Neptune Conjunct Midheaven – Tagged As A Drug Addict

tramadol1I’ve written over the years, about being mistaken as an alcoholic / drug addict / whore / you-name-it. I chock this up to Neptune conjunct my Midheaven. There are lots of posts on this topic, if you’re searching…

Well, it’s happened again. I was prescribed a drug I knew nothing about – Tramadol. Apparently this drug has just been elevated to a “schedule 4”? Something like that.  

I have never been prescribed a narcotic drug in my life, except for after surgery. I take them for a day or two, max. They make me sick. I would think, with all the tracking, it would be obvious I am not a drug addict, but apparently I have acted like one, unbeknownst to me at the time.

In fact, it’s taken me all day to figure out what I did to have this happen. Now it’s obvious. I tried to fill my prescription early.

Seeing as I am not a drug addict, I did not know there was such a thing as filling a prescription early, but here’s how this happened…

My husband gets up at 4 am for work. I get up with him. Yeah, it’s early, but I’m an ex-Frito girl and I’ve been getting up at the crack of dawn for 25 years. So I had ordered this refill (by phone) and I went to pick it up about 8:30 am…at a Walmart. 8:30 in the morning is mid-day to me.

I was surprised the pharmacy did not open until 9:00. I am still adjusting to not living in a city. I shopped for a few (grocery) items and then decided to wait for the pharmacy to open so I could pick up the Rx.

I did this because I don’t like to go Walmart, especially this  Walmart which is off my beaten track. No one likes to wait, but I was there. I decided to get this done so I did not have to come back. I sat down to wait for the window to open…no problem.

But there was a problem. When they opened, I could not pick up the Rx because it was too soon to fill it.


You have to look at this from my perspective. If it is too soon to fill it, why does the phone system tell me it will be ready for pick up at X time and date? Having been told that, I was standing right where I should be standing in order to pick up the Rx with no trouble for anyone.

“Too soon?” I asked, truly confused.  “How come you don’t tell a person that when they order the refill so they don’t come all the way here for nothing?” Never mind, wait for you to open, I was thinking.

Long story short…I am a regular person living in my regular way. Um…I’m a Capricorn-type that stays on top of things. Yes, I have plenty of toilet paper on hand.

They saw an addict, waiting at the window before they open, jonesing for a pill.  My doctor is also in another little town. Perhaps it looks like I am *known* at other pharmacies nearer his office?  ::shakes head::

I have no idea how to change this perception. I’ve been mistakenly identified as “shifty” before. Once it happens, you’re usually stuck.   So word to the wise, if you are prescribed anything at all that anyone, anywhere might potentially abuse, be very careful how you handle it and yourself – especially if you’ve got Neptune on your Midheaven or something similar.

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  1. I’m beginning to wonder if one of ST’s caregivers has Neptune/Midheaven. She was busted for DUI (apparently something to do with an anti-anxiety med). She’s gone to jail, had a breathalyzer installed on her vehicle per court order, and had her license severely restricted. The police treat her like a common criminal now. She was pulled over this week and harassed as if she were a junkie.

    And this is yet another reason why I’d rather use natural medicine (or let others put up with my moods) than go on Ativan or something else. No thanks.

  2. Good to know. I’ve got Neptune in a wide conjunction to my Midheaven and I’ve been in similar situations where I had a prescription for codeine cough syrup for a bronchial cough, however, there were all kinds of rules and regulations about getting that particular item because of the codeine. I agree that the pharmacies make you feel like you’re a low-life looking for a hit, when all you want to do is to get well and not have to make another trip to the stupid pharmacy. It’s all those real drug addicts out there who have ruined it for the rest of us. I mean, for God’s sake, I have to stand online at the pharmacy, sign something and show ID, just to get Claritin-D!

  3. I’ve had this happen to me with my BP meds when I called in on the automated refill line at my pharmacy. It let me refill the prescription, but when I went to pick up my meds, then the pharmacy told me the insurance company will not pay for the drug unless it is filled after a certain date. Well gee, thanks for telling me now after I made a trip for nothing.

