Black Moon Lilith in the Sixth House – Champion of the Weak

berlin black moon lilithIf you have Lilith in the 6th house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of health, service, and work. You will be tasked with reclaiming your power and standing up for those who need it most.

In traditional astrology, the 6th house is known as the house of Bad Fortune. The 6th house is where things outside our control happen to us. Illness, pain, and disability simply happen sometimes, and no one is to blame. But with Lilith here, you have been blamed for your own misfortune, asked to answer for the unanswerable. You may have experience with ableism or other types of discrimination, and have been expected to overcome insurmountable odds while your challenges were minimized and dismissed.

The 6th house is also associated with common people. This is where we as average, everyday people come into contact with those who have power over us. Bosses, landlords, administrators, etc. In an ideal world, those people would use their power judiciously and look out for us and our needs. But if you have Lilith in the 6th, this is rarely the case. Instead, you are regularly on the receiving end of abuse of power.

With Lilith in the 6th, wounds and trauma can turn inward, very literally making you sick. If your pain and frustration don’t have some kind of outlet, it can become truly debilitating. Luckily, you can put this pain to good use, advocating for the powerless. I know a good number of people with this placement who have done very good work with animals, at-risk youth, and the elderly. Others have become labor organizers and social workers. One way or another, your wounds must take on a higher form.

While there is much more to be said, I’ll leave you with this: You above all can see exactly how power corrupts. You can see the way the weak are stepped upon. You feel their helplessness and outrage. The world needs you to stand up and make things right. To restore order and balance. You have the power to heal us all.

Do you have Lilith in the 6th? What is it like for you?

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  1. I have this placement and very much relate to your last paragraph. Unfortunately I feel powerless against the powerful, except in taking care of my family. So that’s what I do. And when I can do anything else, I make sure to. But overall, I feel what I am – just another common person. I’m not any more special than anyone else, and even looking back in time, it’s always been this way: the ones in control and the ones who are under their control. I can only do so much. Lilith is with Mars and Pluto in my 6th.

    1. Old post- but I have BML and Mars… and uranus. What absolute hell this is in the workplace!! I can only really be happy working alone. I work in psychiatry, which I love. I see people AS THEY ARE and can intuit problems. The most amazing, profound things come out of my mouth COMPLETELY UNBIDDEN! Seriously, I don’t know where they come from cause it’s not my brain. I often leave patients with their mouths open, a little stunned. They remember what I said but I don’t. It’s such a weird ‘talent’ but only fits intimate settings. I say weird shit in the wrong places, too (hence my workplace conflict).it’s a more negative than positive thing for sure

  2. I have that placement, and I don’t really feel like talking about it but would like to relate one example. 13 years ago, I watched a documentary about corporate hog farming called 60 Days to 100 Kilos. Was traumatized and felt sick for weeks afterwards – still do to the extent that I have to make this post.

    1. Where did you see this doc? I have this placement but I’m not sure by what you mean by you being traumatized? Was it because of the documentary and feeling like you couldn’t do anything about it? Idk just guessing here, but I’d like to know! I also can’t seem to find it online…

  3. I can relate to this. I always thought it was my Sun + Jupiter in Pisces in 3rd house. Interesting that Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini in the 6th.

    I have *felt* the suffering of the weak so much that it debilitated me from doing anything out in the world. I did do a ton of volunteering for some decades, but I realized it was producing such a tiny result compared to what was needed in the world so I dropped it. I switched to decades of group prayer and meditation. It felt much better, but no tangible results – just had to have faith that they were happening.

    Seeing this Gemini / 3rd house link is giving me some ideas…

    1. I so relate to what you’ve written aspire. Sometimes we simply have to fall back on faith and accept that we’ve done, and continue to do, what we can.

  4. Interesting. In the last few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix documentaries involving the abuse of power. It’s quite upsetting. Lilith is indeed in my sixth house (in Aries) and I have had major health issues over the years. It’s also crazy that I happened upon this site now, amidst the current documentary watching I mentioned and in my quest to further understand how Lilith affects me.

  5. Why does it feel like wherever we have Lilith or Chiron is precisely where we can’t manifest or do anything about the energy of this house?
    If someone feels this so deeply why is it so hard to do something with it?

  6. I have Lilith in the 6th house, and have spent my entire life working either in the service industry or health care. My husband was disabled. I currently work with the disabled and elderly. So this fits.

