Bucking The Trend By Marrying & Having A Family

I want to carry on about people who are single and contemplating their fear and the difficulty of partnering.  See Where Are All The Men?

This is definitely a real thing and here is blatant proof of it.

percentage of americans married by birth decade

I don’t know what you think but I don’t think this happened organically.  Something is up here. If you want to buck this trend, you’re going to have to direct your drive with determination.

I hope you can see what I see.  Passivity is not going to solve this. If you want to be married and have a family life, you will have to bring it about, with another person who wants the same thing.  Together, you can buck this trend.

It’s a matter of discovering what you really want and going for it; working to live authentically, in spite of current trends.


14 thoughts on “Bucking The Trend By Marrying & Having A Family”

  1. in the 1980’s there were 6 mandatory vaxs a baby must have by the age of 5. and then a few boosters they need. Now, you can’t even get a straight answer on how many chemical cocktails all children by law must have. They learned how to feminize the seed. it was 2010 when the clothes started being MASCULINE FEMININE and Feminized Masculine and LongUnderwear considered appropriate attire in public. Logically – you tell me – don’t you think the HUMAN SYSTEM is too, corrupted and hijacked? I would bet on it.

  2. Trouble is, finding a person who wants to settle, get married, etc is like finding a unicorn! Or they have already done so long long ago anyway, and all that’s left are the fake-asses with questionable communication skills.

    I personally am NOT going to risk it myself, I have a Neptune transit hitting a very specific relationship angle in my chart throughout 2024, so finding and figuring out the genuine ones is going to be a minefield of fuzzy confusion, I’m preparing myself in advance to be sceptical of everyone.

    I would rather wait until Neptune leaves Pisces altogether and reaches straightforward Aries!

    1. I can’t imagine timing love with astrology. Thunderbolts come in their own time. Like some great guy asks you out and you say, no. Mercury is retrograde!

      I can’t see it. You’re thwarted with hologram fear. Saturn in Pisces. Your choice of course.

      1. I agree that you can’t time love with astrology, I’ve had plenty of experience with that to know that love rolls in at the most unexpected times, and during the most interesting transits when I look back in hindsight. Solar Returns are always telling too.

        I know with my upcoming transits it’s almost inevitable that “relationship themes” will be occurring, a lot to list! I’m not going to say no, but with such a heavy Neptune transit, I’m not going to dive in with rose tinted glasses either!

  3. There was a reddit post that went around recently that was from a father of a 20 year old boy. He said that none of his kids peers were interested in women. They all arranged group activities like rock climbing and all he had ever heard from them was that they’d been seeing a girl for a month or two here and there.

    These kids last few years was during the height of the MeToo movement and with the hysteria surrounding college rape campuses. So it seems like they have opted out. A lot of the messaging at the moment, and previously, is that it is predatory to even say hello to a girl.

    1. I think this is true but only in small pockets and for a short time that has already passed. Evidence: I have a son in this age group, with plenty of friends, plus every young man I talk to is trying to hook up.

      MGTOW was a psy-op as was me too.

      1. I don’t think the manosphere in general is a psy op because if it was gotten rid of, then something the same as it would immediately come along. There are lots of guys that are pissed off that make up that community. It is the supply to a demand.

        One of the other things then that is possible is money. With inflation and such. I heard someone say recently that when guys get more money and a promotion and such they immediately either go out looking for women or knock their girlfriends up.

        Of people I know personally though, literally nothing has changed in years except people getting divorced, people settled into relationships (or keeping with the hook up thing) some married some not. For me personally, it is not a issue full stop due to disability.

  4. “There are lots of guys that are pissed off that make up that community.”

    I know. They’ve fallen prey to the shills and bots. They’re under mind control. it will be obvious, eventually.

    1. Perhaps. I found when I engaged with real life after engaging in manosphere content a few years ago, that real life seemed to differ massively from how the red pill had presented reality. Working in an office with a bunch of young girls and they all had boyfriends did not align with the behaviour that is hypothesized.

