Black Moon Lilith in the 9th House – Heretic Saint

broken statueIf you have Lilith in the 9th house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of religion, philosophy, and education. Lilith is the means by which your world is expanded, for good or ill.

In traditional astrology, the 9th house is known as “The God” and is concerned with religion, spirituality, and overall worldview. With Lilith here, it is all too common for this experience to be dark and unjust. This can be in the form of spiritual or religious authority being used inappropriately in order to scapegoat or control you. It can also manifest in terms of direct abuse by members of the clergy as well as secular authorities such as mentors or professors. But, of course, there is more to it than that. Lilith in the 9th house tends to create a sense of wounding about beliefs in general. You may have been swallowed up by an all-encompassing belief system and had to fight to regain your individual freedom. You may also have been cast out and marginalized due to heretical beliefs, whether in a spiritual sense or in a more mundane group setting. One way or another, your beliefs failed to conform and you were wounded because of it.

The 9th house is also concerned with our personal narrative, how we tell our story. The way you conceive of yourself as an agent in the world is fundamentally colored by Lilith concerns. You see yourself as the scapegoat, the outcast, the underdog, the one who has had to fight and claw for their little bit of agency and freedom. Yours is a story of great struggle against forces that would seek to hold you back. You find your freedom by rejecting those forces entirely and striking out on your own.

The 9th house also rules that we consider matters of greatest importance. The 9th house blows our world wide open. With Lilith in the 9th, you are fundamentally concerned with issues of power, privilege, and inequality. Your world was thrown open when you realized just how much suffering, pain, and misuse of power there really is in the world. You may tend toward a worldview that emphasizes power struggles and class consciousness. This inherent feel for the way power and resources are divided in society will be a driving factor in everything you do.

While there is of course so much more to say, I’ll end with this. While the systems of power are so vast and the people who are elevated by power misuse it so wantonly, there is still hope. Your willingness to understand that misuse and the way it forms itself into a cohesive system is the first step to making change. Your ideas may be deemed silly or outside the norm, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Continue the freedom fight, not only for yourself but for us all.

DO you have Lilith in the 9th? How have you experienced it?

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  1. Wow, if ever we needed to empower those with Black Moon Lilith in the 9th House it would be now. A great expose, Midara. My 1st House Black Moon Lilith welcomes the 9th in solidarity!!

  2. Wow this just absolutely nails it. My Lilith (according to your calculations) is in Aquarius and the 9th house, with my Saturn.

    i feel like having both of those there compounds the struggle/rejection

  3. 9th H Lilith here. Even as a child injustice and abuse of power were of great concern to me (Pluto-Mars in 12H Virgo), I rescued abused animals and and became a mini-eco-warrior (shades of Greta T)! On reaching adulthood, I worked with trade unions and got involved in politics (Sun-Uranus-Mercury stellium in the 11th). In later life I started a charity helping immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. During the last ten years, my energies have turned towards seeking spiritual solutions to global problems. My Lilith is about 3 degrees separating from Algol. Fortunately, this does not seem to have had any ill effects on my behaviour, but this may be a manifestation of the child abuse I suffered at the hands of my mother.

    In times such as these, my natal alignments gift me with rock solid composure – useful when working to assist and encourage others. We all have, in our charts, elements we can draw upon to master three ‘Cs’ which are essential to navigating this typhoon which has descended on us all:

    Calm. Courage. Compassion.

    Stay safe.

        1. Hey, I calculated your Birth Chart, correct me if I’m wrong; you’re born on 14th of May 1947,11:01AM in Boston, MA. You’re Lilith is in Capricorn and 6th House. I hope that helped.:)

  4. BML conjunct Sun in Scorpio in the 9th. Yes, freedom 2b me! Wounded & held back by strict religious teaching as a child. Abused by a clergy member & a cousin both, yes. Threw out everything once on my own, parental influence as well.

  5. Black moon Lilith in 9th house here.
    On May 17th 2020 I invited 40 people to a rally in Detroit area – to end racism and violence, to gain justice… but only 6 people showed up.
    Previous Sunday only 2 ppl showed. It is a demonstration against racism and gun violence, a demonstration for justice. I’ll try it again in the future and hope to get more Takers — with masks, gloves, and social distancing. Wish us luck!!

