Pluto In Capricorn Square Mars – I Failed To Die!

tiramisuI woke up early yesterday, to make some tiramisu for some ladies at my hair salon.  It’s not a Southern dessert. It’s also slightly naughty because it has rum in it. These ladies don’t drink and they live in a dry county.

I told them I would make it for them, but they best not be spreading rumors about how I was a “heathen” with a giant bottle of rum at my house. They agreed to this condition.

I like the process of making tiramisu. It’s calms me. I needed that after this death situation. I’m surrounded by death and various other harsh things at this time, though I am doing well, personally.

I dropped the tiramisu off, once it had set.Unfortunately, I got in a (single) car accident on my way home.

Fortunately  no one was hurt. This was crazy-lucky, considering the circumstance. My car is certainly not okay and may wind up a total loss.  I’m pretty sure the death(s) contributed to the accident. I was distracted when I hit a slick spot. I spun into the guardrail that saved my life, popped off it, spun and hit it again.

This happened on a blind spot on a winding mountain road. Luckily, no one came around from either corner, smashing me (and themselves) to smithereens, before I had a chance to back my car up from blocking both lanes, and drive on…oddly, because you should see my car.

Anyway…today I saw my doctor. This was my last appointment after a solid year of non-stop trouble. I am well now, or rather, everything is under control.

“How do you feel?” he asked.

“Feel?  Great. I feel, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” I said, with glee.

So now I am going take this Pluto Mars transit and work to recover my strength and overall prowess. If I don’t die, this is.

I’m starting with yoga.  I used to be an advanced student but I’m the bottom of the barrel now. I don’t care. I know what can be done and I’m going to do it.

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  1. This scared me to death. We are going though some kind of terrific mess and keep standing up through it all. I don’t know how. But we are. Thank you God and the Angels for seeing Elsa though this. I need her, we need her. Please let nothing happen to this woman. This made me weep and sob yesterday when I read about it.

    It’s all around me too. Creeping, letting me know its close…just as a reminder to be grateful for every moment I can take a breath. Reminding me to be thankful for every single little thing. I have never had this so close to me before and its frightening really…. and even so it brings such knowledge and light….like a big door opened and I can see things I have never seen before….easily. Things I didn’t look for before.

    Crying as I type this….sounds crazy I know…please be safe my friend.

    1. I’m trying! Thank you!

      I have all this bone/frame issues. I have no idea how I was not hurt. I really have no issues from it. I turned into the slide, experienced from 20 years of CO snow driving. I saw the guardrail coming and knew it would save my life.

      To have no cars come from either direction was an additional grace. I was able to get home (no cell phone coverage anyway), and then call the sheriff and turn myself in.

      I am responsible for damage to the guardrail…if there was damage, which I would think there was. But I was in a little (plastic) Mazda so who knows?

  2. Happy yoga! I just started this year and it’s like it teaches me to let go. Let go, let go, let go… of so many things and feelings that’s been bottled up the past year or so.

    Glad to hear you are ok! Please keep it that way, ‘kay?? 🙂

    All the best xxx

  3. the news that you are moving into this year, having survived a HUGE cosmic “got your attention”, is simply


    Love to you, and many thanks to the Angels that fly a little ahead of you.


  4. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles and recent losses, Elsa.
    Glad to hear you are managing and mitigating them for the most part.
    Every best wish, as always, for you and yours.
    xo CP

  5. Elsa, I know from experience what a Pluto-Mars transit means. I think about you a lot these days. I read between the lines. Prayed for you as well. Please be careful dear. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.
    And indeed: your blog helped many of us again and again.

