Gemini Hell – Part One – Elsa P And Billy Her Hero, The Collision

This is the first story I ever wrote… in 2001. I have written many since and while my writing has probably improved I am going to leave this as is: Vintage Elsa P. Enjoy!

The Collision

When you study Gemini in astrology, invariably you read that Gemini has two lives or is two faced. Two lives? Sounds kind of eerie. What do they mean? Do they live a past life while they live a usual one? Do they live one life and then live another later?

And what about, two faced? It sounds negative and judgmental, so only marginally helpful, unless you’re a non-Gemini out looking for dirt on your Gemini enemy.

The Gemini mind is ultra swift and prefers a lot of stimulation. They’re easily bored by the likes of you and I so they toss several balls in the air to stay amused. This is a way to make life more tolerable and interesting for them. They really can’t be faulted; any more than a Virgo can for reading all the time, or a Sagittarius for moving on.

And one night I saw Gemini in their version of hell, and here’s the story. If you’re not a Gemini, it will offer some insight into how the dual lives thing works, and if you are? Well then take a lesson from Billy here, and don’t let this happen to you.


Billy was a Leo man with a Gemini Moon and a Sagittarius rising. He was into the rockabilly thing and he had taken it to the extreme. He waxed nostalgic about 50’s values and had his home decorated retro. This was pre-Ebay, so far more impressive than if you ran across it today. He had the clothing, the furniture, the kitchen appliances, and the music.

Being a natural actor via his Leo sun, he had pretty much completely immersed himself in his role. He would come home from work to don vintage slippers and a smoking jacket and expect a casserole to be served. He wore this persona very well. He even walked like he was from a different era. He could have been on a postcard. He had “Movie Star” quality. He was DAPPER. So there he was and I showed up.

I’m not a Leo, but I have a Leo Venus which means that I can act too. One of things I can do excellently well is act as if I adore a Leo man. My Venus to his Sun makes me his ideal broach.

Not that I know that I’m acting necessarily. I’m drawn to his “movie” via my Venus, so into my roll I hop, not exactly conscious I am in character. Why be conscious when deluding yourself is so much more fun? I quickly became as immersed in his movie, as he was. Billy, my hero, and so forth.

And since I’m good at what I do, and since that Leo Venus is square Neptune and superbly gifted at illusion, it appeared to the observer (the audience in our case) that I was Billy’s perfect compliment.

Long term, we were doomed but who cares about that when there’s good drama on offer?

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21 thoughts on “Gemini Hell – Part One – Elsa P And Billy Her Hero, The Collision”

  1. I’m learning firsthand all about Gemini these days (there’s a person with Gemini Asc. + Gemini Moon in 12th in my life) and well, it is proving very… interesting (since I have ‘no’ Gemini to speak of). We are learning to navigate our differences!!

  2. Thanks for some Gemini talk! I have a Gemini Asc., so I’m always eager for information. And thanks for giving a poke at that “two faced” thing. It’s always really bugged me that Gemini was characterized in that way.

  3. Yeah, I know a lot of Geminis (mostly women) and I haven’t found them to be two-faced. Nor are they all necessarily flaky. In fact, two of my female Gemini friends are the most constant, most reliable women I know. I find the men are a little harder to pin down, though.

  4. Loonsounds, I have written a book and it is organized 600+ pages.

    Further, I have material for several others at least. One of these days I will probably be published… I am almost sure and guaranteed to be published when I am dead so you know. Whatever. ::shakes head in Neptunian confusion::

  5. Elsa. I was wondering if you had any comment on the girl born in india who was born with two faces? ( really, did you see it in the news?) Did you see this? She really has two cute little faces in a photograph. IS this the kind of thing that you say you don’t believe in the press because of? I tend to think this is true because of the photograph and why would the press make up a story like this? (It was not in a tabloid newspaper)…

  6. This is good material. You probably have already written a book if you compile, organize, and so on. Yes. I agree! More please 🙂