  6. My Black Moon Lilith in the 9th says Black Lives Matter. (And I’m an old white lady)


  7. super accurate! i had religious authority figure misguide me, and control my life and it lead me to developing health problems. by the end of 2019 i started to slowly break through the lies and finally by 2020 i became free.

  8. Thank you for this article, my Lilith is in the 9th house, I recognized myself ALL THE WAY here. Also, it is in Scorpio, and I’m a Scorpio with a stellium in the 8th. Looking forward to read more of your writings. Best regards 🙂

  9. So I’ve been following this blog on and off for a while, and finally felt seen and validated after reading this article. I’m approaching my first SR, and I have both Saturn in Aquarius in my 9th house, and my Lilith is there, too, but in Capricorn. I also possess a natal 8th house stellium that includes my Sun, Uranus, Neptune, and NN, in that order. This has given me much fortitude and strength in regards to survival in a world full of Capricornian power dynamics that are all too obvious to me in ways they just aren’t to everyone else around me, but it’s also made life a bit lonely because of the 3rd house Chiron in Leo.

    For the most part, my experiences with both religion and academia have never really been fruitful. Since early childhood, I’ve gone from being involved with Christianity to the Jehovah’s Witnesses (both against my will), and I always felt uncomfortable in these settings. In elementary, I was abused and neglected by students and teachers alike, and sent to an alternative school because they thought I was being insubordinate when, really, I saw that they were hurting me and other students with their abuse. I was powerless against it all, and it unfortunately made me withdraw into myself, while also somehow making me that much more dedicated to learning everything I could about whatever I was interested in (thanks to Jupiter in the 4th giving me ample financial and spiritual backing to see things through to the end) in an attempt to make myself stronger. College was when I experienced popularity for the first time, but unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it much because it felt like people were sucking up to me/frightened by me. I felt like I was performing and not being myself, so after I graduated, I fell off the face of the earth. Since 2018, I’ve lived my life offline and haven’t really been reaching out to people much. I’ve been slowly coming back into myself and doing as best as I can, and the way Lilith has manifested for me specifically? I find that because it’s in the 9th house, I attract a lot of Aquarius women who seem to want to “knock me down a peg” and many have admitted to being envious of me. I don’t get it, but then again envy doesn’t get anybody anywhere so I tend to ignore these Aquas as much as I can.

    It’s only now that I’m seeing this article that I feel more compelled than ever to continue my astrological studies, and so far I’m seeing the 5 years of informal study paying off. Only thing holding me back is the knowledge that speaking up will get me crucified. I’ve had enough of that in this lifetime and honestly? I just want my ideas to be accepted and do not know how to make this a reality. People think I’m too contrarian and given the divisiveness in thought in the world today, I find that I don’t really care enough to deal with most people in the first place.

    But I’m doing okay and nothing and no one can stop me from speaking my truth, even if my truth isn’t one that’s accepted by the masses.

  10. Hello, lilith aries and in the ninth house. My moon sign is Sagittarius and there is a trine between the moon and the lilith. There are 135 degrees between Lilith and pluto. There are 144 degrees between the lilith and the chiron. The north moon node is in Sagittarius. How are these positions interpreted in terms of academic career?

  11. Black moon Lilith in the 9th house in Libra, my sun sign. Rising Aquarius and moon in Pisces. This is so accurate. The pain is real. I see and feel it all. How do we keep going when seeing so much injustice and abuse in our lives? Seriously?! What is the upside? I’m exhausted dealing with one issue after another. There are times I feel that life isn’t worth living with this placement. Raised in the church denying me of “self”, abandoned by entire religious family bc I left, many failed relationships that I outgrew, deep betrayal by “friends”, it’s a lonely place to be. I use to trust everyone. Not anymore.

  12. Avatar
    black cat Olivia

    For years I thought my BML was in 8th, in ♋ conj Uranus, but it’s Virgo in 9th near MC. Definitely identify w underdog, lifelong. No child abuse, but power trip in an alternative religion (India), & 1st husband foreigner w dark skin. Never achieved “recognition” – now understand why!

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