  7. Lilith is the only thing in my 6th house. I’m so abused. What did I do??? I’m ready to be done now…I’m so freaking traumatized I don’t dare leave my house. Today is my birthday, and I have no more friends…I’m tired of getting stabbed in the back. Always been a caregiver and usually help anyone who looks to be suffering, but good karma just never comes. I hate my life. My birth chart is so sad…it was right about my abuse as a child, and says I’m most likely to die by my own hand, or from a violent murder. Oh yay. ???

    1. Oh Katie, I am so sorry. I can feel the pain you’re in. I do want to say that whoever told you about the possible circumstances of your death was not practicing responsibly and is probably wrong. There are just too many factors for anyone to make that prediction.

      And life can get better. If you want to talk, I am here.

    2. Hello, I have never been one to respond to anything but I read your comment and wanted to reach out. I have Lilith as my 6th house as well, and I can definitely see where you are coming from. While as a child I was not physically abused, I was put into many different emotional situations at a very young age which impacted my adulthood. I was in two extremely abusive relationships back to back. To be honest the others all built up to it in terms of abuse, but none as bad as the man I married. I am not going to explain more because you know what I am talking about. I wanted to write because you can leave. You deserve happiness and respect. I can give you some ideas of the things I did to escape with a small child safely and secretly. I don’t want to make a paper trail for him to find, but I am putting an alert on this comment. No strings, no questions but I have been there and you’re worth so much more.

      1. Please ride out the tough part. I don’t know how old you are, but I have found as I approach 60 that something ‘clicked’ and my power came roaring back to me after decades of being passive. Roaring like a lion and just that angry and aggressive! I’m reminded of Genesis: Lilith as Adams first wife. She was a powerful woman, Adam’s attempt to control drove her out of the relationship. I feel physically better as well. Yoga is really good to control all the energy. Otherwise I might run around telling people “Seriously, go F yourself” LOLOLOL

    3. I can relate to that sooo much! Have lilith in Aries in the 6th house, and i have been through soo much, i give away so much but never recieve it back. But i am here for you Katie, you are not alone i swear. Reach out whenever you feel like it. It’s gonna get better for us, we freaking deserve it!❤️

  8. I have the question: Lord of 6 is square Lilith.What could it mean? I am like Scherlok Holmes to see the details.Or maybe I am in war with powerful people?

    1. Welcome, Marija!

      I think you’re exactly right on both counts. Seeing the whole chart would give more detail, but I would guess that you would be on a quest to fight for the underdog, but have to grapple with authorities to get anything done.

  9. Hello black Moon in Lilith in the 6 house. I have finally come to the point of ….I am done being a victim and I realized I have been a warrior that has been silencened for far too long not just for my in justice so much but done with injustice in general in this world there is way too much. I understand this path my mine is my own. I never was a victim I do blame myself for the injustice done in my life because I finally know who I am. I have been done being silent now since 2017. And you know what…. I will never look back. I can finally and from my heart say I am proud to make that leap in life and to not hold back anymore. I have lost so much opportunity for myself I am not ashamed either . We are human we learn we breathe and we move on. I hope this reaches anyone ready to do the brave step as well peace,love and light.

  10. This is meeeee to a teeee! Feeling blessed that my Sun is in Aries to really have that courage to fight the power abusers in & help others find their own tone of “I AM!” – also my Scorpio Moon helps me embody my Lillith (overall, all parts of me) so I think this is what’s helped me maintain a healthy body & mind – ensuring I hold no shame/guilt. However, this leads me falling in deeper traps of helping others that have lead to physical & mental abuse. Really trying to hone into my ability to see through the ego and lift others up with my Lillith & Mars in Cancer and spread joy more to those that will be more reciprocative! Thank you so much. Grateful that I can refer to this when I need.

  11. Wow… I had lilith transiting my 6th house (sextile neptune, opposition sun, trine midheaven transits) on that particular day. The day I was traumatized in the worst of ways, being overpowered, only to be traumatized and overpowered by the police on the following day. I spent the rest of that year being overpowered by crippling PTSD as well. Once I started coming out of it, though, it’s just like the last paragraph says. I found my purpose. This is just confirmation of what my dharma is all about. I just wish I would’ve come to that conclusion without going through all of that suffering.