  7. Naw man, speaking for myself, it’s very easy for a Gemini to rather naturally fall into two-facedness. I can easily tell one friend one thing and another friend the other, I have a lot of trouble not talking shit about one friend to another. It’s very hard to keep secrets, secrets fall out of me. It’s very hard for me to take a moral high ground on these things. My mom, an Aquarius, does. In many ways, I’m not the person she probably would have wanted and she’s not convinced that I’m a good person (she’s never seen the other, Cancer side of me that can be occasionally, randomly caring to my friends, only the one that is callous and selfish to her). Her friends used to confide in her and she would never tell. She hates gossiping, lying, telling other people’s secrets, juggling your friends, hee hee. I realized that with Uranus and Saturn in Sagittarius, I am serious about truth and earnestness not in daily situations, but philosophical integrity in exploring/finding the truth. But yet, I can find lightmindedness about cheating that I’ve recently discovered in some Libras to be repellent.

  8. I think two faced is a bit too nice in describing a gemini. HOw about, they can be totally insensative, shallow, and manipulative to the pooint of cutting you out of there lives completely if they have somthing to gain.

  9. Hey! I have geminii moon Sadge ASC and Leo Midheaven with two planets there: Mars and Jupiter, this last one don`t allow me act a falsehood however I admit it, I delight the little geminni tricks , sometimes, (ha haha) This story could be interesting to me.
    Des let me tell it in gemini style:
    doble sided -> complex and sophisticated –
    liers -> sophistic
    Gossipers -> info seekers
    insensitive -> brainy
    and so on…

  10. Yes, it’s easy to cut people out of my life, but It’s usually the person that has crossed me, or participated in giving me heartache. The one thing that gives me heartache is for a friend or associate,co-worker, or family member to stab me in the back. The most important are the ones who think they are staying away from you but it’s actually you staying away from them.

  11. Jessica – Nah, it’s his Moon in Gemini.

    “Billy was a Leo man with a Gemini Moon and a Sagittarius rising.”

    And I don’t know about adore, but I can definitely “be seen” with a Leo to the point where it is embarrassing not only to myself but to family members (another story ;))

  12. Moon in Gemini! So how about his? Love this story. I bet your Leo Venus can adore. Just slightly less than it wants to be adored.

  13. Oh. My. God.

    This has been the story I’m trying to tell: “Why be conscious when deluding yourself is so much more fun?”

    And “Long term, we were doomed but who cares about that when there’s good drama on offer?”

    Wow. That really says it.

    If you add, “It was also a temporary band-aid or fix to something”

    Then you have like everyone I know’s relationships right now! (Okay, not everyone, I do have some friends with solid stuff) but I can’t understand this.

    People know they’re doomed . . . and yet . . .

    (Well, and don’t get me wrong, I’m (was) guilty of this too) – but it’s terribly fascinating. “Sure, I’ll key into your movie! Let’s go!”

  14. With a cancer on the Mid Heaven, all i want is to peacefully co-exist. I have a hard time with drama, mostly because i want to define family relationships more than anything.

  15. “manipulative to the point of cutting you out of there lives completely if they have something to gain.”

    Just wait till my friends find that one out :-/

  16. that’s so odd! I have been thinking about your gemini hell story all week, not even remembering the fact that he was a gemini! so odd.

  17. Avatar
    Johnnie Johnnie Johnson

    Having no Gemini in my chart, I find them delightful and diversionary (entertaining). I’m a Virgo and we talk easily, about stuff that’s sort of goes right by the others. But I learned as a kid not to take Geminis seriously, in my Virgo way. I just mess THEM up, too. They’re not bad people, they just have so many diverse thoughts whirring around all the time, like me, sometimes they pick the wrong ones. And oh yeah, my younger brothers, identical twins were born just barely on the Cancer side of that Gem/Can cusp. As they’ve grown older, I’ve discovered one sort of drifted to Gemini, and married a Gemini. My brothers are both on the moody side, but their Sag moons save them. The other twin drifted towards Cancer, and is always marrying his opposite, Capricorn. If you ask me, the results of those Can/Cap relationships suck.

  18. eh, but i don’t see why one has to separate reality into little distinct bits to pull a good chameleon face shifting thing. it can be fun.
    i guess i’ve known people who’ve gone waaaay too far into their role.

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