Bigger Life, Lighter Moon

Vintage postcard JupiterMost of us have dealt with some grim (Pluto) reality (Capricorn) over the last two days, with the moon in Capricorn, sentizing a Cardinal T-square. The Moon is in Aquarius now, supported by Jupiter and Uranus. Mars is also involved. This should lift our spirits to some degree. You can use this energy by trying to gain (Mars)  perspective (Jupiter) by detaching (Uranus).

In simple terms, keep an eye on the big picture. As ragged as the one thing in your life may be, chances are there’s a lot of positive things going on as well. If you can keep this in mind, it will help you work on whatever problem you have, more effectively. If you push yourself, you may even feel (Moon) joy (Libra) in the process.

Who can relate?

6 thoughts on “Bigger Life, Lighter Moon”

  1. This is exactly how it is. So many things going on my life that for once it’s not my relationship being the source of the issues…a weird feeling for me, believe it or not.

    I feel disillusioned by certain groups I do work for, plus my own job in real life. I am feeling like I want to quit both of them. I want to quit the responsibilities of the group because they seem to be filled with a bunch of childish adults who don’t want to evolve into 2017, and I want to quit my job because new management has taken a lovely, homey workplace with under 10 employees and turned it into a mini corporate maze with division, suspicion, and blatant lies.

    Anyway, after feeling last night like all the walls were tumbling in on me, I asked for guidance before bed. Part of my dream involved seeing goats with big, muscled legs bounding and hopping their way up a mountain. In my chart, I have Mars and Saturn conjunct in the (intercepted) 10th house. Maybe I’m supposed to keep going? Maybe I should keep on persisting?

    I usually know when to cut my losses and move on; I’m good at not wasting energy. But with this…this feels like a Neptunian fog of confusion and disillusionment. But then I think of one of my favorite sayings: “The darkest hour is just before dawn”. Maybe what I am trying to accomplish is just right around the corner.

  2. I had been feeling so heavy since the political election and this included gaining a few pounds. Additionally, I am Cuban born, and Trump reminded me so much of Castro and this was triggering so many of the feelings of dread and constant anxiety that I had as a little girl in Cuba and that I also felt my parents having. Then Castro dies and that brings up so many memories as well. My jaw had been locking nearly every day since the election (this is something that happens time to time with me, but it was happening every day!) Then something happened starting with Friday! I started feeling lighter! Additionally, yesterday, I felt absolutely illuminated! I started feeling my outlook change, and feeling grateful about life! Feeling gratitude right now, feeling content and blessed. May the illumination continue for all of us, for all of humanity and all of our planet.

  3. On Friday, I did a healing meditation with a friend, and during the entire time, I felt my third eye, and crown chakras very intensely. My friend told me she felt her crown chakra “expand” as well. I wonder how much of the shift I am experiencing is related to that and the its timing as well.

  4. Saturday and Sunday were very very difficult days for me. Goldie, I love “The darkest hour is right before the dawn.” I’m still here.

  5. Horrible weekend. My job, during the week, is fantastic. My relationship is all about being attacked when not expecting it.

    My moon in Cancer Is suffering.
    My Capricorn sun is saying, ‘detach and get on with it’.
    My Scorpio ascendant is saying ‘kill the ass****.’

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