Born On The Same Day, But Different Years

zodiac maddoxHi Elsa,
I am part of a loose couple, we both share the same birthday, but born on separate years. Have you heard anything like this happening?

Hello! I do see people with the same birth date, connect pretty frequently. But it’s not that common in romantic relationships, that’s I’ve seen.

For example, I worked at a job where the employees were overwhelmingly Virgo.  Roughly 25 of 30 people had their sun in Virgo.  There were quite a few pairs.

The boss was a Virgo and this may have been deliberate… or not, as he did not make hiring decisions alone. Either way, it was a fantastic job for a Virgo.  Hard work, self-contained, lots of conversation with a variety of people… and metrics! Lots of metrics and performance-based reward.

Point being, there are reasons like this same-signs find each other.  Another example – you go to a party or some other function; maybe you’re a little nervous. You scan the room looking for “family”.

In your case, this type reason might be at the root of it. You choose each other because you have significant commonality – you understand each other. I’d also add, if you didn’t like yourself, you wouldn’t do this.  Take one look and YUCK!

Quite an interesting question, with many levels.

What’s your experience with people born the same day as you?

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  1. Well, I had a landlord who rented a cabin to me that sat 10 ft away from his door. It was too close. His birthday was a day after mine. His mothers was the same day as mine who I never met. A few months into the agreement, he took in a woman who was having a hard time. AShe was another single mother, like myself, who also had the same birthday as me. I thought it was weird. He was a troubled man. He confessed working at “ted’s desk” at PG&E. Ted Bundy of course. Either way, I’m glad to say, I don’t live there anymore.

  2. I had a girlfriend with that similarity once. She was a year younger than me. But we were both Scorpios so perhaps… It WAS a bit difficult. It’s like those magnets with the same poles, they sort of … Repel each other.

    Not that we were ever in disagreement or felt “off” in each other’s company, but I think we both needed to be drawn towards something, not like.. the SAME energy.

    But I have had a couple of work places where there were a lot of earth and water signs, and quite a lot of Scorpio energy, as well as Leo and cancer energy for some reason. That was some great work places. Leo and Cancer creates dynamics, so Scorpio can take control afterwards and get the job done, in tandem with the virgo people.

    Great stuff.

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    Neptune Barbie

    I was born the same day, same year, 3 min. apart, same hospital, as a school friend was. She and I were very different. We were in the same school from Kindergarten through Senior in HS. She was beating up boys and I was very quiet and shy. Both Pisces with Aq rising and Sag moon. She was kind to me and we laughed a lot.

  4. My husband has a good friend same birthday but different year than him. My son and husband have same situation. My grandmother and my mother in law and childhood best friend same birthday different year but they never met and never knew anyone with same birthday. The ones with my birthday different year were usually when i look up are famous individuals and usually sweethearts and mostly liked especially a couple of them like the darling of the media so i smiled at that lol ill never meet them. And im so introverted though. My husband thinks its super cool to know someone same birthday even if different year.

  5. I actually met someone here with almost the exact birth chart except she was born in Florida and I was born in Ohio. We have had quite a few similar occurrences in our lives. I have a cousin 10 years younger born on my birthday as well as a friend 10 years older.

  6. I share my birth day (Apr 28) with two cousins, my half sister’s mother and a few acquaintances in my friend circle. All of us are different years. I have no deep connection to any of them. But I always thought it was an interesting coincidence.

  7. No personal experience but Michael Douglas and Catherine zeta jones are one famous couple with this…many years apart

  8. I have a sibling whose spouse is two days apart (different years). I watch them “feed off” each other. Like, they get going bad mouthing people/situations and its disgusting how negative they get. I feel like they protect each other, but not in a very good way.

  9. In the last 10 years of my 58 I’ve met 6 other people with the same day as me, all different years. 2 men and four women. No particular attraction to any of them.
    Interestingly though my mother and my partners mother have the same birthday, again different years.

  10. My first boyfriend had same birthday but two years older. I worked at a radio station and all three of us had same birthday but different years and we all were adopted too. The on air banter was very easy and comfortable.

  11. I have three friends all born the same day as me. We are all healers. Three of us are alternative practitioners. All four of us help people who have exhausted conventional medicine approaches. One is a yoga teacher and bodyworker, another developed her own “brand” of healing methodology and is a Reiki Master, I practiced Energy Medicine and Neuromuscular Therapy for almost 30 years, until I retired, and another is a chaplain for large hospital and is working hard to make psilocybin mushrooms available for end of life existential dread. We celebrate each other every year on social media and stay in touch throughout the year. I have experienced cathartic and healing experiences with each one of them and feel incredibly blessed we found one another in this life time. Anyone else here born the 26th of November?

  12. My sisters are born two years apart on the same day.

    They don’t look alike, act alike, think alike and their lives are completely different.

  13. I’m a retired teacher. One of my students was born on the same day in the same hospital as my first daughter! So you could say I knew him since the day he was born!

  14. My husband and his father have the same birthday. His dad is passed now and I didn’t get to know him well at all before he passed as it was only a year or so into our relationship, so I only have half the equation. His parents had a typical marriage of their generation – don’t talk about, don’t look at it, don’t let anyone know anything is wrong. My husband tries to play this shit out with me a lot as well. I’m finally getting him to see how unhealthy and toxic this dynamic is but it’s taken me 17 years and almost a decade of therapy on my own to be able to talk to him about it in a way that he can hear. That legendary Scorpio stubbornness has almost been the end of us more than once.

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    the laughing goat

    Became best friends with someone in grade school because our birthdays were the same day and year. However, rising signs significantly different and it showed in our relationship. I am an Aquarius Rising and she is Cancer Rising. And both having a Taurus Moon, well when we fought it lasted forever. 🤣

  16. My bestest friend and I (she is like my sister, I don’t have any).. we don’t share the same birthday, but multiple of our family members share the same birthday, different birth years.

    Her brother and I share the same birthday. We get along very well on a certain level of satire and other dark humors. We can definitely relate to one another, even with different political standpoints and other random opinions. He has always been on the shy side, but comfortable opening up to me, where as he tends to close off a little more to our other friends.

    I once dated a guy with the same birthday and year as me. To be honest, it was so depressing all-in-all. Two Scorpios at 16 don’t mesh all too well, but oh boy did I start learning a lot then lol. Fast foreword years later… last I heard of him, I’ve gathered we lead drastically different lives and ideals. But hey, to each their own!

  17. We once had an Apache Indian foster child. She had my birthday. She called me mommy the day we met. She lived with us for around a year from age 2 years old to age three. It grieved me for nearly a year before my emotions were healed. (When we had to give her up).

    1. Oh and have three generations of males born same day in our family including my husband. That gets knarly.

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