of this pain.”

    I have Mars conjunct Saturn in the 8th(Leo) squaring a Scorpio Sun. This post is potent for me.

  2. Love this subject! My son has Virgo Mars conjunct Chiron in the 8th, opposed Saturn in 2nd, Mars squares Moon and Mercury and trines Uranus, Neptune and his Ascendant.

    He turns 21 this summer, attends a college honors program on a full scholarship and was just chosen to be his professors assistant and class liaison AND made the college honor roll! He budgets his money carefully when he receives it each semester and does very well. Not bad considering that I, his mother failed 10th grade back in high school and never completed college.

    I too had read horrible things about Mars in the 8th house and was very worried. Here is another happy testament that 8th house Mars is not doom and gloom. In my chart, I really do have a lousy Mars. It is in Libra, conjunct my IC. A potent Mars is a good Mars, ask anyone who does not have a potent Mars and they will probably agree.

  3. A month ago I was reading everything I could on Patrick Swayze. Watched the final dance scene of “Dirty Dancing” over and over. Mars was transiting Scorpio and deep in my 4th house. Turns out Patrick had Mars in Scorpio natally. Loved his vibe.

  4. I have got Aries Mars in 8th house and what a jerk I am.I am impatient and angry when driving. People just amble with their vehicles. I have no sex drive. I am on pills. I am obese. All because of medications on schizophrenia. I have food during the days. I like to travel a lot. I mean WTF, I cannot afford an Aries Mars.

  5. Avatar

    HI! I also have Mars in Scorpio in the 8th house (Aries ascendant), so I feel I can empathize and add my 2 cents to this conversation. I really understand this feeling that life can be extremely tragic, dark and extreme. I’m an only child, my father died as a child and my mother died on Mother’s Day (to add that extra sting, or is it actually beautifully poignant?), and I have no other family. I’ve been in extremely abusive relationships, abused and have been celibate for 8 years- and I’m only in my early 30s. I’m extremely guarded, no one can know what’s beneath the surface- expect Scorpios- they always wiggle themselves underneath my shell only to cut deep and have me recoil even more. I am militant and unforgiving when it comes to things I want/desire- nothing stands between me and the goal; I will wait forever to exact revenge or get the thing I PRECISELY want. I don’t settle. This Mars placement doesn’t settle, because you always get what you settle for – I fight and wait and strategize to the bitter end. I recently saw “The Revenant” and even though Leo D. is a Scorpio he has 2nd house placements, not 8th, that story of survival, hunting your prey and, ultimately, triumph really resonated with me. It’s worth a watch if you have 8th house placements. I’ve found the best way to survive because 8th house Scorpios are primal animals at heart, is to channel your intensity into NOT doing drugs, being sexually clean and fastidious, being athletically rigorous, and doing some type of research work. Speaking of research work, be sure that when you dig too deep (and we 8th house placements always do), make sure to back away quickly if it gets too dark or may burn you in some way. You are not a dark angel here to uncover the ugly truths at the expense of your own detriment, you are mortal. 8th house Mars in Scorpio falls hard because we secretly want to rebuild ourselves like we are Tony Stark revamping the Iron Man suit, we want the thrill of being the underdog only to triumph while people gawk in disbelief. It’s just like Maya Angelou said, “Still, I RISE.” Don’t forget to rise, because nothing and no one can keep us down for long. We endure.

    1. This is really interesting. Also have Mars in Scorpio in the 8th, Aries ascendant, Sagittarius Sun and Lilith… and Aquarius in 12th. I’m surprised I’m still alive with all the crap that I’ve endured in my life. But I’m refocusing and finding the real me, learning to trust myself and my instincts, and I’ll end up a hero of some kind for sure.

  6. Hahahah….What about me I’ve got mars,moon and Pluto conjuct each other in Scorpio and in 1st house aries….Can somebody please help me how to use my energy….I don’t literally want to hurt anyone around me… I’m very emotionally sensitive…But at the same time turn into a big animal wanting to destroy… Please give me suggestions…I want to do something with this energy diverting towards mankind…

  7. Elsa I really love the way you describe this 8th house and Mars. I have Aries on the cusp of house 8, Mars in Capricorn in house four and Saturn in Scorpio in houst two. I can tell: this is such a great power; a gift to survive the difficulties that I had to face and overcome in my life. I am so gratefull for this!! You gave the correct answer Elsa, you did!!

  8. The thing I’ve learned about friends with Scorpio Mars is that they often underestimate themselves and the amount of power they hold in situations. It’s a very powerful placement but it’s usually after they’ve been consciously guided out of the disempowered state. Then they come out like James Bond. Stealthily, mysteriously, confidently, and with swagger. ?

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