Saturn In Pisces: Dissolving The Old Guard

mile high stadium 1980We’re discussing what to expect from Saturn in Pisces in the forum. vfairz420 writes: “Delicious! Straight facts !! What do the young kids say? I’m 32, too old for this!”

I decided to respond here…

I don’t know what the kids say because most of the “kids” making remarks are AI. Floods of comments written by who knows who. But I’ll tell you what I do know. They are group most important to market to.  The thing is, the lack life experience (this was true for me at this age as well), so they tend to move with the pack (as do we all).

In this day and age, you can create a “pack” out of thin air, digitally.  Combine that with everyone being told their parents / elders are dumbasses… these corporations are in control, leading people anywhere they like.  They hook in through the natural urge every child has, to rebel and break away from parents.

I think the old guard (Saturn) is collapsing (Pisces).  Amazon is for boomers and Gen X? Maybe Millennials too.  I think the system we are used to is going down, something new coming up in it’s place.

This is why I keep putting all the earth movers on blog posts. That’s my vision of what’s happening.

Many things are being buried as we speak.  Just like they took down the Saddam Hussein statues, twenty years ago.  Those statues won’t be back. That era is gone. Our historical statues that were removed will also not be back. We are moving on!  It’s like a giant flush.

I remember when they built a new stadium in Denver, Colorado. The energy moved to the new location; the old Mile High Stadium was over.

You really can’t hold on. Release your grip and go on faith.

Can you see the old guard dissolving?

38 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces: Dissolving The Old Guard”

    1. Have you seen black whole’ on gaia?

      It was interesting because I like cerebral math..

      But now I kind of feel in it (8th)
      There’s the theory that nothing escapes the black whole..

      no and humorously (terrifying) we get spagghettified in this black Hole.

      Love and light for we are living!!

      There is no enlightenment, it just is..

      1. Ugh. I miss my best friend.. I think I meant to say I will move on… but then again, quite cozy on this forum.

  1. It is very disconcerting to just not know ehre the real humans are anymore and when it is a bot “talking “ tome, giving me my news, aritcles, information,advice,’s just un nerving. Thanks for being real.

  2. Oh dear,typos, have not had the first cup of coffee yet.VERY disturbed at bots taking over our world. I love to read..the new, in depth articles, astrology, you name it . how we will be able to ferret out the”reals” vs the bots? Will humans continue to even try??

      1. I am trying hard to fan the flames of my. old carefree optimism (there has been NOTHING carefree about my life since 2020!!!!!!) — but I see what you’re saying,elsa. A few friends/acquaintances of mine have pretty much given up on even trying anymore.. it is so hard to be around them, that I don’t bother either.. I have dropped a few friendships. I see people pulling in vs. reaching out and that is the sad sad thing.. I believe our only hope is within our small circles and communities.. we are all so tired…

  3. Maybe my “information silo” is different, but I’m okay with the old guard dying/collapsing. I see more people getting up and taking a stand. Example locally is a large group of people taking on the local government for rubber stamping land use codes that over reach on landowners. People are sick of being stepped on. Covid measures pushed people over the edge. They still use the internet to share info but they are actually meeting in person and confronting the commissioners in real time. And I see more young people gathering in real time. Helping at the homeless shelter and the like. So not everyone is hiding at home reacting to bots online. I also see more boomers realizing the WEF isn’t our friend, as well as the younger people getting together to enjoy the outdoors and staying engaged at work. So something is being born anew. My daughter shares a lot of tik toc videos with me that show young people waking up to the shadow aspects and choosing better ways of doing things. I’m not a fan of tiktok but I do see how many are using it to step up. Which surprised me, because I was feeling pretty gloomy about our prospects too. So yes to some old stuff dying out and some new stuff being created out of the ash. Clif High calls it “The Big Ugly”, this time we are in. I’ve been waiting for it my whole life. Drastic changes that usher in a new world/age/whatever we may call it. I watched a recent video of a young musician in an interview talking about awareness that phones rob you of life and stable minds. He’s 31 and a huge influencer in the South. Awake rednecks! So for today, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about our collective prospects. But the Ugly ain’t over yet, so hold fast to what still gives meaning in our lives, eh? I’m preparing to be amazed as the old ways fade and roll away, and actively resist whatever tries to steal my soul and my liberty. In other words, be a wild card on a wild ride! And thank you, Elsa, for keeping it real, as always.

