Blood and Guts Astrology Class: An In Depth Look At Life, Love And Relationships

Zombie partyPlease note, this class has completed. You can purchase a transcript here!

Announcing, Blood and Guts Astrology Class: Episode Four! We’re going to do this again but with better definition and enhancements based on feedback from the last session.

In this class, we’ll focus on all the dark stuff. Deep psych, the shadow (yours and others), blind spots in charts, sex, manipulation, power grabs in relationships, problems that seem unsolvable, deeply rooted, destructive patterns in love and everything else, hidden, ugly and keen that we can dig up, expose and peruse.

People really liked posting on a private message board, where their words would not be indexed by Google. Based on that I am going to extend the session to four weeks.

Also, the feedback was unanimous as to what people want from me. They asked for straight-shooting, non-generic, non-cookie-cutter, uncensored work with the charts. This is my favorite thing to do so it will most definitely be delivered.

You can submit your chart for the class if you like. I will choose a minimum of five from the group to work with in  depth. Outside of that, people are welcome and encouraged to post their own chart (or anything else they want) to ask for opinions or other kinds of feedback.

Here is quote from gal in the last class:

“Thanks again for shining your very bright light on our much ignored cobwebs, holes, cracks and faulty ground.  Pretty hard to get to the end of the line if I don’t see obstacles in my way.  The Blood and Guts Colosseum workshop was chock full of treasures…”

The internet is becoming boring. Let’s address this!  Let’s dust off our personalities and let them shine out! If you join us, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!


How much does it cost?


zombie jamboreeWhere does the class take place?

The class will be held in the Colosseum which is a private message board on this blog. You will need to register on the message boards here. When you pay for the class, please send your user name on the boards (there is a field for this below) along with your payment. I will add designate you a “gladiator” on the boards which will allow you access.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes. Participation is voluntary and lurkers are welcome.

How do I submit my chart?

Once you have paid for the class, you can email me with your questions or your problem or your story. Please include your birth data and some idea what the problem or question or sticking point is.

There is no race to do this. It’s not first come, first served!  I’ll chose the first chart to get things going and then choose the next based on the first, building a big but intricate picture as I go. Storytelling is a specialty. I do these classes this by feel, allowing the story that wants to be told to emerge.

Your copy can be long or short but it is best you offer something besides naked birth data so people can connect. You want to engage people. If you care, they care.

You can include another person’s chart in tandem with your own but if you send me ten charts, you will be diluting something I want to keep focused. We want this to be tight – we’re goin’ in.  Also, it’s  helpful if you can send me all the information in one email.

How will you pick which charts to feature?

As with all my classes, there are no favors or favorites. Having no debts to pay, I choose the charts based strictly on what will be most compelling and will work as whole, to cover as broad a range as possible on all levels so that we have meaty, satisfying class.

Do I have to be somewhere at a certain time?

No, the class is available 24 hours a day, just sign into the message board and see what is going on.

Who will enjoy this class?

Anyone who likes to go deep and look unflinchingly at what makes things and people tick.

Is satori doing pics again?

Of course!

When does the class start?

August 7, 2023.

When does the class end?

All official content will be posted by September 5th. I usually leave everything accessible for another week, to accommodate vacations and the like.

What happens after I sign up?

Once I have your payment and your username, I’ll add you to the Colosseum. I’m usually quick, unless I’m asleep. When I have that done, I’ll email you to let you know. If you’re new, you might want to sign in to meet and greet and poke around.

Once in the Colosseum, the official work in the class will be isolated, pinned to the top where it’s easy to find. This is so people who may be short of time can easily find the official content.  The posts below will be whatever people like.

The class won’t officially start until August 8th, but you’re welcome to come in early and take advantage of the private space. People like to post their chart or the chart of another, to get feedback on issues outside of google eyes and indexing. I flush all the threads after the class so whatever you share will disappear.

There are always advanced astrologers in my classes and others who have different types of insight to share. It’s a great opportunity to get an outside opinion on something sticky, in a quasi-private way.

How do I sign up?
Fill in your user name and click to pay! See ya there.

Please enter user name

*If you don’t like paypal – there are other options here. $69 and include your screen name, please.

17 thoughts on “Blood and Guts Astrology Class: An In Depth Look At Life, Love And Relationships”

  1. Hey people, if you’re new and on the fence about joining, I’ve attended almost every class offered and really enjoyed it. It’s really a unique experience watching Elsa work and the light bulbs going off all over the joint 🙂

  2. I would have loved to take this class but can’t afford it at the moment. But my chart is a knot/mess/disaster that Im glad to volunteer for students to gut and examine.

  3. Are you going to offer another round of this soon? Missed it the first time around, would love to take it the next time it is offered – is there a wait list to sign up for somewhere?

    1. I wish! These classes were incredible when people got involved. People no longer participate. They just don’t care to interact and as of today, I can’t think of a way to overcome this. 🙁

      1. That’s a real bummer to hear, because I’d love to participate 🙁 Would a class like this have any way to translate (obviously losing something along the way) into non-participatory set of self-study materials to pursue exploration with in solo mode?

        1. Yes. I’ve yet to make a transcript of this class, but there are others available. The Saturn in Scorpio workshop as well as Venus Saturn are both exceptional.

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