Uranus In The 7th House – BACK OFF!

uranus squareI have Uranus in my 7th house. I can get along with pretty much anyone. I’m highly open to relationship, especially in passing. If a person wants to experiment and see how we might get along, I’ll show up.

It’s been awhile since I had a relationship FAIL. But it’s happened now and I’ll tell you why.

I can’t stand being held when I want to go. Or when I need to go. Or whatever it is.

When I say I would like to get off the phone, it means I want to get off the phone.  It does not mean I want to talk for thirty more minutes and I certainly don’t want to hear how sad you are that I am getting off the phone…uh, are you kidding me?

The same thing happens in person. “I am going now…”

“You’re not going now.”

“Well, yes. I would like to go now. I am out of time. I need to go…I want to leave now.”

“But I don’t want you to go. I want you to stay here with me. Please? Please don’t go yet…”

This keeps happening to me. It’s happened to me ten times with the same person and guess what?  I’m no longer going to spend anytime with this person. Because no matter how much I give, it’s never enough.

I realize it’s my 7th house Uranus. I just can’t stand being clung to. Just shackle me why don’t you? Just strap me down.  I swear it feels like being tied up in some psycho’s house. “But you just got here…”

“I got here three hours ago…”

If you know someone with Uranus in the 7th house (or the equivalent) please, please, if they tell you they need to leave, don’t stand in their way. Or they will grow to really loathe you.

It’s a matter of time until they look at you like a giant bear trap and cut a wide circle ’round you so they won’t be caught.

This sound familiar to anyone?

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  1. I have Uranus in Scorpio in the 7th and what you say is true….phone call or relationship or otherwise. when I say ‘time’s up ‘ – I mean it. Also agreements that do not assume freedom do not hold any value for me. I’m the true and loyal type but only want to be in something chosen by both parties. If you don’t want to be on the phone with me – get off the phone – its already over !

    1. My 7th house is quite a treat! Black Moon Lilith in Leo, Mars conjunct Uranus in Leo. NN 0° Virgo, Pluto 5° Virgo, Moon 14° Virgo!
      So don’t even ask how I react to being taken hostage by a gooey emotional person! Other than that, I’m a very sociable Gemini and love the presence of people around me.

  2. Also, my roof blew off, there’s been a death in our family, I’ve had to be at nine doctor’s appointments in three weeks, never mind I have a job. You would think a person could understand I’m under the gun.

    I have really tried to be a friend, but I can see I’m not going to be able to do it.

    1. Mars conjunct Uranus and Pluto in the 7th in Virgo ? Moon in Aquarius, Sun Sagittarius. Any insights? ?

  3. Yes. Uranus in 7th in Cancer. Moon in Aquarius.

    I recently had someone threaten to unfriend me if I participated in the upcoming election (seriously. Seriously?!!) They considered it unspiritual.

    No argument from me. I had one word to say- “Bye.”

  4. I was once involved (repeatedly) with someone having Uranus (square Sun) and Pluto in the 7th house. It was (is, has been) push/pull for literally decades.

  5. Blessed with Uranus loosely conjunct my Moon in the 3rd house here…just lucky I guess. But I know the feeling so something must be playing with it I’ve not noticed.

  6. I see this as a matter of respect. Or lack of in this case.

    When you ask someone to leave you alone and they don’t, or worse they deny what you’re saying … the underlying message is that their needs are more important than yours.

    Why would you want to be friends with someone who doesn’t respect you, or places their needs above yours?

  7. I have transiting Uranus in the 7th house and since its been there, I have very little patience with people that won’t allow me to hang up the phone, leave, etc. when I want to. If they do that more than once I just avoid them.

  8. Weird. This sounds just like me, so I immediately looked up my natal chart just to see and… Uranus in 2nd house! Maybe it being in Sagittarius has something to do with it?

    Now you’ve got me so curious, Elsa 😉

  9. I have Uranus in Libra 3 degree, 5th house. MC in AQ 6 degree. I can’t stay in one job more then 5 years. don’t know why ….

  10. Avatar

    Uranus and Venus and 7th house combo… I get it. I’ve got a Saturn 7th thing going on, so I’d feel responsible for a person and will stay on and stick around if I feel it will help a person. But if I’m asked to stay on the phone or asked to stay and do things for no reason and I’ve protested and protested… I will either train myself to say goodbye firm and fast and not invest, get a fast ride out of there, or just plain get out of the expectations and say I can’t. So anymore due to my obligations (true).

  11. great article Elsa! All of this sounds like me to the bone! My Lilith has the same flavor. Uranus in Cancer, in House XI …double dippin

  12. Was thinking about this from the other side.

    Across my lifetime I can think of two or three people whom I’ve spent time with. And then we get to “leaving time” and we say our goodbyes and then somehow my brain just starts a whole new conversation and five minutes later we’re doing the whole goodbye routine again. This isn’t usual for me, as I’m usually just good at walking away.

    I was trying to define what makes those people different and I’d say it’s that they allow me to be. There’s no judgement and our conversations are generally positive. I guess that’s pretty much in line with uranian/aquarian types.

  13. I meant to post this for people who know people who want and need space. It’s not personal. But it becomes personal when a person sees if they get near you, they’ll be held there.

    This is a pretty common way of being.

