Sacrifices In Relationship (With Disastrous Results) Pisces With Venus In Pisces

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Dear Elsa,

I have dated the same man for the past 5 years. We met when I was nineteen. Over the past five years, I have grown up and he has stayed the same as far as personality and way of life. I supported him while he finished college and I thought we were going to get married and all of that.

In December, I found out that he has been talking to and seeing another girl. I was devastated and all my problems and doubts about him surfaced. I have had these doubts all along… but I have issues with failure and abandonment, so I stuck with him. I thought he was my only chance for happiness.

I eventually broke up with him about a month ago and now have moved to a new city. I feel really lost right now and need some guidance. I have been reflecting on the past 10 years of my life and I feel like every relationship I have been in with the opposite sex has failed miserably. I feel like there is something wrong with me. I want to get married and have children someday but, I seem to pick the wrong guys and stay in relationships way longer than I should.

How do I fix this?

Venus in Pisces

Dear Venus,

You are doing a lot of things right and should be very proud. For one thing, you are not playing the victim – which is always the downfall of Pisces. Instead, you are taking a critical look at your own behavior in this last relationship, and your willingness to do this that will save you.

Discrimination is a great skill. It is a Virgo skill, the sign opposite Pisces… and an ability Pisces commonly lacks. It is especially key for you in relationships – not just because you are a Pisces, but because you have both Venus in Pisces and Neptune on the descendant.

Anyway you turn it, you have the propensity to do exactly what you describe above. That is: know something is not right, but opt to ignore, or obscure it so that you can do the Pisces things… sacrifice yourself.

It’s all good until the veil drops and then look the fuck out! So this is your answer. Cultivate Virgo! A Virgo friend would be a good idea. Someone who can offer clarity when it eludes you and you begin to slip into patterns that are destructive.

And this is not to say you can avoid service, or all time spent hanging from a cross. Because that is not realistic. You’re Pisces maaan. You must serve or suffer, but you can learn to filter. You can decide who and what is worthy, and to do this effectively you have to be able to access what is real.

Last, just because you brought it up… I suspect you moving was a very good idea. Uranus is transiting Pisces and it’s time for change.

Good luck and ps… Happy Birthday! 😀

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  1. That makes eminent sense — this whole thing you say here and have said in other responses before, about cultivating friends in the areas where we need counterbalance. I’ve been aware of this for a while, but I’m gonna give it extra consideration from now on. Perfect timing, as I’m undergoing a Pluto transit through my 11th House.

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