The Sun, Ego and Selfishness

I was talking to my husband…

“It’s the ultimate in selfishness, P. There they are, the center of the universe. Shining their light on everyone around them. Shiiiining their light on the universe and on all the planets around them,” he said.

I laughed.

‘Yeah, how dare you not engage them. How dare you not pay attention to them? They are the center of the world.”

Know anyone like this? Where is their Sun, how is it aspected?

16 thoughts on “The Sun, Ego and Selfishness”

  1. ME! With 4 planets in Leo, what else do you expect? But I manage this like an adult. I help other people to find their own light, and I don’t demand attention. After all, no one likes a queen who is also a jackass. XP

  2. I felt like one’s personal interest astrology, unless you are an astrologer, is a stroke fest. What can I learn about me, how can I know this about me, what does this mean in my chart, etc. It was more the way I felt rather than really knowing that other people were the same. Some might be interested in it to learn about human nature, or about their own nature in some not self-centered way…

  3. My mother! Leo Rising with Pluto and Jupiter, Cancer sun trining a moon/Mars conjunction in Pisces. It’s always all about her; I would know. 🙂

    Also my ex: Libra sun trine the moon, and conjunct Libra rising with Pluto. Venus in Leo. Gets a temper when he doesn’t get his way – but that’s probably the Mars in Scorpio conjunct Uranus.

  4. I’ve seen this in every sign to some degree. The worst was capricorn sun.

    I don’t mind queens or divas as long as they’re not assholes. They’re actually fun and I prefer the background or sidelines so have no problem with those who like the spotlight. Especially if they’re entertaining and good souls at heart. It’s the vicious ones I can’t stand to be near.

  5. I have my capricorn sun in the fifth house along with jupiter and various other planets and Leo rising…..I have been told by many friends that I bring out their fun…their light. I know that I have a knack of attracting people to me quite easily….I seem to be
    easy to approach. I have been told I have a presence and people want to get close and get to know me …..I have noticed this, but my view of life is that it should be lived with gusto. enjoy yourself ….this is your life….
    I have watched my husband go into this turmoil over the economy…obsessing over it….I say…..”hey, we are the bees, we can make more honey” don’t worry so much, we have so much…meaning health, house, good kids, good friends….life is an adventure…

  6. My mother is very much like that…Libra Sun, not sure on all the aspects, but I know it trines her Moon. God forbid you weren’t paying attention to her when SHE needed it (especially if she wasn’t EXPRESSING the need)…all hell would break loose (she considered it “rude” that you didn’t know she needed you for something…heh)

  7. Uh yep! I can relate. I am surrounded by fun Leos and people with Leo energy. Even when I was growing up, everyone in my family were multiple Leos. Leo dad, Leo mom, sibling with several planets in Leo. My first BF was also a multiple Leo.

    Imagine the effect of this on a kid/teenager with Saturn on her Sun and lots of planets in Aquarius… 🙂

  8. Me!

    Maybe Leo midheaven. Sun conjunct mars/pluto maybe. I would guess that’s a fairly hefty ego. I like to think it gets balanced by capricorn moon and mercury square saturn. I struggle to find the middle line between feeling fabulous and worthless 🙂

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    Little Miss Hermit

    My dad! Sun conjunct Pluto, Chiron, Eros and Psyche in Leo on the ascendant, trine Mars in Aries in the 10th! The only one who could care less about my dad’s demands is my uncle (they’re brothers in law, not siblings), who has the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Scorpio…;)(And who is a natural healer, btw – his presence is incredibly warm, calming and soothing).
    My dad, too, has the Moon in Scorpio; the dynamic between the two of them is something else – non-verbal all the way;)

  10. Well this Leo revolves her life around her loved ones, not me, so I do not agree at all with the Leo thing. I have Sun, Venus, and Uranus in Leo. I do not ask anyone to kiss my ass, but trust me no-one asks me to kiss theirs either, tha is for sure.

  11. Me. Leo Rising, Sun/Jupiter/Neptune/Merc in the 5th.

    How I deal with it… I set my expectations for attention at a reasonable amount from each person depending on their relationship to me (stranger, acquaintance, co-worker, friend, lover). Then when I do have hold of the amount of attention I think I have a right to expect, I make it count (with the energy of Saturn/Venus in Scorpio providing substance to the Leo).

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