      BUT, when I look at comments of a manosphere video, I can’t see anything but people genuinely reporting their experiences. For instance, in relation to comments, this was the second creator I pulled up. The first one seemed to report on off the wall things:


      Also, my understanding is that feminism from it’s very root was actually satanic in relation to more recent research revealed on this. Like, the idea at its core is that God set up the patriarchy as described in the bible and it is only with Lucifers help that this can be opposed (one source on this is Rachel Wilson). It makes me think that with artificial movements that there is clear toxicity in them from very early on. But I have not seen that in the manosphere.

      1. I’m sorry but I think it’s just another echo chamber to get caught it. It’s classic divide and conquer.

        Further, while you’re out there withholding, another man is making damned sure his line continues on. Hmm.

        Also, from a woman who truly likes men, that speaker is repulsive. Another pied piper, Judas goat, tricking people. If you’ll just look a little closer, you’ll see it. I’m telling you, in a helping way, there is something significant you’re missing here. When you see it, this whole thing will become null and void.

  5. Chiron is in Aries, which speaks to a period of healing the masculine energy that exists in both women and men. Men commonly identify with the external and if the current system which is traditionally masculine dominated is transforming to allow a balancing with the feminine energy, then it’s natural that it’s a confusing time of transition, because what is “out there” offers no positive sense of how to be. This is similar for women, because looking outside, the idea of what it means to be a woman has long been controlled and influenced by men, it’s a unsustainable fantasy, same for men, it’s a very limited vision of being. Women who are struggling to meet men right now, and vice versa, are best served by considering and healing the state of their inner masculine and feminine energy. By balancing these energies (union), the inner situation can then be mirrored by “reality”. OK, this isn’t a fasttrack approach, but these are the principles now active and available to us.

  6. I know I keep harping on about Neptune, but as we reach it’s end it’s very clear to see the damage it has done (via people of course!) to relationships. Neptune being in Pisces, the sign of Venus’s exaltation.

    Look at the common themes that people encounter in the minefield that is dating: ghosting, gaslighting, love-bombing. All Neptunian phrases. And not entirely just men, both genders have been guilty of this equally. Society has become too flaky to have basic connections.

    “If you want to be married and have a family life, you will have to bring it about, with another person who wants the same thing.” – it literally is far from that simple!

    How can you even tell the other person truly wants the same thing? They may SAY they do, even SHOW you they do and be very convincing about it. And then in a heartbeat, end up blocking your number forever for absolutely no reason.

    THIS is what the problem is now, and it’s very widespread. What would the solution be?

    1. I don’t really want to argue but I do think it’s that simple. The key is discernment. If that’s a challenge for you, that’s the first thing to address.

      I am not saying people are honest. I am saying some of the are so the key is to be one of them and find your counterpart. Also, if you believe this is impossible, you’re sure to prove yourself correct. But people are out there partnering left and right. I just hung up with a gal getting married this year, she’s 66.

      You have spotted the trend. This post is about bucking it!

      1. I think that’s the problem in this day and age, the honest ones – as in the ones that show up, turn up on time, stick to their promises, are steadfast, reliable, and discerning, are the ones that get the MOST taken advantage of! Even when they put their foot down and call the other person out on their BS, it just gets met with more flakiness and disappointment, like they feed off on it?! Very weird. Seen this happening for years now.

        One thing that will buck the trend for sure, is to turn the tables on them. I’ve learnt that the ones that are flaky/ghost/etc, don’t like it when you hold a mirror up to them. I.e: if someone abruptly stops communicating, stop contact immediately, never chase them and query what’s wrong, just go Ice Queen silent (or Ice King, this happens to men too). Ignore them when they contact you again with a flimsy “hey how r u”. It makes them feel deeply uneasy, like they have lost their hold over you.

        VERY petty I know, but it’s the only method I know that ensures they learn the hard way that their behaviours are unacceptable. If they can’t stand the heat, the kitchen is not the kindest place for them 😀

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