Multiple Oppositions In A Natal Chart

tug of warI ran into a pretty unique situation yesterday, working with a chart with three strong oppositions. I’m not talking about a stellium in one sign, opposing planets in another sign. I’m talking about three strong, highly significant, independent pairs of opposing planets. Like this:

Sun opposite Pluto
Venus opposite Uranus
Mars opposite Neptune

Oppositions in a natal chart create a lot of energy. The person is always going back and forth, one way or the other.  Generally there is another person involved, as I explained here:

How Do Oppositions Work?

It common people believe that one aspect in a chart overpowers another but it never works that way. Everything in the chart is contributing.  So let’s say this person with three oppositions has one in Earth, one in Fire and one in Water.  Can you see what a job this is?  Can one relationship allow the person to experience all three oppositions in one relationship? I tend to doubt it.

What if you’re going to partner with someone like this.  They are going to be a particular type of “busy”.  Because it they pick an end of any or all of their oppositions, the other end beckons!  And it is ignored or neglected for too long, it’s going to erupt.

I felt a lot of compassion for this person.  Sometimes I see a chart like this, that looks back at me and won’t be denied. I don’t know that anyone has covered this, anywhere in the world, so here you go.

Do you have multiple oppositions in you natal chart? What’s life like for you?

19 thoughts on “Multiple Oppositions In A Natal Chart”

  1. I have:
    Sun opp Pluto
    Mercury opp Pluto
    Moon opp Neptune
    Mars opp Ascendant

    And honestly I’m still trying to figure it out. I do feel like I’m always stuck. It’s hard to find drive and my mind is always going in so many directions.

    1. Yes, that’s significant. This topic is never addressed, probably because it’s not very common and also because each instance is unique.

  2. I have Mars oppose Neptune
    Sun Ascendant oppose Uranus
    Moon oppose Pluto
    I feel like I can see the other’s side but I don’t have my own back?

  3. Sun opp Saturn (9/3 Houses)
    Mercury/Mars opp Neptune (10/4 Houses)
    Uranus conjunct the IC so, opp MC
    I’m already a Gemini Sun with a 12th house Moon in Virgo, I’m always changing my mind.

    I don’t have many personal planets strong aspects, so it’s mainly these oppositions operating.
    If I’m not trying to manage my work, it’s home. I’m always burning one end of the wick or the other.

  4. Because it they pick an end of any or all of their oppositions, the other end beckons! And it is ignored or neglected for too long, it’s going to erupt.

    This is the best description of oppositions I have ever read. Ever.

  5. I feel for them too now! I had no idea the opposition was so significant astrologically. Moreover, I have the stellium that me and Elsa were talking about, and counting Chiron, would make the outer planets my “third” opp.

    This sounds like a full time job ! Can only imagine having so many elements involved. Like a part time employee imaging a full time (hopefully) salaried position.

    I gotta look out for this in future chart exploring

  6. my love has these multiple oppositions-I love him but it is not easy in relationship since I hate to fight and argue like his previous partner…..maybe you could advice the partner of such oppositions the best loving way to cope ?.. I am at the end of my rope..

  7. Wow, this explains my scattered, vascillating seesaw past. I have:
    *Aries Sun v Libra Neptune
    *Taur Venus v Scorp Saturn
    *Can Uranus v Cap Ascendant
    *22Gem Jupiter v 0Cap Mars
    The chart is full of trines, sextiles, and squares, even a kite.
    Splash or splatter!

  8. Leoscorp sounds your giving the ex power
    Over you
    Shouldn’t the blame go with the partner
    You are with?
    Did you pick them? Did you try to save them? Just save you ,so much easier.

    1. Hi.
      I don’t know why you assume I am in a bad power-savoir-victim relationship???? that’s quite offensive….
      I love my spouse – and this is a great post that is meant to teach how to better REAL relationships…
      So I sincerely wonder about advice- I am fixed T square
      so you can try to imagine it’s not easy living with a spouse who is a pieces and on top of THAT – all his chart is oppositions.. this is like a pieces on amplified steroids !! his venus is conjunct my ascendant and opposite his pluto
      so seriously:
      any ideas for new ways to use this energy?…:))
      thank you and much appreciated post

      1. Avatar

        Fighting and arguing like his previous partner.

