Moon in Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn – Rumbling Volcano

rumbling volcanoMost will find it hard to stay on the surface today with the Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  We’re ripping out the kitchen floor here – it seems appropriate.

Power, control, death and family inheritance are the themes of the day.

People appear to oppose each other. Deep down, what they want is strikingly similar.

It does not seem the volcano will erupt today, but it’s certainly rumbling.

Can you feel this?

9 thoughts on “Moon in Cancer Opposing Pluto In Capricorn – Rumbling Volcano”

  1. Yes, I found out yesterday that my married brother is taking a “girlfriend” on vacation that no one is supposed to know about but me. I wasn’t able to contain the volcano as I’ve already told Mom and stepdad but absolutely no one else.

  2. A Mystic Rectangle Moon , Mercury, Neptune , Pluto; Pluto the only non-ruler shares Sextiles with Ruling Saturn/mars conjunct. While a Grand Kite Moon centered tight between Mercury and 16 degree point of Taurus, the same completion point hold true for over lapping Mystic Rectangles and over lapping Grand Trines forming a Star Of David ( again 16 degree Taraus is Open). I.e MC and AC moments and Natal Alignments…

  3. Yeah I destroyed all my good work on my major / very important relationships in the space of half an hour. Rumbling volcano – just sums it up nicely. The inconjunct between pluto and venus too, perhaps. I’m just rumbling mad thinking about this morning – all the pomp instead of the caring, sensitive side of things.

  4. A 21 degree nNode so possibly a sNode Uranus conjunction; I perceive some similarity in Uranus symbol and Pisces symbol that’s kind of backwards brackets the containing other on each side, whether thinking of first bracket and last bracket , the symbol may have nothing to do with what brackets even represent in alphabet or mathematics. Uranus descriptions of aspects and transits have seemed open to that awkwardness .
    The Nodes move in the direction of the Ages, counter clockwise always , UNLESS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE REVERSES DIRECTIONS( basically just the Earth and or Moon); I think mid January North shifted into Libra, Feb 1 South Node changed signs… And close enough to URANUS now to lend emphasis ?
    This should be a BENIFIT for a year for Libra shouldn’t it ? Of what probably starts with outer planets having inner planet affects and inner more , others??? Very Very Very (not to say hypothetic)( not to assume) (unrealistic maybe’s may be …

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