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leo vintage german lionThe moon will ingress into Leo, shortly. It will oppose Venus, Mars and Pluto in Aquarius. Jupiter in Taurus is part of this as well. I am hoping this adds up to a set change; a new story line. I’ve had sufficient of the current and I’m ready to advance!

My site was down overnight. I apologize, but there’s not much I can do, if I’m asleep… beyond what I am doing. That is, I have a new mystery site, under construction.

By that, I mean I have no idea what it’s going to look like. We’re in this gig economy now. I hired a guy on Fiverr to do the work. I’ve communicated what I want, in a rudimentary way.  It’s funny, because our exchange went like this:

“I will build you a new, modern looking site…”


The new site is due in ten days.  The guts will be modern; the look will be… a surprise! It will be his interpretation of a site as similar as possible to this one. No pop-ups and spinning widgets, etc.

My idea was, if I have to raw site, I can find someone else to finesse it if needed. This man has the skills to deal with any database issues on the transfer, which I pretty much expect.  Getting the site established with no errors is part of the gig.

The solar return of this blog is in April. It has Pluto on the ascendent, indication, death or rebirth or both.  I’m trying to convey the drama here.  The future is unknown. I am going on faith (Saturn in Pisces).

I am writing this so you can watch this story unfold with me.  The Fiverr man said he would complete the site asap. Maybe today?  This is the life or death, fire-in-the-belly Solar Return chart.

Enjoy this high voltage day!

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  1. I know you love equal houses, but whole sign houses gives a somewhat less dramatic view…

    It moves Pluto into the 2nd house. It is still conjunct the Asc, but maybe less so in the 2 nd?
    Mars Saturn and Neptune are in the 3rd.
    Venus North Node Sun Mercury and Moon in 4th
    Jupiter Uranus in the 5th.

    Astrology in action. We shall see!

    1. It didn’t take my Chiron out of the 12th unfortunately 🤦‍♂️, But it did jam three signs into two and half houses to get Aries to the third on a midnight sun and a waining moon. And a Capricorn rising. Chiron LOST in SPACE. 🤯

  2. Sending you, Fiverr, your newish site positive energy to succeed and flourish with a most beneficial process and outcome. Keep to your remarkable faith, Elsa!

    1. Thanks! I think this will be quite funny, provided he gets it done… which he should. By that I mean, he is a 5 star dude, all the way. I just hope he knew what he was getting into!

      The funny part is I will see what I bought… eventually. It’s like buying one of those mystery boxes. I think the site could die, if it’s all wrong. People just don’t like change. But it may also come back up, with the newer components. It’s a signal to search engines, the site is being maintained (if daily content isn’t enough).

      I want to mention, he was all over my site and server, before making this offer, so he should know what’s up. I initially contacted him to fix the error.

      My choices were to fix the error for x cost and expect it so happen again, because of the degraded backend. OR new site for 3x. No brainer!!

      So the mystery site is “due” on March 2nd. He has said he will be on time.

      Also, the whole Fiverr deal is pretty interesting. I learned a lot (and feel for the good, responsible seller. They mess with them, significantly, from what I can glean. I really want to have this work out so I can leave this guy a perfect review.

  3. Nice? That would be me. TAURUS is in my house Mercury is a little late to my house. Vinus- in Aries correct as well as my moon. Jupiter was nosed under the tent at 0:08 of Gemini crickets with Mars on the opposite side playing 21. My little Pluto was in Leo trining Saturn 22 and Neptune 23.kinda frisky in Lebra with the Venus. And Chiron playing humpty dumpty on the AC in Capricorn at 22/23..
    Looking like a inverse Universe’s playing games again. Last time I had a life to death and back experience.
    I was 2 1/2. That was a hard time for the folk’s I suppose? I was busy Screaming it would seem to me. Loud sounds are not appreciated thank you. My Fortuna was in Pisces “my father’s sun sign and my mother’s in Aries,” Go Figure. Scorpions are everywhere my wife, and my first daughter of a noughter mother she is a Libra that walked away 5 years in.
    I got this. LET IT BE LET IT BE😇

  4. How exciting Elsa, thanks for the heads up, I’m absolutely thrilled to hear your awesome news and wish you a smooth and seamless website “re-birth”.

  5. This is pretty awesome, virtual midwives to a leviathan being reborn! I can’t imagine the amount and substance of the data and background you juggle. It inspires me because I struggle with turning life over with faith, too fixed in the old … but then see here 🌱🦋

  6. In a similar process with an old site and just as excited – I think that chart is top notch Elsa – no worries. I understand it’s like moving house or maybe more like a temporary refugee status 🙂 without knowing anything about the new place. But in the end, despite all the talk about robots and AI (its just hype) you will always find a decent human being who sees to the job being done properly…
    All the best ! The timing is awesome

  7. Avatar
    Deborah L. Strifler

    There’s always something new to figure out. Do we get to the point where we just say, “I don’t want to?” lol

  8. I just say the new site. It looks GREAT, meaning it looks like this one (easy to read), but better and all new guts. Hooray! It looks like my faith is paying off!

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