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      Aquarius Lurker

      I’m of the same mindset Gusti. The world is more complex than 30 years ago. I am continuously impressed by today’s youth. They are sophisticated and realistic about what needs doing. Kudos to the parents and teachers that mentored them!

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        the laughing goat

        My Son told me in a conversation that he believes social media plays a huge part in the mental health crisis happening now. And he has dumped the majority of what he was following.

        He’s 23 and that gives me hope.

  4. Temu is replacing Amazon for millions of people. It’s the number one spot in apps right now. Headquarters are on Boston, ten day shipping from China.much better quality and faster shipping than Wish. I’d be interested in the chart for Temu and their meteoric rise

    I am able to afford craft and gardening equipment off of Temu as its one third the price of Amazon. Amazon sellers often resell their stuff from Temu

    Im so stressed right now, with inflation, everything rising, but I discovered Temu before Christmas and was able to give my kids a Christmas.

    I entered a local raffle cause I have great aspects in May with Uranus, north node, Venus, AND jupiter

    Praying for the state of the world right now…

    1. lots of very well known stores are being replaced by china’s businesses. It’s cheaper and faster and more accessible.

      someone at work mentioned, ‘ cheaper is not better if you’re selling your soul’. xD

      1. I don’t see it like that. We all buy Chinese if we buy from Walmart , Target, Amazon. Youre selling your soul when we endlessly line the pocketbook of a 1 percenter American Corp CEO?

        Someone said Pluto in Aquarius will mean Power to the People!

        I’m overburdened with rising utility cost, water, food bills, rent, housing just cause of the greed of others. If I could afford American made Mom and Pop businesses, I would

        Its Temu for now, cause it’s my last kiss off to Pluto in Capricorn that gave so much power to American CEO Big Corp. But when the time is right, and the earth is healed we will go back to making our own stuff, and we can all be business owners! At least, I’m at a start where I can afford my own craft supplies

        The whole set up of this world isn’t natural , but trust me, I didn’t sell my soul. The internet is finding ways to nitpick and demean people for their choices, I’m over putting down people

        We were trapped and suffering in this un natural set up, all down to the treatment of farm animals, and what we eat.Do you eat meat ? See my example?, Let’s not go there. It’s time to support each other, not divide

        1. hi, like i said earlier, i’m glad you got to spend cheaper. It’s not bad to buy from a chinese corporation its fine if it’s just a few, but from the conversations i’ve had with others, it may be just symbolic/symbolism or plugging money into another country’s government.
          and yes giving power to all these USA corporations is bad, but also, sadly, USA is based on corporations (capitalism) and the lobbies are too powerful. Lobbyists have alot of power.

          it’s not about spending money, though its about giving power/money
          this empowers the chinese government, then we’re supporting communism (from what i’ve been talking with other people) it all goes back to the chinese government. There’s alot of lack of human rights going on too, in many countries. USA is against that, unless they do shady underground which i’m hoping even the FBI/CIA takes care of. Of course i’m being general. And you’re not wrong to say it’s bad to give to the big corporations. Its completely terrible what’s going on. But how do we do away with Lobbyists?? we can’t because anything that has to do with money controls. 🙁

          and honestly i think we should all be united. be it whatever religion or communism or whatever belief system anyone wants, and all should get along. this is also along the lines of Age of Aquarius? peace love and understanding. its so hippy, throwback from the 60s.

          1. also i’m not knowledgeable about communism but from the differences communism gives power to the government and capitalism gives power to the corporations although some may argue that capitalism gives the illusion of freedom.

    2. anyway its good you got stuff cheaper for the family,
      but alot of people are upset that chinese businesses are taking over the market. i honestly have no clue about this, but i do see it happening. maybe the USA needs to tone down their prices and rethink about their housing markets too and overpricing to accommadate and be competitive with their overseas markets.

      1. Thank you Elsa! I feel in a catch 22. I can finaly afford stuff, but the Govt always says, China is our potential enemy same time, while we stock Walmart, Target, Amazon with their goods. There wouldn’t even be Walmart without China.

        I feel karmic energy building up, from the pain of minimum wage workers, all of this world’s income discrepancy.

        I’m watching closely, Neptune in Aries in 2025. Our visions will have to focus on whats more more real, fiery, headstrong and practical. Instead of the perfect selfies and photo filters that had Neptunian Pisces energy, young people need to voice up for affordable housing and take action!