  12. I have Lilith and Chiron in the 6th as well as Uranus in the 10th. My life has been full of trauma, abuse, power struggles, escapism, habits, binging and purging cycles and unexpected ass changes in career. I experienced this from a very young age and realized how cruel the world was very early on! I do have the power to heal and empathize with people. I also have Saturn in the 12th so by being in touch with the mystical, I have been able to really get in touch with my naturally nurturing spirit, that I can’t take shit personally and must stand up for myself and others who aren’t able to. Ik I have great power. My Lilith is in libra and Pluto in the 7th. Very much so had to deal with giving too much and protecting too much and all of that. Becoming obsessive and at the same time not wanting to be tied down to anything or anyone. Life is full of so many contradictions and polarities and as long as I think about it like that, I don’t suffer from just being here on Earth as much. Thanks for this.

  13. Avatar
    Chuu Voon Wong

    I have Lilith in my 6th house with Uranus and Neptune. I can relate so much as I never feel comfortable taking orders from my corporate job, so I did struggle a lot in my family (youngest) and my job (to climb the ladder) to keep proving myself to someone ‘higher status’ than me. But I am glad now, to realize the truth of ‘who I am’, not what others are telling me how to be ‘who I am’.

    I guess, the society is sick in control issue and addiction to power and constant search of something outside of them, hence why the abuse of power.

    My counselor once shared me this phrase as therapy, ‘No one can enter my space without my permission’, I repeated it 21 times a day and I see result in my interaction at my workplace. I no longer felt victim and no longer felt abuse. So anyone out there, should you feel guided to, I suggest you to try repeating this phrase to yourself and see what happens.

    I later went on to listen healing frequencies and doing meditation. I am glad the nightmare of such victim self is over, but yet, the laziness part of Lilith in 6th house is truly annoying me so I am going to work hard to discipline myself and overcome this.

    Thank you Midara for writing this article!

  14. Neither my husband nor I have this BML placement but the place of safety and refuge we did build/birth does have this placement, in in Capricorn conjoined with Pluto. It’s a significant discovery and read for me as we, all three of us move to our list “address” in twelve years. We built our place of refuge because the world around us did not and could not provide the health we needed; nor could people/land owners/etc. understand why we should need what we need.
    We have moved many many times in our home built on wheels getting to know the world outside and the world inside ourselves. Through the years I have written and shared the journey, challenges and transitions. The world outside has not changed so much as we have changed. Our safe haven home on wheels has made it possible for us to create and re-animate our inner world BECAUSE this 6th House Black Moon Lilith moving home has been our small and core felt nest when we need restoration.
    Applying the relationship of the constellations with the whole of creation — universal space and generous earth — I am so pleased to get this message about our journey in a nest will celebrate the New Moon with Sun and BLM in the 11th House. TO be WITH a new neighborhood, and to say, “We have an address. Find us here.”

  15. My BML in the 6th with uranus: manifesting in the TNR of feral cats in my neighborhood. Sometimes acute illness depending on aspects and life going ons. I have had good bosses though just some challenging co-workers. Wonderfully written piece though, kudos.

  16. i feel this immensely – lilith in pisces in the 6th, trine my pluto in the 2nd, semisquare my taurus moon in the 8th.

    i’ve always been the voice of the underdog in work environments, howling about exploitations and abuses happening. interestingly, these have all been in social justice and/or spiritually focused spaces, where i have attempted to illuminate the shadows in them –– and been exiled, much like lilith in her story. and also grappling with how i’ve chosen certain work environments because of fears of scarcity. i feel that i’m maturing out of this now (in my saturn return) and hopefully, i am gestating beautiful offerings to the collective.

    thank you for your wisdom.

  17. I’ve been reading up on Lilith in the 6th house because I only recently found out about mine. Of everything I’ve read, your interpretation hits home the most. I have a fascination with documentaries about abuses of power and get alarmingly upset about it in the workplace.

    Today my son said I should be a labor organizer. I responded “The anger would make me sick.” And then I read that you wrote, “With Lilith in the 6th, wounds and trauma can turn inward, very literally making you sick.”

    Additionally, even though my child has brought fish, a rabbit, a lizard, a guinea pig, and s hamster into our household, I have terrible issues with taking care of pets. The stress feels too much for me to handle.

    I could go on and on. An astrologer recently told me there was nothing I could do about this placement but I would like to know how to manage these feelings so that a) I no longer get painfully furious in unequitable professional settings b) I achieve my long-term work/financial goals and c) I can have a dog.

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