Book Review: The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas

Uranus will be going retrograde pretty soon.  Add that to Neptune and Pluto doing the same thing and you’ve got a real opportunity to reflect on major change and crises in your life.  May I suggest for your reading pleasure The Gods of Change: Pain, Crisis and the Transits of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto by Howard Sasportas.

Howard Sasportas (April 12, 1948 – May 12, 1992) founded the Centre for Psychological Astrology with Liz Greene in 1983. He had an enigmatic personality and was a sought after speaker.  His friendly and accessible tone runs throughout his writing making him a joy to read.

The Gods of Change is an indispensable volume on the outer planets.  After a brief introduction, You are taken on a step by step journey with Uranus, Neptune and last but not least, Pluto. Using his natural storytelling ability, Howard fills us in on the mythology, archetypes and psychological significance of these three planets. He then walks us through the major transits to all the other planets and through each house.  This work is not just a collection of theoretical meanderings, it is packed with the kind of real anecdotes that can only come from years of practice. Part five includes three case histories with 1980s handmade style charts and heartfelt analysis.

I highly recommend this book.  I’ll wait a week or so for you guys to get a copy or dig yours out and we can start a book club style discussion on the boards.  Let me know in the comments if that interests you.

19 thoughts on “Book Review: The Gods of Change by Howard Sasportas”

  1. Oh I am totally in! I will get this book and read it! I never know how much time I will have for commenting, but I will try. Such a good idea!

  2. Great book description! Whatever `psychological astrology’ is, I think I like it.. A reading I had from Liz Greene separated the strands of my chart into bits of deep, dead-on bits of wisdom that were incredibly powerful and useful. I was blown away.

    He died so young. I wonder why..

  3. Thanks for this, nota. I’m not in a position to participate in a book club at the moment but I think it’s a great idea and I’d do one as soon as I could.

    Looks like Howard died during a Uranus opposition, wow

  4. Great idea Nota. What do you think of Liz Greene’s work on Neptunian energy and her correlation with Jesus on the cross saying, “My God, why has though forsaken me?” Its been over ten years since I read it at the bookstore. Wish I would have bought it and read it thoroughly, but I remember her saying that only at that point was what the son of man did a “true sacrifice.”

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