        1. Well you are not the problem.
          The problem is the people stealing from all of us.
          I’m really glad you stood up for yourself and and better yet, you stated your position – you no longer want to denigrate others… who are suffering right along with you!

          1. There was a grand earth trine when Temu was launched in Sept of 2022. Its the number one app right now in the app store. Watch Temu haul videos to get an idea. I get scrapbooking papers and craft supplies, gardening and home storage for a third of the price of Amazon ! Husband gets fishing lures from there. Its something that brought so much joy into my life and its so affordable. It truly represents a grand earth trine when people can buy for their household for so little. 🙂 And with the money I save, I hope to buy a report soon and reading from Elsa. Its really freed me financially wise , but site can be addicting

            Dissolving the Old Guard can fit Temus business model of manufacturer direct to consumer. Financial blogs have stated that this might be the online shopping of the future

            1. There is SO MUCH I need for homeschool and other things. I have four kids and it’s really hard to balance it all on one income.

              I like the idea of manufacture to consumer. It’s step in the right direction.

              1. They own Lenovo , so you can get Lenovo earbuds for ten bucks, I gifted them to all my homeschool kids ! The reviews on there are everyones surprised they got the genuine Lenovo.

                Im homeschooling them cause of all the shifting planets making it a time of violence, uncertainty in schools and I have more time teaching my kids astrology. Im so happy as a Moon in Cancer, this lifestyle is perfect for me.

            2. i will try it out some time. I still have an account at amazon and use amazon prime; i take advantage of their free month amazon prime. thats great about the grand earth trine. I have that natally in my chart and i’m always able to save alot of money by clipping coupons and looking for savings all the time online. its been my whole life i save save save and use it for the home. But when we get a new place/or have moved like we did in the past, i was able to give all my furniture and appliances to those in need for free. Giving away resources also is a give and take to the environment. 🙂

          1. I wouldnt order anything clothing or fabric from Temu but other stuff has worked out great for me. I got a floating levitating constellation globe, same they sell elsewhere for double the price. And 1.19 genuine tigers eye and adventurine, and white turquoise rough cut but polished pendants I use and wear in complimentary planetary aspects.

  5. Adios to the “old guard!” says the gal with a Capricorn stellium in the 11th house who just had Pluto there for the past 13 years!!! I love moving on and I’m ready for new, new, new!

  6. It’s a strange and powerful time to be alive, and old. Speaking personally. The economy driven by “selling” was a big part of my work world beginning in the 80’s Elsa when we’re you s Frito Girl?
    I was a Brown woman with an elementary school teacher’s training and gift for seeing patterns with great translation skills (raised in an occupied nation, I knew undercover intimately )in a very White old boys retail world on the cusp of leaving the ticket gun (price tags) and cash register behind. Retail needed another tool for profit and a new kind of story. In my neck of the American woods, it was my destiny to take the price tag and cash register into the scanner and barcode world
    I have karma to deal with at my age and have been working to draw a new story out of the ashes. I’m still alive, resilient, poor by many standards but rich in experience and still very good at seeing patterns.
    Slow to medium pace is what does the trick
    While I watch my nearly 3 y o grandson training with his dad(my Libra stellium 1972 born son) prime him for a world where seeing and translating patterns first hand will be a valid and valuable
    I was a spy in the old guard, left early enough to start paying my dues instead of retirement and maybe this contribution will be worth something more than “profit “ ad we all navigate new water

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    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Have I got the wrong end of the stick, but is AI stuff not simply a mash up of a whole lot of things originally “created” by real people?
    But then, I’m not sure I’ve ever even SEEN any AI stuff.
    It’s time the old guard went. We who are here now can determine what comes next? (Can’t we??).

    1. Yes ! I caught one myself ! AI stole a comment that I made on the internet 8 years ago. It was of a particular uncommon subject and it was word by word my writing stolen and used on a fake bot account. I caught it and realized thats all AI is, meshing up and stealing real peoples words, comments, artwork and pictures.

  8. Saturn conjunct ASC (Ruler: Nept. Scorp.) right now. l’ve lost my music. Don’t know what l want to listen to anymore. Last few weeks…

    And was invited to a performance tonight (operatic) about ‘red tape’ and bureaucracy–l said no.

    Friends: the best(and almost only, or so it seems atm) tested positive for COVID.

    And here l am here..and that is ok.

    It is brisk outside. The sun is shining. I am going out into the garden to transplant cabbages: red drum.

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