Big Changes In 2026 – Aries On Deck – Boots On The Ground!

Aries 2026Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Taurus and the future (Jupiter) in unpredictable (Uranus).  Saturn and Neptune are in Pisces but they won’t actually form a conjunction until they reach Aries.  The conjunction occurs on February 20th, 2026.  There are many ways to see this and I know people are concerned!

Will we wake in a military (Aries) prison of sorts?  Invisible walls (Saturn Neptune)?

I’m feeling good about it, myself, because I have a grounding way of seeing this. I made this video so explain how you can ger a grip on it too.

Three minutes to dispel the fear and fog.


What house in your chart will be affected?  How will you take control?


10 thoughts on “Big Changes In 2026 – Aries On Deck – Boots On The Ground!”

  1. When I stay tuned to my immediate needs I am free centered peaceful
    Some planets swing close open waterways some sweep me in some pound me like a rocky seashore storm, but I feel strong
    During storms , I can rock and roll with salt sprayed face marveling at Nature’s strength, for me
    Bring it! I suspect some maybe certain age groups find confusion
    And give in and let Fear win.Thanks for the looking ahead
    It’s not like anyone can opt out of Nature , so I get a feeling it’s like when the 2000 mark came and many anticipated the irreparable
    Storm. ever noticed how crazy wild the ocean will be in in a day or two it’s like.calm I’ve always been impressed with sailors and the sea types. They have such faith not so much faith that the storm will go away that they are strong enough to enjoy the storm, I had this little poster once and it said something about aren’t you afraid of the storm and the answer was no I am the storm happy Sunday

  2. …. Much RESPECT Elsa for this live version. ….yes Brave SOULS step up also rockstars. The Sunday morning special best wishes

  3. Aries in 10th house. I’m retiring this June, or at least I hope to be. But, I know I’ll need sine kind of gig job to make spending money! I like antiques and flea markets and flipping furniture and cool stuff. Maybe, I can do something in that business. I’m too old and not strong enough to do heavy lifting any more so I had cut out rhe flea markets last year, but maybe I can do a booth in an antique store or something along that line. He’ll, I’ll be 70 years old by then so maybe start getting rid of stuff in my house so my kids don’t have to deal with all my junk!

  4. Not a pretty picture here…conjunction in my 2nd house that will square my natal sun/Uranus conjunction in my 6th! Bad aspects year after year.

  5. Hospitals doors are open. They can’t refuse anyone they can’t take you to court or put on interest so long as you pay a minimal of $.25 a month don’t worry about three dollars a year just don’t fall into that trap of worrying ahead of a bill .You don’t have to pay ahead hospitals are federally funded or if you are the kind of person that wants to save you have a couple years ;I know it sounds not good enough for some, but there are holistic cures to a lot of things. Your body is like a tree. It’s really strong. It has incredible working parts and it’s the master at fixing what’s broken listen to what your body needs , and if it’s time to say No to some things , be strong , be well

  6. Great job explaining thus Elsa. So it’s going to take place in my 4th house. Right now I am making plans to buy a house by the ocean in the next year or two. Might use it to rent out for money or to live , still planning but this is helpful because I know I am going in the right direction! 🌊

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