        Well, he is not with that partner so that did not work for him either.

        But. He may not know how to channel the disparate energies. You mention venus pluto. Power and love. Power and beauty. Depth and beauty. Maybe you can find a joint outlet or hobby for these energies.

        Not knowing signs i cannot guess what would help. But i would really set aside comparisons to his past partner. It did not work for him. Do not try to recreate what did not work even if he tries to. People hold onto patterns until they learn a new pattern. Find a new pattern for the two of you. One that works with those energies.

        I would have an honest conversation with him about those energies. Ask how it feels to him when you two do x, y , z in dealing with affection, depth, conflict, power. You might find a nugget that allows a new pattern to be created. Best of luck. Creation of a relationship takes work but can be very rewarding (and every day is creation when you are with someone)

  9. I have lots of these oppositions and for me the lesson has been to realize that I include both sides. I contain opposites!

    In fact, the opposition brings out the solution which is always a synthesis of both sides.

    Of course, this is me-in-a-quiet-moment talking. When the *hits the fan, we’ll see how smart I am!

  10. My daughter has 13 oppositions in her natal chart. I’m a little worried.

    Sun opposite Neptune
    Sun opposite AC
    Moon opposite Uranus
    Mercury opposite Neptune
    Mercury opposite AC
    Venus opposite Neptune
    Venus opposite AC
    Mercury opposite Jupiter
    Mercury opposite MC
    Saturn opposite Neptune
    Saturn opposite AC

    There’s also 2 oppositions to Chiron from Sun and Mercury

    1. I just want to clarify, when I mentioned three oppositions, I am talking about three separate demanding oppositions, regardless of how many planets are involved.

      Sun opposite Neptune
      Mercury opposite Neptune
      Venus opposite Neptune
      Saturn opposite Neptune

      THESE would constitute ONE major opposition.

      Since it appears Neptune is conjunct your Asc… these are part of the same major opposition.

      Venus opposite AC
      Sun opposite AC
      Sun opposite AC

      This is a second situation:
      Moon opposite Uranus

      And this may be a third:

      Mercury opposite Jupiter
      Mercury opposite MC

  11. Sun ops. Jupiter (Scorpio)
    Merc. ops. Neptune (Scorpio)
    Venus ops. Saturn (Capricorn)
    Pluto ops Asc (Picses)

    I laugh at Merc/Nept sometimes. I can be solidly practical, but can spook people too. l pick up on the unseen, and get muddled, distracted. (North node is conj. Merc. now). l am testing news styles of communication and am less inclined to up with bullshit.

    I don’t find the Venus/Saturn funny at all.

    Yes, it is all very tiring.

    I once had my chart described as looking like spaghetti–this wasn’t helpful.

    What to do? Be more self aware. Balance. Withdraw. Reset. Find expressions for each aspect.

    Depends which way l am pulled and it depends what l can handle in the moment.

  12. I always thought that being born under a Capricorn Mercury Rx was the reason for so much internal drama. Or is it my 12th house Aries moon?
    Venus square Saturn, anyone?Now I clearly see it’s much more complex. But maybe I don’t see clearly as I believe I do, with Venus and Neptune on my DC.

    Since being in my current relationship, I’ve learned about the volatile nature of my Uranus, Pluto and Mars conjunction. I’ve learned about my 22 degree Sun, which happens to be conjunct my South Node. This relationship has taken me to emotional depths I’ve never been before. I’m in a different octave now.

    Sagittarius Sun opp Gemini North Node

    Pisces Chiron opp Virgo Uranus, Pluto, Mars

    Taurus AC, Jupiter opp Scorpio Venus, Neptune

    A particular type of busy is an interesting way to put it. My mind is always working on trying to sort out how I got myself into certain situations that I currently find intolerable. But then I am compelled to stay because it’s EXACTLY right, most of the time. It’s only fitting and fair that I am a conundrum to my Aquarius man. He finds me fascinating and confounding, by turns. Just when he thinks he has me figured out, I throw him for a loop and he can get pretty frustrated. He has 3 oppositions of his own, but I’m having to consider that I may be part of the problem. You might not recognize it from my BIG Taurus Jupiter AC, but my Aries moon likes to play with fire!

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