  6. I’m hopping my Canerian Daughter is able to use this energy to heal and build her strength as well. She was involved in an industrial accident on the 17th of November 2016 at her work. Her shop had just gotten in new trucks with new lift gates on them. Not thinking the new life gate was that much different than the one she had been using she loaded the truck like normal. when it was time to fold the lift gate it was a great deal different and because she had not had proper instruction on how to use it she ended up smashing and breaking the bone in the tip of her thumb and pinching off the outside edge of her left thumb. Four hours of Reconstruction surgery skin graphs to rebuild the thumb latter. If she didn’t have me and her man friend she would have to have home health to help her bath and dress. Workmen comp is paying for it all but still. My husband and I feel that she should get an attorney and sue the lift gate manufacture because the design of this life gate is dangerous. There have been a large number of injuries thanks to this design.

  7. Glad you’re okay. Car accidents, even if not hurt, can really shake one up. Ah. Pluto square Mars tenacity to keep surviving.

  8. Especially with the neck ordeal! That’s one of my worse fears after my year long neck issues with surgery and procedures as well. I really hope yoga helps you and am looking forward to hearing how you do with it for my own inspiration as well.

  9. Neighbor coming by to see if he might be able to fix the car. I think it’s a bit worse than he realizes, but we’ll see.

    I’m told I can remove the tires, drill a hole in the gas tank and sell if for scrap – 45 cents a pound, 2000 pound car, so $90.

    Not good, huh?

    The car is a 2010 Mazda with 49,900 miles on it!

  10. Angels. All around you! Glad to hear you are getting back to yoga. Nonjudgmental awareness: your practice is your practice, no matter where you are. There is no bottom of the barrel; there is no “advanced”– only you and the consistency and sincerity oh your practice.

  11. Tiramisu with rum? What a take! Great combo & sounds very Elsa-like – good stuff with a twist.
    Luckily the car accident was “only” material, cars can be replaced, but people not so. Your guardian angel at work again I think. He/she keeping a good eye on you. (They don’t care much about cars probably)
    And yoga is good, connects the mind to the body (or the other way around?). Def your body needs tender care and compassion, from you, too.

  12. Dear sweet and amazing Elsa, I am so glad you are still here. You are such a gift to all of us. Sending you infinite blessings and prayers of protection.

  13. Thank heavens you’re alive, Elsa! Cars and tiramisu can be replaced, but you cannot! I hope for the best outcome with your car situation whether able to be fixed or insurance compensates well enough for another car. Wishes for further safety going forward.
    Thanks for the dose of Mary Poppins, made me smile to watch it.

  14. Spinning out on curves makes you tough, girl. Here’s to all life’s risks and adventures, may they all end as well.

  15. Lucky for you Elsa, it’s a glass half full moment to be sure. It feels like there are still last stings in the Pluto tail as it moves on through, and we have to be ever watchful of it. Yoga is such a gift, I am about to start again too. It’s great when you let it take you to another place. And the zen of baking too!

  16. I’m glad you failed to die—and were able to clear yourself out of the way of any cars coming along….And Tiramusu sounds like a great way to celebrate life?? Crazy times we are having! I chuckled about swearing the ladies to secrecy;))

  17. Yikes Elsa! I add my prayers of thanks that you were not injured and got home safe! A miracle indeed!
    I am so curious about how the ladies liked your Tiramisu! I bet there was some funny tipsy chatting going on…lol

    Good for you staring Yoga. I always say after a break in practice I am “beginning again”, like in Mindful Meditation. Just begin again. Then I feel fresh, attentive and enjoy the journey.

    Happy Hoilidays to you and your Family!!

  18. OMGosh, I’m so sorry for your accident, totaled car, and near brush with death. I’ve had transiting Mars conjunct my natal Chiron for the last few days, so I’m trying to keep out of trouble with moving things. Best wishes to you Elsa. <3

  19. Thanks, everyone. My car is to be salvaged by my neighbor so this is good. If it went to scrap, I would get like $100 on a car with less than 50K miles on it! Not sure how long it might take. He’s in the process of finding parts at the lowest cost. This impacted me enough, I don’t really feel like driving so I’m sticking close to home.

    1. …saw this just now- thank god you are ok!
      o captain my captain-much love
      sticking close to home actually sounds lovely 🙂
      ( since you have your own garden to roam)

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