    I have Neptune in the 1st house. Maybe they thought I was one of those people that sell their drugs on the side. How dare I try to get the drug a few days earlier for convenience!

  4. Interesting. I’ve often been labelled sexually provocative when I’ve had no intention of being that way, or felt that I was acting in that way. With Neptune rising in Scorpio I’m prone to it. It’s also the victim isn’t it?

    1. I don’t have a problem with not being able to fill the drugs early. I have a problem driving to a store to pick up at meds at a time the store told me they would be ready…and then being told I can’t have them and being treated like a drug addict.

      Since I am not an addict, I have no idea the rules or even that there are rules. I’m innocent!

      I mean, I was there because they’re system told me to be there!

      1. You can’t pick it up late either. I went a day late one time and they had taken the medicine out of the bottle and put it back up so I had to wait for them to get the medicine out and put in back in the bottle. I was pissed!! Thankfully I don’t have any prescription medicine now.

  5. I’ve had the same experiences with trying to refill subscriptions early. I asked my doctor if I could get prescriptions for 90 days at a time so I wouldn’t have to go to the pharmacy so often. She’s been doing this ever since for thyroid, anti-depressant and statin. Insurance pays for 90 days at a time. When insurance changed because I went on Medicare at 65 I was still able to get 90 days at a time.
    But when I went to Target for their brand of Claritin-D (no prescription required) I had to go to my car for my drivers license, sign my name and was told you can only get a certain number of refills. I said, “Is that because I could be a methamphetamine maker in a rusted out trailer deep in the woods someplace, just on the verge of blowing it up, have rotten teeth from meth addiction, and sell it to innocent people and turn them into drug addicts?” Everybody behind the counter froze. I could not believe they could think I could possibly be a doper but they looked very shocked. After about 3 visits for the same thing, over the course of about a year, they told me they were out and didn’t know when they’d ever get any more, so now I go to Walmart with my drivers license, sign my name, and do not say one word.

  6. PS from Jeanne: I have Neptune on my Descendant, which is sextile natal Pluto, and 30 degrees from my Scorpio Sun, Venus, and Mercury.

  7. Jeanne — Yeah, the whole Claritin-D ordeal is a real trip, right? If I try to get some before the time period is up (and I don’t even know how much time I’m supposed to wait and, evidently, neither do they), I can’t get a new box. So, I ask for the Claritin-D with the most pills so I don’t have to go back before I’m allowed to. And, yes, the reason we have to sign for that stuff is because drug addicts and drug sellers ruined it for the rest of us. Now we all have to be inconvenienced because people out there buy a crap-load of that shit and they turn it into meth (or whatever … I don’t do drugs, so I don’t know).

    1. Yep. Now I have to show ID for stupid stuff like glue or spray paint because some idiots out there sniff it. Even compressed air can become a high, so I’ll bet they want ID for that, too.

  8. They treat me the same way with allegra D. You would think my seasonal allergies are going to cause me to open a crack den. It gets on my nerves. I don’t want to have watery eyes and clogged ears for all of Spring and Fall but I will if I don’t take it. And the funniest part is, I take the lowest dose then when I get home cut it in half….still, they give me the fish eye. The drug addicts ruin it for everyone. 🙁

    1. The DRUG ADDICTS you so kindly refer to are FUCKED UP beyond your comprehension.
      They didn’t ask to be hooked.
      They began by attempting to numb their unimaginable pain.
      Before YOU point your finger, make sure your hands are clean.
      That’s someone’s mother & daughter.
      Treat your fellow humans with kindness and compassion.
      You haven’t walked in their shoes.

      1. Well, you don’t know Soups experiences either.

        Also, I can tell you from personal experience (clean and sober for almost four years) that addiction is not an affliction. Theres solutions for those that are willing to be honest with themselves. We are powerless over our addictions but not helpless. There are groups of addicts all over the world that help eachother stay clean and its free. You may have heard of it.

