Saturn In Sagittarius – When The Thing You Want Won’t Make You Happy

Centaur SagittariusMany people are chasing something that will never make them happy. Saturn in Sagittarius will have as all going over whatever it is that we believe.  This will present us with an opportunity to make sure the future we aspire to will actually satisfy us.

Saturn is always concerned with maturing.  It makes sense to update your wardrobe, the design and decor of your home or your contract at work. But what about your beliefs?

It’s easy to get so caught up in the wanting or in the challenge of attaining something, you lose site of other things. I’ve done it myself. Failed to stop long enough to realize that what I wanted at twenty years old, was not what I wanted at thirty or forty.

It’s a shock at first. But then you settle in, working (Saturn) towards a vision of your future happiness (Sagittarius).

Are your beliefs, fresh?

17 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius – When The Thing You Want Won’t Make You Happy”

  1. I think the key to this for me is the statement that what you want at twenty is not necessarily what you want at thirty, forty, etc. I think the future is going to look very different than what I expected.

  2. Oh my. I am sure it is going to be a big shift. With the Uranus square Pluto there has already been some big shifts in my life. But with Saturn in Sagittarius I think the changes will definitively sink in and I hope I will learn to be more honest about what I have become.

  3. One thing that I know will make me happy is when Saturn gets out of Scorpio. I lost a lot during that transit in terms of friends, career, money, etc. All of my beliefs about continuing down the same path in the future were destroyed under that transit.

    My beliefs are no longer relevant and I feel lost and disillusioned. It doesn’t help that t. Neptune is square my Sadge Sun right now. I can’t wait until Saturn comes along and helps me rebuild my life.

    I’m an older person now at 61, but I don’t feel old and I’m healthy. I feel like I’m in limbo between where my younger self was and heading into the unknown territory of the beginnings of old age.

    1. This, and what DianeZee says below, is very similar to my experience too. I am 58. I have Sun/Mercury/north node at the end of Scorpio. They all have been, or are still being, hit by Saturn. Then Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn in the middle of February – my second Saturn return.

      I have also lost friends, beliefs, money, career, and a 19 year relationship since Saturn has been in Scorpio. But I am not sad to lose them. JoFrance when you said: “I feel like I’m in limbo between where my younger self was and heading into the unknown territory of the beginnings of old age.”… I could have written that myself.

    2. I will be 54 next week. I, too have lost many friends, connections, and a direction in life in the past years. Even in the worst of times, my friends and direction pulled me thru those rough times…when I lost “life as I knew it “. I lost me. I am beginning to see a light at the end of this tunnel and no longer wonder if it’s just another train.. I believe after 5 years of loss there is not much that can bring me down at this point. I feel I have gained enormous strength and ready to take on the world…hang in there peeps you will get through this..I have very little left to lose or very little left for people to take from me….I’m ready to take on the world on my terms only…I thought I was alone with this dark feeling….look…there are many of us in the same funk. Hold tight

  4. Hahahaaaaa. I’ve had my 12 degree/h9 Aries Saturn and 12 degree/H12 Cancer Mercury continuously updated since forever by Uranus/Pluto.

    I don’t know what more could possibly be updated. That being said … Since eventually that T-Saturn will enter my 5th house, I’m up for some beliefs around creativity and creation to get upheaved.

  5. Oddly enough, it never even occurred to me that I’ve been changing my future-focus and that this coincides with the end of Saturn in one sign and its entrance into a new sign. I’ve been so preoccupied with Pluto in my 1st house and Neptune conjunct my Mercury, I missed the fact that Saturn is going into Sagittarius and that’s where my Moon is. My situation sounds similar to JoFrance in that I’m in my 60s and my friends, career, money and general beliefs have all changed over the last few years. What I thought I wanted even in just the past year has already changed to something else, so it’ll be interesting to see how that manifests over the next few years.

  6. I’m curious. I have no planets in Sag, but my 5th house is Sag. How does that work? Only if its aspecting a planet? Or the house itself?

  7. I constantly have an argument with myself that what I “want” isn’t really what I want, or more specifically that if I go after it, it will not make me happy. Quite the opposite, actually. Not sure how that fits in with this, but it’s a daily argument for me: No, you won’t like it if you try it. No, you can’t have it. No, it’s not worth the price you would pay for it (especially that one). I just wish I could take “no” for a permanent answer already instead of having this stupid argument daily.

    1. Jennifer, I have much the same problem! Do you have Mars in Capricorn, or in the 12th house, as I do? Is Pluto transiting your 12th house or Ascendant, or Neptune transiting your 2nd house?

  8. Yes, I’ll be so glad when Saturn finishes up its transit of Scorpio (until it goes retrograde again in June)! However, it will still be in my 12th house until it gets to about 10 degrees of Sag, whenever that is; but I can almost feel the relief from this deep desire of introspection. I feel like I’ve put everything (especially myself) under the microscope for the last 2 years and not having to evaluate everything is something I’m really looking forward to. I plan to just focus on myself and my well-being, get some exercise, and try thinking more positive thoughts as it goes into my 1st house. 🙂

  9. Some scientists put a monkey in a room. Every day they brought the monkey some orange juice and the monkey’s feel good dopamine went up. After a while the monkey’s dopamine went up when the door opened and the light went on. And then the monkey’s dopamine started going up when the monkey heard the footsteps coming down the hall. It wasn’t just the juice, it was the excitement of the outcome. The attainment, the success. It’s a driving force? The guy talking about it seemed to think it has something to do with survival. ????

    Anyhoo, I am jazzed about saturn changing signs because i am in a place with astro awareness that I want to see what happens when saturn retros back into scorpio again next summer. Don’t mean to be a wet blanket for all the saturn in scorpio haters. I just find it interesting.

  10. Checked my journal. I had made some notes on the juiced monkey conversation. The point the guy was really making is that the monkey was capable of knowing results. And he summized that aided the animal in survival, ie food water shelter. Much simpler. 😀

  11. Saturn going into Sagitarius and moving out of Scorpio. Will scorpio be given a break finally. I am a Scorpio and this transit really effected me. I am always doing charitable work for others but wondering if I will see some Good Karma coming my way anytime soon.

    love Scorpio Sun 8th House

  12. It really helps for me to re-read your post, Elsa. Really examining (Jupiter is now in Virgo through much of 2016) what I/We me and my husband really want to ‘be happy’ BEFORE expending lots of energy (which we don’t have in reserve) and INCLUDING our future generation (our young family members who will inherit our legacy) in the thinking process. All the while Neptune aspects Saturn to fog things up just to make things ‘interesting.’ Geez.

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