    I also think people are under much greater stress and demand then they might have been five years ago. Most people don’t vacation for example. They just can’t for a myriad of reasons. So if you’ve not kept up with this, or you’re out of the loop in some way, you may not realize how pressured a person is

    For example, if I have to see a doctor twice a week instead of twice a year…this is a total life change. So people get error…butt hurt, but what the hell? You can’t maintain their fantasy of you…or of life or whatever it is.

    The internet, great as it is, really leaves a lot to the imagination. And the imagination can take a person on quite a ride.

  14. I have an Aquarius seventh house with Jupiter in there! I’m so open to relationships (friendships) I think people are sometimes confused by me. I’m not, however, a let’s be best friends and do everything together kind of person. I enjoy all types of people and will never do well with someone or a group who wants to be exclusive.

  15. I have Uranus conjunct the 7th house and I also have health problems so it’s very difficult to convince people that I can’t spend that much time with them. It’s especially difficult if your illness doesn’t “look” like anything on the outside, i.e., if you look okay but inside you’re feeling really terrible. In general, even when I wasn’t sick, I never liked spending a lot of time with people. I’ve always felt that I had a limit for socialization and I tend to stick to that. I leave when I’m ready to leave and I don’t have people visit me because I can’t control the situation. So I always visit or meet with the person at a place that we decide on. I like people but only in small doses and I definitely cannot deal with people’s drama stories, so I had to stop doing astrological and tarot readings. It just wasn’t the right thing for me.

  16. Natally I have Uranus in the 9th house (Virgo) and currently I have Uranus transiting the 4th house. The ninth house placement allowed me to be rather objective in my world view. However, the 4th house placement in Aries is tricky to handle. As a Sag Sun, I definitely need my space and cannot stand being crowded. The boundaries issue keeps coming up for me and I need to address it in many circumstances. Ah…we continue to learn every day 🙂

  17. I have Uranus in Cancer in the 7th (sq. ‘Mercury) and you nailed this.

    I am mentally so interested in people – especially new people – and their thoughts and ideas, but when they start to do that Cancer the crab clutch – I’m gone!

    Used to feel so bad about it but no more. Age brings such freedom!

  18. I’m an Aries & I have Uranus in the 7th. I feel like I found ‘the one’. However, the universe is wanting me to move to another city. & unfortunately he can’t go. I can easily pick up & go, but my Libra guy is having a hard time letting go. I keep putting off the move for love, but am starting to get depressed. He is a wonderful guy, but I’m kinda starting to feel stuck/trapped. I think there is no worse feeling for someone with this placement. . . ?xoxo

  19. The pieces finally clicked together! My Sun/Uranus conjunction on my Descendent in the 7th House, in Cancer. And Venus in Cancer. Now I have to figure out how to balance it with the rest of my chart. I have to let some things simmer for a while, or decades, lol! Thank you!

  20. I have Aquarius in Seventh house along with A Pluto square descendant.
    What’s does this mean and how do I deal??
    Also I love the idea of love and commitment but somehow talk of marriage and guys calling and being clingy scares me a bit.

    1. I remember this post! Boy do I still feel the same way. Uranus contacts my Sun and Venus. Plus I’m a 6th house Virgo. “I’m in the middle of my Project with a capital P. Come back later!!!”

      Jayanna, you find a partner who also wants love and commitment and space. They’re out there, I promise!

  21. Avatar
    Uranus Square Venus

    Now I know..even as a child when someone called and didn’t announce themselves properly or what they wanted I would state that I would be ending the call at once if nothing changed And they did not give that basic info #click ? . I remember my older sister telling someone after they felt my wrath “she doesn’t play” Sun in Aqua Uranus in 7th hse @19° my Aries moon n venus doesnt help ??

  22. Omg this is so helpful. Yes I have Uranus in 7th house in Scorpio, but I have Libra ruling the house (which I guess is Venus) so I think I always try to be fair and balanced and compromise, but end up leaving abruptly after being restricted too many times. Just BOLT, like seee ya. I heard as long as you find someone that can understand boundaries and your need for space and freedom, you good. But that aspect is a necessity

  23. “I can’t stand being held when I want to go. Or when I need to go. Or whatever it is.”

    OMG! Huge clarifying moment for me when I read this. I’m a Leo/Sun, Taurus/Moon&Rising with natal Uranus>Sag>7th House. I have never came across this Uranus trait for 7th Housers. AND IT IS 100% DEAD ON WITH ME! When I’m BAF, I HATE more than anything to be held onto. My natal U hasn’t progressed much of course, but I’m wondering how this transit in Taurus in my 1st House of Self conjunct my natal Moon is going to treat me…??? (ugh)

  24. Uranus in the 7th house in Libra pretty much describes my eccentricity in those one on one relationships, but it’s not the most interesting part about it. Krama is the real deal for Uranus in the 7th place is that it’s the most important lesson learned in this lifetime. There should be a whole book about this placement. If the truth be told, we are looking for that comic love, but the Universe wants to teach us how to attract only the ones (partners) who can handle comic love.. that’s my opinion I could be right .. one more thing, Uranus, in the seventh has a spark of genius, that’s problematic to idiots.

  25. great comments here. You might be interested in Human Design. You will need your birth time – it’s a bit beyond astrology. Can’t say enough good things about it. It teaches you how to work with your aura and many other things. Invaluable

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