        Im not sure of your story, but If I were your friend Id encourage you to look long and hard at why her post triggered you. It might offer clues to why theres such unimaginable pain. Peace Apryl

  9. In assisted living, this affects my residents too. Certain medications (i.e. Oxycodone) require a hard copy of the doctor’s order for EACH AND EVERY REFILL. Who has time to track that stuff down and get it when you have a med pass to do, meals to serve and showers to give? Oh yeah, and we have the hassle of trying to get needed meds when the pharmacy has them but the insurance company won’t release them.

  10. I have Neptune in 9th house, but conjunct mid heaven by 4 degrees. People don’t seem to view me as a drug addict, but they often think I’m strange! I have an interest in all things metaphysical and what naysayers would describe as “New Agey.” As a body worker, my work focuses on facilitating healing in clients, and depending on priority, work in a wide spectrum, everything from balancing the structure to working in the energy field.

    When I was young, it distressed me not to fit in, or that people did not always get the way my mind works, and yes, back then dabbled with drugs and alcohol to cope. With age, I’ve embraced the things that make me unique, including Neptune conj Midheaven. These days a good high comes from a good meditation!

  11. I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 10th and it’s way over by the 11th house cusp. I notice that people don’t see me all the time as I am but rather “project” good stuff and bad stuff on me.

    My brother (only sibling) has Neptune exact conjunct MC in Scorpio. My father (he was my step-father but adopted me so I call him Dad) sat on the sofa a few weeks ago and told my husband that “his son is an alcoholic”.

    No he isn’t. My brother will have a social drink now and then but he’s not an alcoholic by a long shot. I’m not going to tell my brother what was said about him by his father—it would absolutely crush him.

  12. I know about this from a phamacist’s perspective. Pharmacists have licenses to dispense controlled substances and are trained to be alert to suspicious prescriptions written by unscrupulous doctors. Two things can raise suspicion: the extremely high dose and the fact that the doctor and patient are from a completely different neighborhood.
    Unsurprisingly, often if the pharmacist fills such a prescription,
    a flock of others with prescriptions for high dose narcotics prescribed by that doctor will find that pharmacy. Being a pharmacist is a demanding and sometimes dangerous job.

    1. I see this too…that’s why I wrote that I was acting like an addict.

      I also had 10 muscle relaxant pills Rx by a different doc (my rheumatologist). It’s because of this neck stuff…and if they could read the x-ray and/or the mri which says “severe narrowing” and “cord compression”, they’d not question this stuff in the least.

      I am still in PT and seeing my doc the end of the week. I am hoping I can get off any pills via getting a shot (if if will help) or put me on the road to surgery, which is inevitable eventually anyway. It’s not possible (barring and act of God) for this to get anything but worse.

      Anyway, it’s also not my fault two docs sent rx. But it’s another thing to be aware of if you’re unfortunate enough to have to deal with this stuff.

  13. My brother in law has been arrested a few times for being “under the influence”. Ha! He’s just out there. It reminds me of that pearl jam song line ” when he’s happy he looks insane”.

  14. This happened to me during a Neotune transit, to this day I’m still shocked at someone’s reaction to a short term prescription drug meant to release serious muscle spasm caused by a slipped disc where she’d seen the X-ray and she thinks I’m mentally unbalanced and it was for my mental state.

  15. Perhaps there are other astrological aspects that aren’t being examined? I have Neptune conj. Midheaven in Sagittarius. I have not been assigned the addict or shifty issue. I have had people try to figure me out and make up stories without concrete facts/baseless. I tend to make good impressions overall given my Sun conj. Jupiter both conj. ascendant. My fight right now is seeking a higher calling (Neptune/MC in Sag.) versus a contemporary monotonous job.

  16. Funny topic. Also funny health system as long as you don’t have to live with it.
    The MC should be about vocation. Drug addict should rather not be a vocation. Doing some service for drug addicts on the other hand. Neptune conjunct MC is for barkeepers, people involved in the production of alcohol, perhaps also for pharmacists, photographers, or jobs on ships.

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